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Holiday Grand Plan 2011...

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starts this week... who's in?  




For what it's worth, I just do the cleaning/organizing my house part, not so much the pre-baking, but I think that's brilliant, too, if you do a lot of holiday entertaining (which I don't).  I have done it the past three years and it's been a great way to methodically go through my house and get everything organized/cleaned.  It's just nice to have a group doing it with you...

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I'm in if it's free!

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Totally free :) They have all the schedules on the website with free downloads and stuff.  This week is all about cleaning the front porch and outdoor entryway stuff, and preparing for other cleaning (making lists and stuff for other rooms...).  Basically it's just a really do-able schedule for deep cleaning your home over the coming months leading up to christmas. :)  I am NOT an organized person and have 3 small children and it's been doable for me the past few years... maybe not as deeply as I might otherwise, but satisfyingly cleaned and decluttered :)  

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I'm in. 

I was planning on taking a room at a time to focus on once the children start school this fall.  Following the schedules in your link will be helpful.


My husband washed windows this week and the additional sunlight shining through is highlighting areas that need deep cleaning!



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 looking at the front porch chore list reminded me that there's kind of a lot for us to do outside... like fix the doorbell that hasn't worked for months... or finally finish ripping down the overgrown bushes that I took most of the branches off of a couple months ago and nothing has happened since... and paint the front door... LOL... I was thinking this week was hardly going to require anything.

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I do not have a large front porch but I have a weed-filled landscape around the porch - this could take the entire week!  I also have pots that need to be dumped and put away or replanted.  My husband already washed the door, the light fixtures and the windows.


My foyer is in good shape.  I need to do the constant daily/weekly cleaning and dust the staircase.  While washing the windows, my husband got rid of any high-up cobwebs and vacuumed all the woodwork and the foyer light fixture.

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I'm in! Will probably just follow loosely, but willl give me direction.

And I'm already looking forward to the holidays. :)

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I'd like to give it a try this year. I've done the Christmas Countdown (6-week version) a few times and it has really helped. But with a baby due mid-November I'm sure I'll have to adjust the schedule a lot. But that's all the more reason to get started now! Let the fun begin!

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I'm going to give it a try.  I really like these fillable forms they have.



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I am so not ready for anything remotely close to the 'holidays'.  How did this happen and who forgot to tell me my DS turns 11 on Sunday....  Hummmmm???  I have a birthday coming in a few days and I totally forgot.....  I need to go panic now.

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Originally Posted by zebra15 View Post

I am so not ready for anything remotely close to the 'holidays'.  How did this happen and who forgot to tell me my DS turns 11 on Sunday....  Hummmmm???  I have a birthday coming in a few days and I totally forgot.....  I need to go panic now.

LOL!  This was totally my thought the first year - "huh?  holidays?  it's august!"  I'm not normally a "ZOMG CHRISTAMS!!" type, but for some reason this cleaning plan really works for me :)  I should do their spring cleaning one, too, but I don't.  I think in the fall I'm usually starting to think about being at home more, where by spring I'm usually thinking "GET ME OUTTA HERE!" and not interested in putting in the effort.  


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I think I'm in. Although it is wednesday and I'm not sure what I can get done this week....

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I'm totally uninspired this week. Unfortunately most of the things I want to accomplish for this week requires my husband or at least his help, so honestly I'm not sure I'll get a lot of that done.  Next week will be easier because it won't require, say, rewiring the doorbell or ripping out bushes.  If anything gets done, I'm pretty sure it'll be this weekend, for me.  

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I was pretty motivated this morning.  It was cooler and it rained a little last night so I was able to pull a tarp full of weeds.  I just ordered 10 yards of mulch to be delivered Friday afternoon so now I will be forced to finish the weeding in the next two days - I didn't want to put myself on the spot like that but maybe it is the only way I will get it done. I have plants to split and transplant but that might need to wait until spring.





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Thanks for starting this!   Count me in.   I started looking at their site a few weeks ago and have my lists pretty much ready.   Some of the things I need DH to help with (garage for example) and I am not sure if he will be into it.  I also really want him to make a dump run in the next few weeks as there is a lot of stuff piled up that needs to go.  No matter what he does, I am going to try my hardest to get "my" areas of the house done this year. 


Today I swept around the front door, washed the doormat and cleared some weeds from the garden in front.   I also carried some garden tools to the back door and will bring those in later.   They needed to be put away, oh, back around 4th of July and have just been sitting there.   I'd really like to replace the doormat but don't want to spend the money on that yet.   So all that is left is to clean the windows in the front of the house and that will come another day this week.


ETA:  I just went to their site and it seems to be down.   Hope that it's temporary!   I need their schedule!

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Well, Ladies, How'd we do this week?  We managed to get a few things done outside, but not the bushes.  Dh says he'll try to do it next weekend.  On to living room week!  This one I feel is do-able for me alone (though I'd like to paint, we can do without,  if necessary... again).

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Originally Posted by Juvysen View Post

Well, Ladies, How'd we do this week?  

My outdoor work is behind schedule – we had hot weather and I had a few days of migraines.  But today was beautiful so we worked outside all day and have the front of the house complete. joy.gif 

I am going to put off splitting and transplanting plants until next month or early spring.  Although it is not part of the schedule, I am going to continue with the backyard landscaping this week and try to complete the living room too.   I didn’t think I had much to do in the LR, but the items are adding up.  My list includes:

  • remove curtain rods, patch holes, and touch-up paint
  • hang new curtain rods and curtains
  • have piano tuned
  • vacuum return air vents
  • dust items/shelves in curio cabinet and credenza
  • detail dusting of everything
  • wash windows in French doors –might need to enlist DH for this since he is a better window washer.
  • I’d like to have the rugs cleaned but that might need to wait.


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Ok so I wasn't going to do this as I thought with just starting a budget it would be hard to start another challenge . However me and DH cleaned up the whole  Front yard . Trimed all the bushes , Got weeds off front poarch , changed lightbalbs , mowed the lawn , picked up sticks and pine cones .  We have decided to spend Monday outside doing the backyard . Cause we are on a budget we have to do everything that  dosn't cost money .


We need oil for the lawn mower as the backyard has not been done yet and now will not get done .

We need  2 new windows and blinds  in the living room but that will wait too .

Order pictures for frames in living room Again has to wait


This week we are doing :

Bushes in back yard

Weed  the back gardens

Sweep the drive off and back poarch

Rack pine needles


Living room

Move funiture to sweep and mop

Fix TV cables


Clean out sewing cabinet and see what I can make for christmas with the stuff

Clean out desk items

Vacume  funiture

Dust fan and put lightbulb in


I should be able to finish both rooms by the end of the week


Hope no one minds I joined in :)



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My list for the living room:


 - dust everything

 - paint? 

 - put up autumn decorations (take down summer stuff)

 - vacuum under everything

 - clean out water-rooted plant containers (add more plants to root)

 - clean up behind tv table

 - sort out toys for garage sale (which is scheduled for the 17th - community wide sale)


I'm sure there's more but I'll have to think and come back.


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I returned other peoples stuff from basket in entryway and swept. Swept front porch. My husband needs to mow. 


Living room:

...picture frames and mirror



...underneath radiators

...wash all the furniture


...wash floors and shampoo the area rugs

Looking forward to how good it will feel in here after all that gets done! joy.gif

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