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Paragard IUD self removal

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I wanted my paragard out and I don't have insurance so after reading some forums I decided to do it myself.


I sanitized my hands, laid on my bed on my back like you would at the doctor's office, reached in and grabbed the string and gave it a gentle tug.  It popped right out.  No pain and very very mild discomfort. There was a drop of blood on it, but I kinda thought I would really bleed like after they put it in.

I then used a masengil medicated douche containing iodine to prevent infection.


My periods were insane on paragard and the menstrual odor was unbearable. I feel so happy that it's out and it took longer to wash my hands than to take it out.


If you have a low pain tolerance you may want to wait until your menstrual flow is heaviest while the cervix is softened.  I had 2 huge babies and a high pain tolerance, but my cervix is sensitive and this still didn't hurt.


Relax, take a deep breath and pull gently.


Good luck.

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Thank you for posting this. I've only had mine about 4 weeks but since having the paraguard copper IUD my stomach has really become bloated. I had lost 45lbs the first 4weeks after having baby but now my weight won't budge no matter what. So frustrated with that. I'm starting to get headaches, Sinus (haven't had sinus problem in years). I'm hoping the IUD works for me but my husband feels I've become really slow whereas after my baby was born I was feeling pretty good physically. Better than I had in years and getting things done and now can't seem to move as fast and my joints hurt, body feels so old now. 


Dh said he's willing to pull it out if needed but can't find the strings. Did notice that the bloating started about a week or two after insertion and has gotten worse. 


The insertion was painless. My last baby was pretty big. I haven't had any cramps and very little bleeding. Just a little spotting but seems to have stopped. 


Wondering how long I should give this a try for? How long did you have yours in? If my stomach continues to bloat and look pregnant I'm going to be very frustrated because for the first time in about 15years I started to loose weight. My weight is now were it was about 10yrs ago and I wanted it to continue to go down. 


I'm getting older so fertility shouldn't be as high for us. 

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