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a DREAM is a wiiiiish your <3 maaaaakes.....

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i hope not because i keep having super vivid dreams about bringing home a LITTER of tiny new sweet little puppies. yipes!


any weird dreams for you?

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When I was pregnant with my first daughter I had a dream I breastfed my cat, a few days later i had a dream that she was born, and then there were other babies no one wanted, so I said I would keep this on e big baby who was twice th size of ym baby. I took them home and then the big baby turned into a pug dog.

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I've had dreams of babies arriving in weird places (twins in my parent's basement), dreams of inability to breastfeed, dreams of being older with grown kiddos, lots of sex dreams, lots of figure-out-this-puzzle-or-else dreams. All vivid, all slightly stressful but not terrifying. The dreams are SO WEIRD. They have been my most consistent symptom yet.

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My dreams haven't been weird, yet but very vivid.  Mostly, my dreams have been playing out my fears and insecurities.

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I dreamt I was hanging out with the Pope. Keep in mind I'm really really not Catholic.

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I've been having vivid dreams too. Mostly dreams of my house, with new secret sections I have never visited before. I've had this kind of dream with both of my other pregnancies too. It's kind of neat.


Last night I had a dream of getting dressed to go for a night on the town with DH and friends and I could not decide what to wear. I kept getting in the car ready to go, then saying hold on and running back to my closet to change into a similar outfit. The dream seemed to go on forever. I remember wearing at least 5 different outfits.

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I'm definitely having vivid and crazy dreams as well. A couple nights ago I had to remove a gigantic bundle of writhing snakes from one of those 10 gallon drinking containers (which we were apparently about to drink from), but they had these suction cups on them and were attaching to my arms. I know I've had crazy dreams every night, but that one is still stuck in my head. It was absolutely terrifying.

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Count me in!  I've been slightly obsessed with food lately (since it takes so much thinking to come up with something that doesn't sound repulsive)-- and I had a dream a few nights ago that some twilight-wannabe teenagers tried to steal my groceries as I was loading my trunk at the store.  I had a very reasonable conversation with them-- I absolutely would not part with the orange pop or double stuf Oreos (yay healthy!), but let them take the rest.  Then I noticed, as they were driving away, that their liscence plate had a big DEN for Denver on it.  Who knows?!

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My dreams have been so weird, yet so real, that I keep having something prompt me to think "wait, what? That MUST have been a dream because THAT just isn't possible!"

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I am having vivid crazy dreams as well...way more vivid than I would like.

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sweet potato- im a twilight fan from denver. mmuuuuhahahahah! scared.gif

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Originally Posted by vivica2 View Post

sweet potato- im a twilight fan from denver. mmuuuuhahahahah! scared.gif

Hilarious!!  Keep your hands off my oreos and we'll be okay  ;)

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I think this is one of my favorite parts of being pregnant...really, LOL!  Definitely have really vivid dreams, nothing noteworthy or meaningful, but I wake up in the morning thoroughly entertained.

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I have extremely lucid dreams while pg - I just had one that I was hanging out with President Obama, LOL!  And it was SO REAL!!

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 I dreamt I went for an ultrasound and the screen said twnA, twnB. I asked the doc how many there were and he said - clear as a voice in my head - "It's twins." I asked what gender and he said, "You can't mistake the penis' on these boys."


It woke me right up and I couldn't go back to sleep! Thankfully, it was already 5 am.



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itsasecret, that's CRAZY, I had a dream that I was having twin boys last night too!

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I had a strange, disturbing experience/dream with an incredible upside last night. It was so powerful I need to write about it. I journaled, but I still don't feel like it's "out" like I need I to be. 


I dreamt of miscarrying. I was away on a trip (seemed like I was a chaperone) without DH and I started to bleed. It didn't hurt, just bled profusely. I found an uncle who was on the trip with me and cried violently while he supported me. I passed the fetus and he asked if I wanted to know the gender and I said no. I spent the next few hours (or so it seemed) crying with convulsions and utter, deep sadness. I woke up with my pillow wet, weeping. I felt sadness throughout my entire body. I got up, had some water, peed, and got back into bed. DH sleepily cuddled me up which allowed me to go back to sleep. 


What's the upside of this horrible, painful experience? I suddenly feel a deep love for the baby inside me. I immediately felt like speaking to him/her, so I wrote to him/her. I feel like a mother. I feel like we are two, and I love my child. 

It's incredible. 

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last night i was in las vegas doing so many crazy things on my own. last week i was having a picnic in a children's play area with about 20 HUGE pies (i think i woke up hungry) 

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I have been having what feels like constant dreams, super vivid and sometimes odd. Earlier in the week I dreamed that I had an ultrasound and then a strange doctor told me I only have six weeks to go. Which I took pretty well, surprisingly. Same night I dreamed that we were having twins, I think because our son has mentioned several times that I am having two babies. I can't tell if I enjoy having lots of dreams, because it is entertaining, but it also seems like I am less rested when I wake up.

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I'm loving how many twin dreams people are having. Are we all so afraid of this? I wonder.


The other night I dreamed I gave birth to twin girls in Lake Michigan. (seems like I could have picked a warmer place!) I only had a 2 hour labor. There was too much bleeding after, and I was having a hard time nursing one of the girls. I ended up laying naked in the sand with them on top of me nursing. The girls' facial features were very clear and distinctly different from each other. The strangest part, I thought, was that the babies were very Arab looking. DH and I are both blonde.


During my last pregnancy I watched a video of women giving birth in warm water with dolphins assisting. I think that is where some of this came from. I am a twin, and my mom always made sure to treat my sister and I as individuals. I've had 18-20 hr labors in the past. I am afraid of a quick labor because the midwife is more than an hour away, and that came out in the dream. 

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