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A balanced translocation is when an equal-sized part of two different chromosomes break off and reattach themselves to the other chromosome, which generally doesn't cause any issues until you try have children. I know my explaination might be a little confusing...orngtongue.gif http://www.rarechromo.org/information/Other/Balanced%20translocations%20FTNW.pdf explains what a balanced translocation is. I got tested after my first 2 miscarriages and eventually we found out that a balanced translocation ran in the family...explains my now-deceased little brother...I had quite a bit of trouble conceiving my DDs and wasn't eligible for IVF because women are required to be infertile (not just have a lot of difficulty with conceiving) in order to have it. I eventually got lucky after 2 more miscarriages and had my beautiful daughters-one with the balanced translocation, one with 'normal' chromosomes.

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AndTheStars: My TWW is going pretty well I think. I am due on the 8th and want to test (next) on the 5th.  I purchased 9 FRER from CVS yesterday and couldn't resist breaking into the package yesterday (only 8DPO) and got a negative.  I know, very silly but I have 8 more!   So the following link is the list I have been using for very early symptoms and I will list what I have been experiencing so far.



So far (at 9DPO)...

Abdomen:  sharp/stabbing pains, mild/ dull cramps, twinges


Chest:  breasts feel heavy/ full, sore/ sensitive nipples, tender breasts & underarms, pronounced veins, increased breast size

Emotional: "I just feel pregnant", moodiness, irritability/crankiness


Head:  stuffy nose, runny nose (I'm not sick), increased saliva


Overall:  fatique/ exhaustion


Pelvis: increased cervical fluid, strong smelling urine (although this could be from new prenatals (New Chapter Organics, on sale at Henrys now), spotting (maybe?)


OK, well that's it so far.  I have a very regular cycle and I'm very certain of my ovulation signs although I do not take my temperatures. My work schedule would not allow for this to be practical since I work a mix of both days and nights. My husband has always said that when we start trying we will get pregnant the very first month.  I know this is very optimal thinking and not likely but it is not like him to say something like this but he has been saying it for over a year.  This was our first month of trying so we will see if he is right.  We have a great sexual relationship and hopefully will have a lot of fun with the "trying" part. 


Does anyone else want to post their 2WW symptoms from that list?  Congrats to all the new pregnant mamas!  I hope to join you very soon!



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kylie1, Wow, good info!  I've never heard of it before.  It sounds like there's not a lot you can do to prevent further miscarriage.  So your DD with the translocation has the same one you do?  Are your DD's close in age?  I'm sorry for all the questions.  I'm interested in all things medical and am constantly amazed as to the unique situations we all bring to TTC.  Are you and your DH planning on actively TTC this month? 


Bw/B, that's a whole lot of pregnancy symptoms!  Are any of them ones that you have during your LT normally?  I know that when I'm actively TTC, I interpret all kinds of symptoms as pregnancy symptoms that I normally have because I'm hyper-aware of every tiny thing my body is doing.  A 9-pack of FRER's!!???  I've never seen such a thing.  Even Costco only sells 3 packs.  Wait, are they plain First Response or First Response Early Reults?  If I had a nine pack, I would POAS every day until AF.  But I'm a POAS addict so don't take advice from me orngtongue.gif  I'm going to be super nosy and ask how much a 9 pack costs.  (Can you tell I'm obsessed with sticks you pee on? redface.gif)


Stevi, did Swift come through?


KM84, you hanging in there?

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AndTheStars:  Actually, I bought three 3 packs so 9 in total.  They were $10something each, down from $17 at CVS and I think the sale ended either today or yesterday.  They are First Response Early Reults which say it can detect 6 days before expected period.  Those are the best/ most sensitive, right?  So hopefully, I will be able to return a pack or two (wishful thinking)!  Focusing on symptoms I don't normally have, I would say the ones that are unique are:

stuffy nose

runny nose 

veiny/bigger/sore boobs (mostly this)

irritable/ moody

exhausted (on and off all day and evening for several days now, which is rare for me)

lots of uterine sensation that I am not used to but I admit this could be that I am being hyper aware.  


I really tried to be objective about my list but I know that can be hard/ deceiving!


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Bw/B, Whew!  You had me all in a tizz.  A 9 pack of FRER's is the stuff of dreams.  And $10 is a great deal...hmmmm.   Anyway, the boob thing is the big one for me.  I would say that painful boobs when they are not usually painful is a pregnancy sign more often than not.  At least in first pregnancies.  Once you've nursed a toddler, anything that you feel in your boobs is fair game as far as my experience goes.  I'm still anxiously awaiting a #2 pregnancy to know if that will be a sign for me again or not.  I hope that the next couple days have you running to CVS with your receipt winky.gif

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AndTheStars: thank you for that sweet comment! For sure keeping my receipt!
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Yes-my DD1 has the same translocation. I've explained this to her as much as I can to a 7 year old, and she's a little sad she might not get to be a mother to her own kids someday, but she's decided she'll just adopt kids instead, you have to love children and their plans for the future orngbiggrin.gif Me and my hubby plan on TTC this month, hopefully we'll be lucky this time! Yes, DD1 and DD2 are pretty close in age, 2 years apart.

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kylie1 - I'd never heard of Balanced Translocation before. It's so crazy that our bodies can do that. Then again, it still blows my mind that at the moment of conception, what a baby's face will look like in 20 years is already determined.


andthestars - I'm hanging in there, thanks! I had a really rough/emotional day on Friday, but my husband and I talked through things and decided to tell our parents. Both of our parents had uneventful pregnancies, which was comforting to me. I had assumed my mom had miscarriages with her first husband because they never had kids... turns out he "was such a jerk [she] never wanted to have his kids."


gradstudent - I've still got my fingers crossed for you!


bellawithbaby - Sore boobs are a really common sign, as well as exhaustion/stuff going on "down there." Try to relax if you can though, I think everyone here can cite a month where they had tons of symptoms and came up with a BFN, so try not to drive yourself too nuts thinking about it. 



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AndtheStars...  No, of course Swift did not come through. Life just doesn't happen that way for me, nothing seems to come easily or predictably. LOL


AAM...   So, cd9 was Swift, cd10 was Sissy, cd11 was Shaggy, and today it will be someone else (probably Sport, who I have used before). I am not happy. I'm happy to be getting my donations every day, but not at all happy with changing my plan of using one donor at a time. Oh well, hopefully they don't all dry up before I ovulate.


Speaking of ovulation, I got my positive OPK today, so ovulation should occur tomorrow. My temping has gone screwy; for some reason I'm not sleeping well again (possibly the caffeine I have been sneaking), so I doubt I will be able to confirm ovulation with a temp rise.


Think Fertile Thoughts!

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Stevi, with so much of it around, it shouldn't be so hard to get some sperm!  LOL.  I hope that you can get two or three more BD's in.  I sneak caffeine all the time.  In fact, when AF showed up, I was a tiny, tiny bit relieved because it meant that I could drink coffee guilt free for a few more weeks.


GradStudent, we need an update.  Preferrably a photo one with two lines!


KM84, LOL about your mom.  She sounds awesome.

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AndtheStars...   Yeah, you would think... I thought what I want was what men wanted so badly?!?! Argh! LOL

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Just a quick drive by.  Please move me to waiting to know.  I'm somewhere between 4 and 7 DPO.  Will check back in when I have more time...

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Hi Everyone,

I am new here. So new that I just wrote an entire post and then hit the "clear" button by accident.


My husband and I are TTC... this month is our first month of really trying, although we have been having unprotected sex for the previous 2 months. I think I ovulated on 8/30... just based on cramps and my cycle length. I should be getting my period 9/13 so I am in the dreaded 2WW.


Thanks for letting me join!!

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pitbull mommy, Welcome!  I added you to Waiting to Know.  Are you having any symptoms that you want to share? 


ALL, here is the link to the new thread http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1328492/the-on-e-ward-thread-september-4-september-11#post_16640636

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