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need drs in Santa Clarita CA area

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My husband accepted a job in Northridge.  He starts in two weeks and we haven't found a place to live yet.  He's going there in a few days to find something.  Based on online info, we really like a place in Santa Clarita so we're hoping it's good in person.  I am 13 wks pregnant with baby #2.  I am looking for a VBAC friendly OB, a no-vax friendly pediatrician and a family doc. 

Also, where I live now there are two home birth type organizations that have midwives, doulas, lactation specialists, classes etc.  Even though we're not comfortable with home birth (wish we were!), I've found some amazing resources and friends though them.  Is there anything like that in the Santa Clarita area or nearby?



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Hi Morgana -- 


I used to teach at CSU Northridge, and live close by. I don't know Santa Clarita very well, but I know that it is very suburban, with a lot of family activities. Other communities that are similar that you may want to consider are Porter Ranch and Simi Valley (where we live now). Both would be an easier commute to Northridge than Santa Clarita, assuming that your husband would be driving during rush hours.  Also, Northridge itself has nice pockets of neighborhoods that you might consider checking out too.  


I ended up driving to UCLA to deliver with the team of midwives there (who I really liked and had a good experience with), and I know would be very open to VBACs.  It can be a big commute, though, but was worth it to me. Dr. Perlow is very well known in the valley as more progressively minded with her birth philosophies (http://www.drperlow.com/drperlow/), she does many VBACs and delivers at Tarzana hospital.  I don't know much about OBs at Santa Clarita hospital(s).  


Do you have a real estate agent who you're working with? We have a fantastic one if you want a referral.  Get in touch with me if you have any other questions about the area! 









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I lived in Santa Clarita for a few years while my husband and I were finishing school at CalArts.


I can't give you a good reccomendation for a doctor, but I can reccomend that you DO NOT see Dr. Kossari. He was the most disrespectful, rude doctor that I have ever come in contact with.


I LOVE my midwife from Santa Clarita...Renee Sicignanco. Just google her and you will find her website. She has a new birth center off of Newhall in Santa Clarita, and it is really a wonderful place. She is a great midwife...very honest, kind and educated. I really felt safe and secure in her care. She is also a lactation consultant for the city of LA and teaches birth classes at the birth center.


Hope the move is smooth!

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So sorry for my delayed response!  Our internet has been mostly down for the last few weeks.  We ended up getting a place in Santa Clarita and DH is living there now.  We're still waiting on the relocation company to get their act together so DD and I aren't there yet.  We had very little time to look for a place.  DH went there for one day and didn't manage to make to to Simi or Northridge to look at rentals.  So, we're in Santa Clarita for the next year.  We went to visit him last week and we really like the place so far.  


I called Dr. Perlow's office and she doesn't do VBAC at least not anymore.  I also called the Santa Clarita hospital and they don't allow VBACs.  They told me only UCLA and Olive View do them but ICAN's website lists many more.  I think I'll start called those hospitals to see if I can find a doc that way.  DH isn't completely on board with VBAC yet but we're working on it.  DD's birth terrified him and he's going to have a hard time regardless of if we do a c-section or VBAC this time.  Our current OB told us that birth center's have a surgery room with an OB on-call if a c-section is needed but it doesn't sound like Renee's birth center is like that.  If it is then DH might be okay with that but otherwise probably not.  I'm going to give her a call this week to learn more.


Thanks for all the help!

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I would aviod Olive View hospital at all costs. If you google them, you can see some really recent horror stories regarding their NICU--including nurses/doctors running a salon inside.


Here are a few articles:









I just had a baby up there last year so I did a lot of research on all my options in the area :) .


I know that Renee does do VBAC's, but she definitely doesn't have a surgery room in the birth center. Maybe your OB was referring to midwives who practice in a hospital having a surgery room? I looked into the UCLA midwives, and they have a stellar reputation. You would be in a hopsital in case anything goes wrong, so maybe that would calm your DD's mind a little?


In any case, I would give Renee a call. At the very least she can help point you in the right direction. She is incredibly friendly and knowledgeable, and has a lot of contacts in the area.


Glad I can help :) .

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