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~*~The ONEderful THREAD~*~ August 28 - September 4

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WELCOME TO THE "ONE" THREAD  for August 28 - September 4 !!!!

posted by alexisyael in 2004:

The One Thread is designed for all on the MDC board. No matter where you are in your cycle, you are welcome to join the One Thread! We are also open to those who are "Waiting to be Ready" for one reason or another. We continue to embrace those of us who have become pregnant as well. Feel free to jump in at any time and introduce yourself!

To help keep the list current and manageable, members will be deleted after a month of not posting to a One thread.

Please make add/remove/change requests in Bold.


whistling.gifWaiting to O whistling.gif



brichole     BFPChart2.gif

Carlin BFPChart2.gif

casmer BFPChart2.gif

 CorgiMommy    BFPChart2.gif



gozal BFPChart2.gif


MOMMYSINCE2008  BFPChart2.gif


SilaMarila  BFPChart2.gif 

Sourire BFPChart2.gif


WildDoula BFPChart2.gif

 zulbedia BFPChart2.gif



headscratch.gif Waiting to Know (2WW) headscratch.gif





cbaa2010 BFPChart2.gif


kittenbritches chartnew.gif 


SKJ2011 BFPChart2.gif



confused.gif WTF IS GOING ON?!?! confused.gif


idea.gif Waiting to be Ready idea.gif

jlmschirm BFPChart2.gif

Mom2IrishBoys BFPChart2.gif

Texanromaniac BFPChart2.gif

joy.gif ~ GRADUATES~ joy.gif

Big congrats to you all!!


Graduate Thread in I'm Pregnant: 

 (the current thread keeper can update the graduate link as needed)


heartbeat.gifSeptember BFP's heartbeat.gif



KM84 BFPChart2.gif

Janellody   BFPChart2.gif



heartbeat.gifAugust BFPs heartbeat.gif


MeredithA   chartnew.gif

arbybee BFPChart2.gif

christy1980  BFPChart2.gif

vivica2  BFPChart2.gif

belacmsage BFPChart2.gif


heartbeat.gifJuly BFP's!heartbeat.gif

 justKate BFPChart2.gif

sunflwrmoonbeam BFPChart2.gif


remark71 BFPChart2.gif

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New thread, everyone!  Here's to a reproductive week!  Let me know if you see any changes that need made.

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meridethA- don't test! Don't do it! Particularly because you and I are the same number of DPO, and I won't be able to test tomorrow! wink1.gif I'm not getting home to my stash of wondfos until Tuesday (thanks, hurricane), and uh, it wouldn't be fair if you tested first. nut.gif


cbaa - how did you guys make out in the storm? Our neighborhood had flooding, but our particular building is pretty high up so I think we'll be OK.


corgimommy - what a rough month for you, I hope the next cycle is better for you :(


andthestars - can you move me to waiting to know, thanks!


afm, I'm 9 DPO and dying to test. If I was home, I'd probably have caved by now, but we've been away on vacation. We were lucky to have left town long before they evacuated our neighborhood, it sounds like it was a madhouse trying to get out. No one we know has a car, Amtrak closed down (a full 36 hours before the first drop of rain!) and most of the buses sold out. So glad we got to skip that. Not sure how we'll get home tomorrow since the trains still aren't running and all but the latenight buses are sold out. I can either stay another night with my parents, or spend 12 hours hopping between various trains/buses trying to get back to NY. I want to stay overnight, but my husband really wants to be home.


No real pg symptoms. Some cramping/fatigue, but I'm pretty sure the cramping is my system reacting to the obscene amount of buttered/fried southern food we've been eating. Gut instinct says this isn't the month for us.


This morning I accidentally got my BBT stuck in Celsius mode. Oh god. At first I didn't realize what happened, and I read 36.7 as 96.7, and thought "that's weird, I've never dropped that low, maybe I didn't temp right." Then I took it again and saw the 36.7, and thought my BBT was broken. About 5 minutes and 10000 beeps later (which my husband LOVED), I managed to get it back to farenheight. Geez.

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Meredith - Your FRER might not be any more sensitive than your 25 miu tests.  Since they cling to that "trade secret" sensitivity info, I think user experiences have shown that the sensitivity varies from 9-25 miu.  Wait to test!  Even just a day or two!


Okay, so this is just a quick drive-by before bed (my internet has been jacked up all day)...


I tested this morning and had a lovely, snow-white (minus control line) pee stick.  Disappointing!  I thought I saw a line for a minute, but I'm pretty sure that was my Super Infertility Vision kicking in.  My kingdom for a magnifying glass, right?  Aaaanyway...DH and I went straight to our old house this morning to continue moving more crap and I was starting to feel crampy -- not hopeful crampy, but ugh-I-hope-my-freaking-period-isn't-coming-early crampy.  And last night I kept getting weird, sharp pains in my uterine area, but I suppose that could have been gas pains.  However, as the day went on, the crampiness went away, and I really don't have other signs of AF.  I get PMDD (of course), and it's getting close to when I turn into some sort of feral beast and I'm thinking/hoping that might stay away.  


Additionally, about an hour ago I started feeling really nauseous and I am actually pretty sure that if I try to move again (which I have to, because I need to tuck in DS) I am going to barf.  I wish my body would give me some straight answers!


Long story short, in spite of my BFN, I'm holding out hope...but trying to keep my feet on the ground while my head is in the clouds.


I'll check in with you all in the morning!  Sleep tight, my dears.

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Thanks for the new thread!!!


I'm working CRAZY hours at work this week...I usually work days 630-230 or 7-3 but tonight i'm working 11p-7a and then come back in tomorrow and work 3p-11p.  My body is going to KILL me if i don't get back to a normal schedule soon.  I've been coming in at 3am some mornings too and working until 3pm.  YUP i'm crazy but the OT is good!!! I miss my bed tonight though.  DH is there alone and I really hate it when I don't get to sleep with him.  I always have problems going to sleep when we aren't in bed together. 



I hope that everyone has a great week and I am hoping for another BFP ramp up for September...(though i would like to see more come out of August too...but we only have a few more days let before September will be here....WHERE IS THE TIME GOING?!?!?!?!?!)




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Thanks for the new thread!


KM - You can do it!!! I hope you are able to get home as quickly/not stressful as possible!


Kitten - I'm hoping it isn't AF early for you! I'll have to check your chart to see how many dpo you are...


Brichole - Yay OT. But I agree, I totally hate that DH and I only get to go to sleep together 1 night a week and all of the rest of the days he is getting in bed only a few hrs before I wake up. Yup, between me sleep at night and him sleeping during the day our bed is never made and is occupied almost 24/7.


Glad you all seem to have made it through the storm...



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Okay, i'm not able to edit my post to add some stuff so here goes with a back to back post lol....




Gemmine & MeredithA: I was chart stalking and your charts look really good right now....Keeping my fingers crossed for you ladies!!


Kittenbritches:  I hope the old hag stays away from you!!! When I got pregnant with DD#1 I was pregnant and took tests for EVER off and on and never got a BFP until i was almost 10 weeks pregnant....and that was so faint i had to ask my x-DH and his mom if they saw the line.  Then with DD#2 i tested at 9dpo and got a BFN then the next night at 830 I took a test and got a BFP so i'm not losing hope for you either!!! :)




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Thanks, AndTheStars, for the new thread.  I forgot to ask you last time to move me to waiting to know.  Although, if I were you I wouldn't make a special effort to do it-- do it whenever--because I'm already halfway throughthe 2WW and if AF comes then you are just going to have to turn around and move me again... unless... ahhh, I'm not going to get my hopes up because the fall is a real pain to deal with...

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AndTheStars - Thanks for the new thread!!!


Kitten - your chart looks HOT!  I think this is the month for you!goodvibes.gif


AFM - I got a + OPK yesterday - well ahead of when I did last cycle. I'm feeling really good about this month.  I'm hoping the increase in B6 + acupuncture is the ticket.  My temp was slightly up today so I'll be very curious to see what tomorrow's temp is.  One question for you ladies.  We've DTD the last three nights.  I've been going with the seduce/don't mention TTC and it has helped tons.  Anyways, since this is probably a record for us in recent years, I don't want to force the issue. My question is, should I aim to DTD tonight, or skip tonight and go for tomorrow?  I'm thinking I'll have an easier time shooting for tomorrow, but I don't want to hurt our chances. 

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Hi all, am positive for the new month.  CD2 and it does seem to be very light - but AF is here (this is good news I suppose).  Am exited and cant wait for this month to fly past and I am so optimistic for a BFP on the 24th Sep when I will start testing.  Who else has just started AF recenetly?

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Updated to Here


Meredith, DON'T TEST (but I really want to look at lines)


kitten, I'm sorry about the BFN but with your chart looking like it does, it really does seem like it will turn into a BFP soon.  I'm there with you on the mixed signals from the body.  I have had low grade cramps for days now and sometimes they get a little stronger and I think, AF!, but then nothing happens. 


Corgi, I'm happy that you are looking forward to this cycle.  It's great that your body paid attention and got back into rhythm.  I hope that September is your BFP month!


SKJ, I would try to work your seduction magic one more time tonight to be safe.  If I tried to seduce my DH 4 nights in a row, he would know something was up though.


KM84,  moved!  FX for you even though your gut says not this month.  I'm glad to hear that you made it through the storm ok.  Awesome timing on your vacation so that you didn't have to evacuate with the rest of the neighborhood.


TenzinsMama, I moved you too.  I hope that I get to move you again to the graduates very soon!   


brichole,  Holy working, mama!  OT is so nice but you do need a break sometime.  I always hated working a lot of overtime because then when I got a normal paycheck, it seemed like nothing.  Thank you so much for the story about not getting a BFP until 1000 DPO with your daughter.  It makes be feel better about my BFN at 13-14 DPO and the fact that AF still hasn't shown. 


janellody, come back from vacation and update your chart!  Or tell us you got a BFP!


Raven, GradStudent, Carlin, Pasta, anyone test?!!


AFM, seriously, I just want AF to come so I can be done waiting to know.  I'm too scared to POAS, see a BFN and not understand why AF isn't here.  I'm on CD 31 now and the longest cycle I have had in the past year is 33 days with all the rest being 28-30.  I don't have any symptoms except for a fleeting moment of nausea at 8DPO, occasional weird boob pain, and light cramping.  I'm 15-16 DPO today.  I guess I told fairie that I would test with her again tomorrow if AF didn't show but I'm totally not using another FRER just to see a BFN.  I'll have to plan a $ store trip after work.     


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In a fit of momentary madness, I tested this morning. BFN. I'm somewhere around 6-8DPO, as far as I know. . .so it was way too early. I was still disappointed, though. In general, I just felt silly for doing it. guilty.gif

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GradStudent, don't worry, I tested around 8 DPO too and also felt ridiculous.  I buy really expensive tests so that I can convince myself that flushing $5-6 down the loo is stupid.  It usually stops me.  Also, yay for Quakers!  My mom is Quaker and I was raised in meeting but haven't been back in a long time. 


AFM, AF finally showed...moving myself to Waiting to O.  Onward!

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Thanks for the new thread Maria!


I'm still having an exceptionally confusing cycle, but, if AF doesn't show up, or any other major symptom changes I plan to test on Friday. Half the time I think I might be pregnant, the other half I think I may not even have O'd yet duck.gif.


I'm sending good vibes to every one else waiting to test! My strategy is just to not have tests in the house, but I need to stop by the drugstore today or tomorrow so I'll probably pick some up then which will make waiting so much harder!

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Hi ladies! I really appreciate all of your support and encouragement...but of course I didn't listen to your advice & POAS this afternoon. I'm 10 dpo and that FRER was SO tempting. I held off all day but after work I immediately POAS because I have no self control. And guess what? There is a "hallucinaline" haha-- I see the faintest tiniest little pink streak that of course nobody else can see & the camera can't even pick up. It appeared at 4 minutes exactly (yes I realize the limit is 3 minutes but my crazy desperate self is just ignoring that fact for now) and it is pink-- light pink-- but pink none the less. Janellody was my POAS buddy. I'm sorry Janelle I couldn't wait :-( I would like to say I will wait patiently and test a few days later but who am I kidding? I'm going to test again first thing in the morning :-)
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Ok ladies, I am embarrassed to admit that when I went out to get another FRER for tomorrow morning I got a 3 pack...and used another already-- a super duper faint line! -- a real squinter. I tried to take a pic but the flash made it all washed out and white and without a flash it's ultra blurry. I have my fingers crossed that tomorrow's line will be darker! Trying not to be overly hopeful...

edited to add this link of a pic...do you see it?? Its so faint especially in the pic...DH says he "kinda can" haha http://www.canyouseealine.com/view_home_pregnancy_test.php?testID=14136
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Carlin, good to see you!  I hope that Friday brings you some clarity...I'm sure that you O'd, I go through those stages too, where I'm sure that I misread all my signs and I'm really still waiting to O even though I know I did.


Meredith, I'm not sure what I see on the picture...I see the potential for a line, does that count? lol.gif  Fingers crossed super hard though that tomorrow's test is a clear BFP!  Thanks for posting a pic! 

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Meredith, I *think* I see a line! Congratulations mama! joy.gif

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kittenbritches: Sorry about the BFN.  Seeing the pure white blank space is such a bummer.  Here's hoping a BFP is on it's way soon.


Meredith: I don't see a line in the photo.  But I believe you when you say you can see one!  Your chart is looking good.


Carlin:  My cycle is different this time around as well.  I've been wondering what my body is doing.


TenzinsMama:  I totally agree with you about getting hopes up and AF showing up.


GradStudent:  I know how hard it is to hold off testing.  Especially when those tests are in the house.


AFM:  I took a test last night and BFN, but AF is days late.  If no AF by WED AM, I'll test again.

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I don't see a line yet Meredith, but that doesn't mean it's not there!  Can't wait to see what pops up in the morning. :D

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