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Belly Aching at Night!

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I have started to have belly aches at night, especially when I am turning from side to side. Almost like a cramp in my belly. Definitely frustrating when I am trying to sleep soundly! Anyone else feel achey at night?

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My belly will feel achy at any random point though-out the day.  Often if I stand up quickly or roll over fast I get a sharp (round ligament type) pain that lasts for a minute or two.  Aches and pains are really normal and just a part of pregnancy.  Blah.

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I've been experiencing this too from time to time, usually if I get up or turn too quickly.  We have another two sets of ligaments besides the round ligament in the front: the broad ligament and the sacro-uterine ligament -> diagram

They say the strain of the broad ligament increases in the 6th month but usually disappears in the 7th month.

Maybe that's it?

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When I have had it, it feels like something is pulling or stretching from the inside. I found that taking a warm bath helped when it acted up.

I found this list with more tips http://backpainandpregnancy.blogspot.com/2008/10/round-ligament-pain-relief.html

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