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Can I have your TV show suggestions please?

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In the beginning, I asked people for their TV show recommendations, based upon several shows that I liked. I got several recs, and I update my list of shows that I have seen and like, along with a list of shows that people suggest. It makes it easier for me to look at, and maybe other people will use it too!

The Simpsons
Family Guy
American Dad
The Cleveland Show

30 minute shows
Arrested Development
The Office
30 rock
The Young Ones
The big Bang theory
Parks and Recreation
Party Down
Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Freaks and Geeks
The Young Ones
My so called life

Hour long shows
Sons of Anarchy
Game of Thrones
Dr. Who
Being Human
Breaking Bad
Battlestar Galactica
Dead like me
The Wire

Game of Thrones


Shows to watch (thanks to your suggestions):
Mad Men
Friday night lights
The sheild
Modern Family
Nurse Jackie
The Good Wife
Prison Break
True Blood
Six Feet Under
Better off Ted
Pan Am
Hotel Babylon
Downtown Abbey
The League
It Crowd
Drop Dead Diva
Lie to Me
Big Love
Veronica Mars
Third Watch
Falling Skies

I usually only watch TV with DH, and he is not into stuff like Angel and True Blood which is why I havent seen them.
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Mad Men


Friday Night Lights

The Shield

Modern Family


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and Nurse Jackie

      The Good Wife

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Breaking Bad
The Office
Prison Break

All should be on Netflix.
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Dexter is awesome. I didn't think I would like it, and then we got hooked and watched the whole series in a couple months!

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"Pillars of the Earth" (Mini-Series)

"Sons of Anarchy"

I totally second "Prison Break", we LOVE it!

"Six Feet Under"

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The first couple of seasons of Chuck


Carrier - a PBS series about life on an aircraft carrier that is surprisingly interesting.  There is also one about life as a circus performer.  I haven't watched it but it gets great reviews.


Hotel Babylon - this is British, I read the book (non-fiction) and later found the series.  The first two seasons are good, funny and entertaining in a light way.


I haven't watch it yet but Dowton Abbey is on my list.



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0.5 hour  Better off Ted

              It Crowd



1 hour:  Drop Dead Diva


all are on netflix.



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I don't have TV either. I mostly do streaming online, some DVDs. I find a lot of stuff on youtube and dailymotion.com

I second Modern Family and Breaking Bad smile.gif
Prison Break- only the first season was good, after that nut.gif

Coupling- only had a few short seasons but really funny

The first couple seasons of Lie to Me were interesting.

I just watched the entire run of Grey's Anatomy and I'm ready for the new season to start

Always Sunny in Philadelphia

I Shouldn't Be Alive/ I survived

I'm anticipating the new ABC series Pan Am that should start pretty soon

A fun UK series- Misfits. That one is on Hulu or YouTube
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big love

modern family

true blood (can't decide whether or not to be embarrassed to share that)

the sopranos (again?)

six feet under

(the last 2 were new to me waaay after they aired as we're tv free but have a dvd and netflix too)

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How I Met Your Mother!!!! One of my favourite half hour shows. :)

Hour long:

True Blood

Big Love

Six Feet Under

Game of Thrones

Also like Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe though never really got into SG1

Veronica Mars (recently discovered :))

Falling Skies


I believe all these shows were able to run their term, end ok when cancelled or still on going. I HATE HATE HATE when shows are canceled with mysteries still left to solve (cancelling of Heroes and Carnivale still bother me to this day). 

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I agree with a few that others have already posted. Personally, I love the "Sopranos" and "Big Love" on netflix. If you liked "Buffy", you might also like "Angel" (which is on netflix streaming, I believe) and "Supernatural" (great show, better than Buffy imo). I don't like a lot of the police procedural shows out there, but "Criminal Minds" is good in small doses. "NYPD Blue" is another good, but older, show. 

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Doctor Who


Third Watch (love.  this.  show.)

The Wire

Dead Like me





I am not a big scifi fan but I LOVED Firefly and I've enjoyed Doctor Who now that I'm watching it with my husband.  Some episodes are really full of plot holes and sometimes the pacing and dialogue are just TOO silly for words but often it's really good and the characters are endearing.  We are currently watching the new season and catching up from the beginning so we're on season three. 


Firefly was also great, and while I would have enjoyed more, I liked that we could watch the whole thing including the movie in about two weeks so it was all very coherent and immediate.

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It's a half-hour sitcom about a motley bunch of community college students. It's also a parody of the sitcom genre, a critique of media influence on society and social norms, and a commentary on modern culture. They pack a lot into each 22 minute episode and you can enjoy it on a lot of different levels. I think it's the smartest network television show I've seen in ages. There's still a little too much focus on sex for my taste, but I figure that's inevitable these days. 


DS started watching it this summer and turned the rest of us on to it. We watched the first season on Netflix. We were so hooked that as soon as we finished the season, we bought the second season from iTunes, just so we would be caught up before the Season 3 premiere this month. The DVD release for Season 2 is this week or next and we weren't sure we'd manage to watch the entire season in time. 


I also vote for Firefly. DD got me watching it on Netflix too. I'm going to knit her a Jayne Cobb hat. 



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ooh.. .did you ever watch freaks and geeks?  we watched that series on dvd once, it was fun.

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Loved firefly,

the league

modern family

sons of anarchy




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Wow, thanks everyone! I updated my OP to reflect the shows I have already watched, but just forgot about.

Hildare, My So Called Life and Freaks and Geeks are my two favorite shows ever. Other than Firefly and Buffy. Oh, and The Young Ones, have you seen this? Youll love it.

Some of the shows you all mentioned are things Ive just forgotten about and meant to watch, and some are shows that Ive never heard of but look really cool.
This list will keep me pretty busy, but if people have more suggestions, keep em coming!
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Oh yes, if you like HBO, especially the Wire, you'll probably like Treme as some of the same people are involved.  And I love that I learn a lot watchign it, about the culture and music especially.


 And Friday Nights Lights was amazingly good.

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I just started watching Raising Hope and it's pretty cute!

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