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Big Move- What should be really bring with us?

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Thankfully, I will be starting my midwifery apprenticeship this November. The apprenticeship, however, is 2770 miles(!) away from where we live.


Dh and I spent the evening trying to figure out the cheapest way to move our family across the country. One obvious solution is to bring less with us.


If you were moving cross-country and trying to save money on moving, what would you absolutely have to bring with you? What would you leave behind?

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It depends on whether or not you plan to buy stuff when you get there. After all, the cheapest *move* would be to leave everything except for what you could fit in your suitcases. But, then you'd likely need to buy other stuff when you arrive. Also that might mean leaving stuff of high sentimental value.


I would suggest you and your DH start to make lists...


1.absolutely-positively-must-take-with-you (family photo albums; rocking chair that belonged to great-grandma; quilt made by best friend as a wedding gift, etc.)


2. Useful items that would be more expensive to replace than to move (weather appropriate clothes & boots, bed linens, pots and pans)


3. Stuff that maybe you need and maybe you don't [books; CDs; art; extra dishes; gadgets)


4. Stuff that you definitely don't need (e.g. rakes and shovels if you'll be moving to an apartment without a yard)

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I think I would first get an estimate to move whatever I had. Then I'd try to get a sense of whether or not I can replace everything for that cost. If I could, even if I had to go without some things for a while, I think I'd love to start fresh and just bring personal must have items. We need a new mattress soon, there are a few pieces of furniture that it would be hard to part with, but I'm not really attached to most of it.
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1. Start eating from the pantry and using up all the consumables possible(cleaners, soaps etc) Even if you end up with odd meals or you dont like something, use it up.

2. Start to declutter EVERY DAY.

3. Take a long hard look at your clothes- will they work in the new climate, are they in good condition, are they appropriate for your new job? Same for shoes,  if the answer is not a definite YES, out they go.  Everything you keep should be in good condition and free of stains, holes, fit well etc.

4. No duplicates, no out dated electronics.  If you have it on DVD, you do not need the VHS.  If you have it on Itunes you do not need the CD.

5. Furniture costs a small fortune to move and can usually be replaced for less than the cost of moving and typically furniture isn't in good condition to begin with.

6. Don't buy anything else- November is just a few short weeks away.


When I was considering moving I looked at my stuff and realized I could get things down to about 15-20 boxes.  I have a DS who dearly loves legos.  I went to a pack n ship place and if I had the boxes packed (same size boxes so either bankers boxes or rubbermaid containers) they could put it all on a pallet and ship it for me for one price.  This was by far the most cost effective shipping method I ever found.   However we didn't move at that time.

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See if you can get the dimensions of all your new houses rooms. Then measure out your furniture to see if it will even fit well. If not leave it behind.

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For me I would sell the furniture except the kids' bunk beds.  I would bring my kitchen stuff (I don't have much), clothes, photo albums, sewing machine and felting supplies, kids' toys and books.  I would get rid of our TV, I've been wanting to for a long time but haven't succeeded in DH going along with it.  I would just use our laptops for watching movies as the kids only watch movies on the weekends and I just have a few shows I like that I can watch online.  I would sell my CD's because I have an ipod now too.

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We looked into all different options for moving and it looks like all of the options for moving our furniture will cost us more than it would cost to refurnish the house with used things when we get there.

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I'd probably figure what kind of moving system I'd want to use - Uhaul trailer vs truck. Trailer not needing extra gas or drivers if you have the kind of vehicle that can tow. In any case, I'd figure the amount of area I have to throw things into. I know for me, there are about five pieces of smallish furniture I need to take, most of which was made by my grandfather. I know DH would need this computers, hard drives and cameras (but ultimately that would not take up too much space). I'd bring my sewing machine and serger and my favorite good kitchen items (like my pots/pans and stoneware. I'd probably bring a suitcase full of linens as I have some newish sheets and towels. I'd toss every pillow we own. I'd try to get DH to bring only the books he really wants to reference. I'd bring the legos and dolls. I have one tub of Christmas stuff I'd need, but the other two can go (mostly the 'good' ornaments and stockings made by my grandlother). I think DH would be pretty excited about being able to buy new furniture and electronics. New tv's are so much lighter and smaller  than our old, big clunkers. Ultimately, I'd bring what I felt like I either could not replace or replace in a cost effective manner. Most of the stuff I own that I would really need, I think could fit in the van.



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