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What is this rash?

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Dd has a rash on her arms and legs. It started with a few patches on her thighs and wrist. Now she has little bumps on her arms, and the upper part of her legs, plus a tiny patch on one cheek. They are small, raised bumps, only slightly pinker than her skins--like little pimples, but no white dot in the center. She's very mildly itchy. At first we thought it was an allergic reaction, because she had quite severe food allergies, but Benadryl hasn't done anything. 


It's not fifth disease, which she already had (and didn't look like this). It doesn't look anything like Coxsackie and she seems too old for roseola. She's been vaccinated against chickenpox--which wouldn't offer 100% protection, of course--but with no bumps at all on her torso/back/neck and no other symptoms, I don't know if it chickenpox fits the bill anyway. She has no fever, malaise, etc. so I'm disinclined to drag her to the doctor unless things get worse, but I'm racking my brain to figure out what it is.



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Sounds like contact dermitis to me, although I don't know what an antihistamine would do for that (maybe not much).  I'm also wondering about (related?) eczema. Sorry no help, hopefully doctor will have a better idea.


Deffo doesn't sound at all like chickenpox.

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Did you ever find out what this was? The EXACT same thing is happening to my daughter! She has never had so much saw a hint of diaper rash, and then a few days ago I noticed a patch of raised slightly pink bumps on one leg. Nothing changed for a few days, but then it began to spread to the other leg and up her thighs.. Now it is beginning to itch. She has no fever and is feeling great, so I don't get it. Also, there has been no change in her diet.

She did have a cold that ended about a week ago.

I also first noticed the rash after we had been in Central Park all day.. But a sudden grass allergy wouldn't behave like this or last this long, would it?

I am really beginning to worry and wonder how bad this has to get before it will clear up, or if I should just head to the Dr. I just don't want them to put her on antibiotics (she's never had them) or harsh steroid creams.

If anyone has any experience with this please chime in! Thank you!!

Oh and dd is 15 months old
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In our case it turned out to be eczema.

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