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mama2chickn - I'm with you on the sleep issues... mine is mainly due to bathroom trips and hip pain.  I have to turn about every hour because my hip pain wakes me up if I don't.  I agree with what someone else said about trying to rest/sleep in early labor.  I've never done this before, but I've heard that it's important to rest up as labor begins.


bignerpie - Hope your little one is feeling better!  There's been a stomach bug going around here, but hopefully it'll pass quickly.  


Cathy - I've been craving potato soup (my DH makes amazing potato soup), but it's been so hot!  I was craving apple juice last night.


HappyMonkey - Ugh, hearing that stat on 75% of babes coming after the due date is so depressing!  I so hope I'm in that first 20%.


I saw an update that Smurfy had her baby!  Yay for that!!!!  


Hope everyone else is doing well and we'll have more birth stories soon!!


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Originally Posted by CamilleBethany View Post

Anyone else having menstrual like cramps all the time? It's not contractions, just constant cramps...the kind that not pregnant would send me running to the bathroom to see if my period started. It's painful and uncomfortable :(

Yep, but not constantly. I have them about every half hour for a few hours every day.


Originally Posted by Mama2ChicknLil View Post

Good point about getting rest when labor kicks off, I imagine it's not easy though! Melatonin seems fairly harmless, maybe I will try that out. My biggest problem right now is having to pee every hour. Also, I haven't heard many moms voice this, but my baby is getting heavy and when I lay on my right side (the side he likes me to sleep on) his weight settles and when I have to get up I feel all of this pulling and cramping in my side. The difficulty isn't in falling asleep the first time but the subsequent 10 times!!! :/

The melatonin/benadryl help me get back to sleep too. I also have no problem getting to sleep the first time, but I will be up many nights from say 1 to 5 if I don't try really hard not to. Some ideas:


1. Support your belly as you roll so your round ligaments don't hurt. Grab your belly and hold it up as you turn. I forgot to do this once last night and had a nasty round ligament pain, so I hear ya.


2. As you are sitting on the toilet, tell yourself you are going right back to bed and going right back to sleep. Be very intentional about it (may not help -- can't hurt).


3. If you start thinking about something worrying (like I tend to do, lol), grab a book and turn on a dim light and read yourself back to sleep instead of letting those thoughts fester. Or listen to hypnobabies or Bellaruth Napersteck or something. Whatever calms your mind.


Those things may just not work as well tho for a mama whose baby is riding really low. My baby is still relatively high, and while I have to pee a lot, it's not as intense as having to pee every hour. hug2.gif


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'm soooooo tired!  LOL  For me, getting enough sleep prior to labor isn't really something I can control.  I do try to get out into the sun each day, get some mild exercise, eat well, and then use the hypnobabies tracks to fall asleep... but I never seem to get enough!


Melatonin- it's actually got a very mixed track record for use in pregnancy.  It's not a "danger danger will robinson" type supplement (well, not past the first trimester), but (from the Mayo Clinic page on N-acetyl-5-methoxytryptamine):




Hormonal effects have been reported, including decreases or increases in levels of luteinizing hormone, progesterone, estradiol, thyroid hormone (T4 and T3), growth hormone, prolactin, cortisol, oxytocin, and vasopressin.



Melatonin supplementation should be avoided in women who are pregnant or attempting to become pregnant, based on possible hormonal effects. High levels of melatonin during pregnancy may increase the risk of developmental disorders. In animal studies, melatonin was detected in breast milk and therefore should be avoided during breastfeeding.


And it's been linked to both increased bleeding and drops in blood pressure, so if you've had PPH in the past or are taking medications (holistic or alopathic) for bleeding of blood pressure disorders then make sure you check with your provider first.


Although I love melatonin when I'm not pregnant, I'd probably try things like chamomile, lavender, lemon balm, and oatstraw teas first (Earth Mama Angel Baby and Traditional Medicinals both make "sleepy" teas that are safe for pregnant women and Mountain Meadow sells some nice blends too as well as individual herbs), or some of the homeopathics (Hylands makes a nice blend, and it can be shared with baby/young children later) and bach remedies (white chestnut or vervaine maybe, though the remedy depends on the "why" so everyone would have a different remedy based on why they couldn't sleep). 


Though in my case, I had a PPH after my second birth and so I try extra hard during the third trimester to keep my iron levels high and avoid anything that can increase bleeding/decrease clotting.


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Ok, now I feel defensive about taking melatonin. lol.gif


Let me make clear that (1) I take a tiny dose, (2) only when I am heading into my second night of disturbed sleep, and (3) only in the last 2 to 3 weeks of pg. I do not think I'm doing anything that will hurt me or the baby. smile.gif




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yep, got the crampiness here too. although i've had it the entire pregnancy...but it's a little worse now than it has been over the last 20 weeks. 


cathy - funny you say that about feeling good - i'm with you. i've felt great the last few days and it's making me think that i'm in this for the long haul again (due date is this sat.) 42 week baby, ugh! so much for being very dilated and effaced. <whine> 

going for a short bike ride this morning on a gravel road into town. maybe that will help lol.gif



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Hey Ms B. Sprout, no worries! Your baby is fine...maybe you will get a sleeper (I'm expecting an energizer bunny due to the coffee!). I actually managed to sleep for ten almost uninterrupted hours last night!! Four trips to the bathroom and LOTS of flipping, but sleep was, my friend! Not expecting this to last, but oh it was heavenly!!
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Cathy, that's great that you aren't having aches and pains. I'm craving soup too. I seriously cried last night when my husband dinked around too long to get me cheddar broccoli soup from Panera. *laughs* 
Val, Praying that your little one turns soon. I feel for you. I'm feeling like this is never, ever going to end and I know that logically, I should have the baby within a week. My others were 36/37 weeks and I'm 36 weeks, 1 day.
OllieMama, it sounds like things are starting to happen! Woohoo!
Tjjazzy, c'mon little one!
Wombat, that's awesome that you were able to find a program for all of your littles. I am looking forward to jacket weather too. I love it when I'm comfortable in jeans and a hoodie with bare feet.
Mama2ChicknLil, I hope you're able to sleep tonight.
Bignerpie, I'm so sorry that your little one isn't feeling well.
Mandy, you're a better mom than me. I had coffee this morning and it was definitely not decaf. Haha.
CamilleBethany, all of the time. Cramping and back pain constantly. A few real contractions and a LOT of cervix pain.
Whew, I am exhausted today. I'm really kind of surprised because I had two big cups of coffee this morning, I slept reasonably well last night, *and* I took a 4 hour nap yesterday. You'd think I'd be bouncing off of the walls but not so much! I'm kind of burnt out on prodromal labor and wish it would either kick itself up into active labor or knock it off.
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Originally Posted by Earthylady View Post

I've been wanting a coffee from Starbucks for the last couple of days.  i haven't drank coffee in a really long time.  Even if i WERE to get it, it would still be decaf, but I REALLY want a Carmel Frap or Mocha or something.  redface.gif  I've not indulged just because I think it's a waste of money.

I have been craving coffee like crazy!  I haven't had caffeinated coffee for years.  So I've been making decaf putting it in the fridge and drinking it iced with sugar and 1/2 & 1/2--it is delicious!

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Had a chiro appt today, followed by a prenatal massage with a tad bit of reflexology thrown in.  I had some nice contractions on the way home and a couple since, but nothing consistent.  The massage was very nice and relaxing though!

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Don't feel defensive!  I'm a librarian, AKA "obsessive pusher of information", but like any good librarian that info comes more or less "judgement free".  LOL  As long as people have full, free, access to information I'm happy.  What they do with that information is entirely up to them.  :) 


I actually happened to know the melatonin info off the top of my head just because my 6yo was having such rotten sleep a few months ago and I picked up a bottle to give to her before checking.  I got home, checked, found out that it's not recommended for kiddos, and the bottle is still on the shelf waiting for me to be less pregnant and dd1 to be a bit older.  Oh, in kiddos apparently normal/healthy melatonin levels fluctuate a LOT more than they do in adults, even changing from day to day.  So a dose that is perfect on monday may be way too much on tuesday and then not anywhere near helpful on wednesday.  Given the potential side effects (stomach upset, jitters, headache) in young people the general thought is that under about 10 years it's not a great choice.  That's when we grabbed the hyland's insomnia, got dd1 hooked on the kiddie "sleepy tea" from Traditional Medicinals, set up a cd player in the girls' room to play lullabye type music at night, and became much better at remembering our acupressure sleep routine.


So today there is a huge sale (whole store half off) at the local Salvation Army.  I'm trying to decide if the insanity of three kiddos and a giant belly at a crowded sale is worth the chance to get entire winter wardrobes for those same kiddos.  Part of the problem is that I haven't gone through the bins from last year.  I know there are no hand me downs for ds, so he needs a complete winter wardrobe.  DD1 has a few shirts, but again she is in "no hand me down" land.  But dd2 should have some handme downs from dd1.  I just don't know... when the store has sales you usually have to park about a 1/4 mile away in a commercial lot and then walk.  And yesterday I ended up walking about 6 long blocks to and then those same 6 long blocks back from the after school program open house.  I ache!


But maybe it'll get this kiddo thinking about coming out?  I can hope, right?  I'm 39 weeks, and they'll do a cervical check on Friday.  If I have a good Bishop's score then we might be looking at a baby this weekend!  Eeek!


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Hope some of you got some good sleep last night! I slept very well only because I had been up for hours the previous night with a throwing up 3 year old. Just happy I seem to have (knock on wood) escaped this virus. My son had it over the weekend, which made us change our plans to drive up into the mountains and have a relaxing picnic. Oh, well!  I just thought we'd be a little further into the school year before the first virus came home.


I too have been craving coffee drinks, not plain coffee but cappucino/lattes. Which is weird because I haven't been able to tolerate even the smell of coffee for this entire pregnancy and have switched over to black tea when I really desperately need a pick me up. I tried to stay far away from Starbucks because they have nothing good for pregnant ladies!! ;) Wish I had a cappucino maker.


I had some serious doubts about going to the chiropractor for my SPD pain but it has made a huge difference.


Still going to water aerobics and enjoying it. But even that makes my SPD flare up. So I've been far more inactive than I would like. I am finding that as I get closer to the end and it's harder and harder to move around, especially without discomfort, I have been comfort eating more and probably gaining too much weight. Have stopped weighing myself but I had gained around 30 at my last weigh in. Ugh, more worried about the baby getting unneeded calories and such than me but it's tough to find the will power.


My midwife comes back into town tomorrow after a nine day backpacking trip. I have been counting down the days as I really missed having her a phone call away just in case. She had a back up but she was 35 miles away and I never met her before. Next week (37th week) we will finally have my home visit and my first appt since 34 weeks.

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Strong contractions. Lots of cramping/back pain. I had a huge emotional outburst this morning and called my husband at work just sobbing. He came home. I checked my cervix and I'd be surprised if it wasn't almost 100% effaced, as squishy as it ever gets, and 3-4cm. Please, God, let this be it.

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Originally Posted by Lexi_029 View Post


Cathy, that's great that you aren't having aches and pains. I'm craving soup too. I seriously cried last night when my husband dinked around too long to get me cheddar broccoli soup from Panera. *laughs* 
 I'm kind of burnt out on prodromal labor and wish it would either kick itself up into active labor or knock it off.

I've been loving the chicken something at panera's can't remember what I got last time, but it was yummy, of course with a salad, craving those too.  Mmmmm....  Was going to try to go there today, but I don't think I have time.greensad.gif


My goodness I was kept up by prodromal labor almost all night last night, luckily this time I was able to sleep in between and I know this because I kept having really weird dreams.


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Originally Posted by Lexi_029 View Post

Strong contractions. Lots of cramping/back pain. I had a huge emotional outburst this morning and called my husband at work just sobbing. He came home. I checked my cervix and I'd be surprised if it wasn't almost 100% effaced, as squishy as it ever gets, and 3-4cm. Please, God, let this be it.

thumb.gif  I'll be thinking about you.  


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Well, the good nights sleep train pulled put of the station without me again last night greensad.gif so here's a question mamas:

Generally I have always had trouble sleeping during the day, and when I have, I have not been able to sleep well at night. Do you ladies find that this continues to be true during pregnancy? I mean, I really wanted to nap yesterday afternoon but didn't because I was worried if I did I wouldn't get any sleep last night...which normally is a solid assumption, except I still got screwed out of sleep! Maybe napping is the way to go afterall? Grrr

On a positive note, 39 weeks today! My mom is convinced I'm going into labor tonight (not sure why...no indication of that really), but I really want him to stay put until at least Friday afternoon so I can go back and see the OB that saved my opinion of the medical field smile.gif

Good luck with the shopping trip if you decide to go wombatclay!
GraceCody, I'm glad your midwife is coming back...i can imagine get being out of touch right now is frustrating!
Mandy, hope those contractions are doing something even if they stay irregular!

Everyone...enjoy some coffee today!
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I'm making zucchini banana bread today.  I hadn't been out in the garden since Sat. so last night while I was at my massage hubby went out and found a ton of overgrown zucchinis.  Here's a pic for your entertainment.  :)  



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OMG!  You can make bread for each of us with that monster!  lol


I have my home visit today.  I am worried that this kid is breech.  I *hope* my midwife will be able to tell.  My OB is awesome (after my 20 week US he knew I wouldn't be back unless I needed something and gave me both his personal cell and home phone numbers in case I needed anything) but I don't want to have to deal with his office. 


Crossables crossed.  Also, my MIL is going to be here.  I just tasked DH with keeping her on track as she tends to ramble, repeat and ramble some more :)

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I love that giant zucchini! Reminds me of when I was little and we had this big garden with lots of zucchinis.


Mama2chicknlil - I would say that sleep however you can get it is good right now. As someone else wisely stated somewhere on here, it's good to treat every day as if labor could begin, and you want to be as well nourished and rested as possible. After I heard that advice I stopped staying up late knitting and watching TV as it does make me really tired the next day. :)  Anyway I've been doing this meditation series and pretty much every time I do it, it brings me to a sleep-like state by the end. So I do sometimes end up conking out for a few minutes afterward and it feels wonderful.

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So last night I started having regular contractions, every 3-4 minutes around 4:30. I was out at Panera with a friend trying to edit pictures from the wedding we shot last weekend and I was having issues concentrating and kept getting up to go to the bathroom. I left around 6:30 concerned I still had to pack and do things before active labor kicked in...plus who wants to break their water at Panera? Uhm..not me! So I left and went home on a mission to finish packing, loading my ipod and to print my birth preferences. I had this crazy instinct to "be ready". It was a driving force. They were still coming along for the rest of the night although more spaced out so I decided to get some rest. I was also very crampy and was having these sharp pinchy pains in my cervix. I was able to sleep between contractions and getting up to pee, but since I got up this morning all the action has faded. Oh well! I went to see my chiro this morning and she said baby is a great position and my back and hips are looking great. I guess it could happen any time! :-) I go see the MW tomorrow morning. Im so excited to have her and use the hypnobirthing techniques Ive been studying. Ive completely changed my thoughts and outlook on birth since my classes and reading the book. I saw an awesome video on Facebook yesterday of a bunch of births in france. Ill share the link but you may have to look it up on facebook to see it? They are so calm and accepting of whats happening. No one is flipping out and screaming. I just love it! Hope you can view it...



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Lexi - Woohoo!!  Hope this is it for you!  I tried to check my own cervix the other day... I think my fingers need to be like a bit longer or soemthing in order to succesfuly do that!


EarthyLady - That zucchini is awesome!  Haha!


Wombatclay - I gotta say I wouldn't be braving the sale with threee kdis in tow, I don't think I would do it with my two kids at this point!  I guess I am just not brave enough, or too lazy, or too pregnant or something!!  lol  I would be tempted to, or maybe find someone to help me go!


Hmm the other night I had false labour for the first time (not even in my other pregnancies).. contractions every 5 or so minutes apart and it lasted for hours.  I was able to sleep through them tho and they didn't get any more intense.  Woke up in the morning and contractions were 10 or so apart, so I stopped keeping track.  MW appt in the afternoon yesterday, and my cervix is 'verry soft' but not really dilated or anything.  So my body likes to tease me this go around.  This morning I woke up to I guess what would be bloody show?  Oh and the false labour had us setting up the birth pool at about 1:00 in the morning!!  lol  So its at least ready to go now too.  I just wish I knew when this was going to happen.  Keep trying to tell myself and relax into this pregnancy again cause it could be another few weeks... but I am like on the edge of my seat here watching for signs of labour hoping its soon!!!  lol

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