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ADDers - tips??

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I'm extremely ADD. If I'm interested in something, I excel. If it doesn't interest me, I struggle a lot. Anything that helps you? Methods, herbs, ADD-helpful organization ideas, etc..

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Are you looking for advice on how to do the stuff that doesn't interest you?  I wish I knew the magic answer to that!  I have found since starting taking meds for my ADHD I am more inclined to do the boring stuff but it is still a struggle.  I do make lists, lots of lists!  I find having things written down helps me to stay on track.  I also bribe myself with things like "if you get this dull pile of paperwork done you can watch an episode of Criminal Minds online".


Also, and I hate to admit this because I'm terrible at acheiving it, but if my house is clean and tidy I am much more able to get stuff done without distraction.  Getting to that state in my house is rare though (and generally only if we are hosting a party) so I try to maintain small areas of tidiness and that seems to help.


Hopefully someone with that magic answer will come along because I wish I knew the secret!



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ITA. A clean house helps loads, and I use lists and charts and incentives with myself like I were a toddler.


I'll make a cute sticker chart or something and keep it inside my closet so no one sees it. I get like a sticker for each day I do something, or step toward a goal...with small rewards along the way and a big one at the end. Like, I'm editing a book series that dd is self publishing. I've broken the larger project into each book, and each book into specific tasks that need doing. I get a sticker/stamp/cross off each task when I finish it. When I finish all the tasks for a phase of a book, I get a small reward (bottled Mexican coke - I have weak teeth so don't typically do sodas). When I finish a whole book, I get a medium reward (I buy/make a sugary dessert for the family. we usually only do those on special occasions). When I finish the whole project, we're all going out to a movie in the theater together. It's a joint project w dd, and we'll be celebrating as a family, but it doesn't have to be a totally selfish incentive to motivate me.


I set up habits and systems in my life that would make no sense to the outside world...like I can't go to bed unless the dishes are done - and my incentive is the kids wellbeing (one of my best motivators). See, the kids have to put the dishes away in the morning before they have breakfast. If I don't get those dishes washed with plenty of time to dry, my kids will go hungry!


Think I'm crazy all you want...my kitchen is clean, darnit!

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I JUST CAME TO POST THIS!!! Exactly. bbl to read and reply.


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I have a terrible time keeping up with my house. It's like it is horribly out of my hands... to much for me to handle. I am not officially diagnosed at this time but have been diagnosed in the past. So right now I am not under treatment. I am going to ask for testing at my next appointment.  I find I have to distract myself all the time.... with reading, computer, etc just to not feel like I am going to jump out of my skin. I can't stay calm very long and I can't finish tasks that I start. I get overwhelmed extremely easy and can only stay focused  on very short periods of time... ie 5 min till things overwhelm me and it get s to much and I feel very nervous and anxious.


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anyone out there?


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i have a terrible time keeping organized and not losing things concentrating on things that dont interest me. and staying on task I always jump from 1 thing to another when trying to clean house before finshing first thing.

it is hard.

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