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From the Social Groups announcement http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1327212/social-groups-are-here


"Going forward, all Due Date Clubs (DDCs) will be created as a Group and they will remain active rather than archived. DDCs that are now closed and archived may be apply for a Group creation. "


So I think this DDC will stay open after August 31st until whenever they normally close them, but they won't be starting a May DDC for people who get pregnant in September.  I think pi's suggestions for leaders are good -- if they are willing :)

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Teruterubozu, cloth and NO washer????? I can manage with no dryer but how on earth do you wash with no washer? I love your drying rack!

Also got my mobile in the mail. Tiny Love Sweet Island Dreams. Well the motor is making a loud noise so I had to email their customer service to request a replacement part. Apparently others have had this problem and had to do the same. The mobile is beautiful though, once it gets the new part I think I'll be very happy!
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We're looking at various solutions for dirty diapers. Right now I'm just washing in the sink to get them absorbent but I think washtub and plunger may end up being what we use. It's not as much my concern though as cloth was decided by the Minister of Output (Spouse.) As Minister of Input I get all say on pumps, milk storage, etc.

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Originally Posted by Teruterubozu View Post

I finished the first was on all three dozen diapers this weekend. I'm still trying to figure out how we're going to manage cloth without a washing machine (our local laundromat is too expensive to go every 3 days plus the washers are for 15 pound + loads), but the new drying rack I got is great!


Wow.  I admire your tenacity!  We have the same problem with no washer and only paid laundry (unless I go to MIL's house and use their machine, but it's a top-loader HE that seems to not like to get things very clean anyway), and so I just threw in the towel and decided not to cloth diaper this time around, and will revisit it if we move to a better situation while baby is still diapered.  Anyway, I wondered if you had ever heard of the Wonder Wash?  It's a little hand-cranked washer that I've heard some people use in situations like ours. 


Regarding the social group thing... I really have no idea what to expect, but I'm for moving forward with it, as well.  I love the suggestions for leaders already put forward.  :)


Hiccups:  All my babies have gotten them, usually what seems like at least 5 times a day, by this point in pregnancy.  I've also heard that it's not really bothersome to them (something about not having air-filled lungs yet, I think).  But as it feels generally like a persistent muscle twitch to me, I've honestly never enjoyed the sensation and wish they'd get less hiccups just for that reason.  ;)


Baby room:  There is none, lol.  We've got 2 bedrooms, and my 3 olders are already sharing and have toy storage in the same room, and so baby certainly won't go in there.  We will set up our co-sleeper in our room (which is the smaller of the 2 rooms), but not until last-minute, because I like having floor space for now.  ;)  I also got a lovely Sterlite plastic dresser to set on top of my own dresser.  It's so gorgeous and nursery like, I may just never move it!  (*snort*)  But anyway, we're ready to be functional, at this point.  Well, I think so.  I haven't 100% decided where to put things like diapers and wipes, but we'll figure it out, I'm sure.  Oh, and speaking of the co-sleepeer, I got another of my to-do list items done today!  Pulled it out and scrubbed it down and let it sun dry.  Looks practically new again!  It was nasty and stank when I pulled it out... too many kids with dirty hands touching it before I put it away last time, I guess.  ;)  But, in doing my to-do-list item, I added another to the list:  Make my own sheets.  I only have one to go with it, and it's not in the best of shape.  Even one extra with the flannel I have on hand would be plenty.  That darn list never shrinks.


AFM:  Today was a good day.  Much cooler than other days we've had lately, got my co-sleeper washed, had a relatively relaxing day with DH home from work, made my own baby shower invitations (MIL and SIL aren't the best at that sort of thing, and knew I'd be willing to help, but it's still funny to me, lol), finally saw Harry Potter with DH (at $5/ticket, and the whole theater to ourselves!), had a yummy dinner at a new BBQ place on an outdoor patio, and saw a gorgeous sunset on the way home.  And just enjoyed a bowl of ice cream, too!  Can't beat that.  :) 



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Karli - great to hear on the move!!! Ds used to get the hiccups CONSTANTLY & after he was born he got them pretty regular for the first few months. This baby has only had them once that I noticed - funny.


not_telling - sorry you had such a strange appt - hopefully things sort themselves out  - perhaps you were a little dehydrated?


theboysmama - gotta love the comments from strangers! I have to admit I do kind of like when random strangers ask when I'm due now - I feel like I finally look so definitely pregnant that people aren't afraid to take the risk (as in they don't think I just look fat).


beautifulmoon - how did you get the poison ivy on your belly? That's awful - I get baaad reactions from the stuff & can't imagine! What a great idea to return the stuff you don't need - big chain stores do tend to be pretty easy in this regard.


starling - you must do laundry a lot more often than me or have a neater child - I have 6 drawers for ds!!! & I still run out of clean shirts for the kid sometimes - it's ridiculous really!


teruterubozo - love the rack! Minister of Output/Input - fabulous!


afm - back from my trip out east. Had to leave really early yesterday morning to try to avoid the hurricane influenced storms - managed to make it to my destination before it got really bad. Was a long day of driving though 'cause I felt kind of stressed about the whole thing. Ds did fabulous though with all the driving though.


So I think I may finally be nesting!!! I only got home this afternoon but have already hung out laundry, unpacked the truck from our trip (this is unheard of - usually the bags sit in the vehicle or the entranceway for extended periods), hung pictures/candleholders/mirrors on the walls & tidied up outside plus my workout.


I would love for this baby to just come!!! I know it is still early but I am not enjoying being so uncomfortably big anymore. So my goal this week is to pack my hospital bag, make up the gift basket for the nurses, make the newborn diapers & make bedroom curtains. That way she knows I'm prepared & can come whenever she is ready!


Nursery - we never made one up at all for ds. We made a "big boy" room when he was 18 months & he was ready for his own bed (well, sort of, he still was in our bed half the night). This time we've set up the crib in his room (they'll share when the time comes) but realistically I know she will be in our room for at least 6 months - likely longer.

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Leiahs, I read some bad reviews of the WonderWash, unfortunately. We were going to get one but I heard they leak and the handle falls off. Do you have a pattern for co-sleeper sheets or are you making flat ones? We need to get/make some as well. Ugh! The more I think about things we have left the more I start to panic.

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That's too bad, that it's gotten bad reviews!  Seemed like such a simple, easy solution if you're willing to put the time in.  Well, I hope you find a good solution, no matter what it ends up being!

I don't have a pattern for co-sleeper sheets.  I was thinking of copying it exactly, but MIL suggested that it would be easier to basically make a pillowcase (based on the size of the top part of the sheet) and sew on some velcro in the right places o the underside before I sew it all together.  I love her idea - it's definitely more simple and less time-consuming! - I just have to take the time to make sure that will work!  Otherwise I'm just going to trace the shapes and add seam allowances.

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I just looked at the link for the wonder wash. It sais that other knock offs have those defects but they don't and they listed why.
I think I might want to get one if we start camping again. My kids get soooo Nasty when we camp and we have to devote e tire days and lots of money for washing.

None of my babies have ever had hiccups that I know o..hmmm, I wonder why.
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Not too much going on here. I have this week off of work. Yay!! I have been looking forward to this time off for the last 2 months. I'm a nanny and love my job, but a break is always nice : )


I don't think I've ever felt my baby have the hiccups. I'm going to try to pay attention and see if I notice it.


I feel like I have SO much to get done before this little guy shows up. I'm going to try to start washing all of his clothes this week. It's all in his dresser and closet, just not washed yet. His crib is together, just doesn't have the sheet on it yet. I only have a 1 bedroom apartment, so he will be in the room with me for now. Hopefully when he is about 7 months old I can move into a 2 bedroom apartment. If only rent wasn't so expensive here on Long Island.....lol.

I also want to start sort of putting the goody baskets together for the nurses. I guess I need to find baskets first. Maybe I'll go to Michaels or Home Goods.

I need to do my birth plan.


I haven't heard back from my midwife about my 24 hour urine test. I guess I can call her to see if she has the results yet. I'm really really hoping that I don't have pre-eclampsia.




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teruterubozo - with my first kiddo we did not have a washing machine either :(


we only had 6 prefolds and all the rest were flats made from thrifted flannel sheets....they were great!!! I washed them in the bathtub and they dried quckly over night :)


Maybe you could whip up some flats to start with and use the prefolds later....they take forever to dry :(


I like the new social group idea :)  although every baby group I have belonged to fizzled anyway....lol


I really wanted to enjoy this pregnancy and "take it all in" since it will be my last, but it has been the worst one! Tired very uncomfortable the entire pg! I hope a lunch time swim will perk me up....

32 wks today so close yet sooo far orngtongue.gif

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Baby hiccups- this baby has the hiccups quite frequently too. My ds almost never had the hiccups while in my belly. Funny how all kids are different!


Baby area- I would love to see a thread where we can post pics of baby's area (nursery, co-sleeping set-up, etc).


not-telling- hope things calm down soon! Rest, rest, rest!


theboysmama- I've had a lot of those "wow you're huge" comments lately too. It starts to get a little discouraging. Now get yourself off google!


social group- I would love to be a co-leader thumb.gif 


Karli- that sounds scary! Glad you and baby are okay!


Quinn- yuck for poison ivy! I work as a substitute and I haven't taken any jobs yet this school year (I'm being picky because I sub as a para so I work with special needs kids and sometimes they are very strong and violent and I'm just not feeling like I can keep me, baby and the other student(s) safe). So, technically, I stopped working at the beginning of June. I might pick up a job here and there in the next couple weeks, or maybe not.


AFM- dealing with some crap with ds's bio-dad and trying not to let the stress get to me. He's been court ordered to pay a % of ds's uncovered medical bills. This has been court ordered for 7 years now, but up until a month ago I never made him (I just paid for everything out of my own pocket). I warned him last year that this year he would have to start covering his share. Last month I sent him his first bill (for almost $200 was his portion). He, legally, has 30 days to pay me. Today is day 30 and guess who hasn't paid it eyesroll.gif He also has another bill for $41 due in a few days and I have to send him another bill for $48 today (he'll have 30 days to pay it). Obviously he's being a jerk and refusing to pay for any of them, which means I have to go to the Friend of the Court and send them the bills so they can take the money directly out of his paycheck. It will get paid, but it pisses me off that he's so immature he thinks he can just refuse to pay it. My lawyer has been contacting his lawyer to get some information to him (basically telling him to stop the crap, not with this money issue but with some stuff he's doing with ds) but apparently I'm not the only one ex is ignoring. This weekend is a visit weekend so I have to drive up to Michigan Friday night and come back here Sunday night. He has ds for 4 hours Saturday and 4 hours Sunday. Thankfully he doesn't have any more visits until the last weekend in October so after this I won't have to deal with him for a long time.


Today is my "scrub the house top to bottom until I pass out" day. Tomorrow we have an appraiser coming so I need to get a lot of work done today. And yet, I have no motivation. duh.gif


Yesterday I met with a couple potential doulas. I liked both of them, for different reasons. I think between the 2, we (dh and I) know which one we like better. We still have another doula to meet before we make our decision (well, we actually have 2 more doulas but one can't meet for another 3 weeks and that's just too long for me to wait to make the decision so she's out of the running). But the one doula that we really like so far turns out to live right down the road from us. She literally drives past our house probably every day and we probably walk past her house all the time. So she's definitely close enough in case we need her in a hurry thumb.gif

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Oh, and this afternoon I have to take ds to the eye dr. This is never, ever a fun adventure with a child with autism but I anticipate it going even worse this time. This time they are going to be doing some tests (one is an MRI) of his eyes. I did the same testing last week at the same office and it doesn't hurt, it doesn't take long, etc but it's still going to freak him out. There are actually 4 different machines they are going to use, one of which puffs air into your (open) eyeball. Again, it doesn't hurt but it does surprise you and surprises are never good for children with autism. The testing, unfortunately, is not optional for him. His biological dad has a genetic eye disease in his family that causes blindness, and there's a chance ds has it too. So this testing must be done. Either the testing comes back that he's not showing any signs of it (which we're obviously hoping for!), in which case we have a baseline done to compare it to in a few years to see if there's any changes, or he is showing signs of this disease, in which case we will be able to track how it progresses (how quickly). But my poor little pumpkin was terrified last night that he was going to need glasses. I tried to reassure him that his eyes are probably fine and he probably doesn't need glasses, but if he does we will look for a pair of red frames (his favorite color). He calmed down a little with that thought and was able to go to sleep.

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What sorts of things are you all putting in the goodie baskets for nurses? Sounds like a good idea, and since my husband also works at the hospital I feel like I really should show them the love.

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For those who aren't feeling hiccups or are going to try to "watch" for them, it feels like a very slow heartbeat. I thought my muscles were throbbing, then I took my heartrate and it was way faster. Then the "throbbing" moved in my belly... lol

DH has been able to feel it and was unsettled. "You sure that's not a heartbeat?" "Well, his is supposed to be twice as fast as mine, and this is maybe half mine..." Then he moved and we could feel him in a different spot, still hiccuping away. It went on forever.
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Originally Posted by AKChix0r View Post

For those who aren't feeling hiccups or are going to try to "watch" for them, it feels like a very slow heartbeat. I thought my muscles were throbbing, then I took my heartrate and it was way faster. Then the "throbbing" moved in my belly... lol

DH has been able to feel it and was unsettled. "You sure that's not a heartbeat?" "Well, his is supposed to be twice as fast as mine, and this is maybe half mine..." Then he moved and we could feel him in a different spot, still hiccuping away. It went on forever.

Oh! That's what that is? I didn't think I had felt hiccups, but I've had a lot of that!
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I'm feeling the stress.
My husband has finally decided to put in my bathtub. I'm 35 weeks today.
Both upstairs bathrooms are leaving. It's down to the studs right now. Then the walls move. Then, plumbing and electrical get refine with new, safe stuf. Then walls and my bathtub.
This is all supposed to happen in two weeks.
Oh. And the baby's room, where I'm counting on the space to sort and put a dresser for clothes/dipes? Full of stuff. Sone goodwill stuff, some remodel stuff, some general stuff.
Eeeek! Commence freakout.
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I wasn't sure that's what it was until he moved and it went with him. I can feel his little body bounce with each one, poor kid. I hate it when I have them, so I feel terrible for him (even if he isn't bothered). Funny enough, I can feel them right now too... Between kicks. This kid is a nut.
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Hi all- I feel super out of the loop, but I just read through the whole thread.


Social groups:  I am happy (and flattered) to act as co-leader as well, but I also feel like many of you ladies are far more qualified than I am! If there is someone else who is really eager to lead, please speak up.  I still don't fully know what it means to turn into a social group (or what a co-leader does at all), but I love the opportunity of keeping in touch as our babies grow!


Hiccups- Great description, AKChix0r- I don't recall ever experiencing them, but it helps to know what to look out for!


This weekend we were so relieved that the hurricane (tropical storm at that point) was incredibly uneventful.  We live in Boston, and DH's parents in NYC, and we were all supposed to meet up in the Berkshires (Western MA, which got pounded with the brunt of the storm- tons of flooding).  We all stayed home, but Sunday, we had power the whole day, no flooding (and a new sump pump in our basement from our landlord), and just a few big branches in our back yard.  It also meant that we had an unexpected weekend with no plans, which was the best part of all!


We also saw Harry Potter (10:30 am showing, in 3D, and we didn't get nearly as good a deal as you, Leahs!)  It was my goal to watch that movie in a theater before the baby was born.  This was also the first movie we've been to since we've been married.  We don't go to many movies!  Also on Saturday, we ended up going to the funeral for the midwifery classmate of mine who was in the car accident with her family and lost one of her 8 children.  I was so glad we were able to go and support them by being there!


Sunday I was in a nesting/baby project mood all day and it was awesomly productive- I was a little whirlwind of productivity!  For our co-sleeper, we have the mattress (made from wool blankets), and I am going to make a sort of pillowcase for the mattress.  I washed all the fabric this weekend- it is some pretty retro calico patterns my aunt gave me, but it is going to be covered anyway!  We're making 2 mattress pads out of the same wool panels, which I lanolized in the bathtub.  We'll see how that turned out- have no idea if I used enough lanolin.  But I'll attach elastic to the corners of the pad so it slips over the mattress.  For sheets, I'm just making flat sheets with elastic on the corners as well that will go over the mattress and mattress pad.  One of my biggest weaknesses is probably my dislike of following patterns/ recipies when making things.  I much prefer to just eyeball everything and see how it turns out.  So, sewing and making things can be more of a challenge, but I am definitely taking the time to measure and remeasure everything I'm sewing!


Baby will sleep in our room, and we have a little dresser for clothes.  We have an old buffet that DH wants to strip and refinish (outside), and put that in the 2nd bedroom for more baby clothes and a changing table, but the baby won't sleep there.


Last night I went on a walk with my friend and she told me about her pea pod, which she swears by for travel, and highly favors over a pack-and-play.  Have any of you tried the pea pod?  Would love to hear your experience/insight!

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DD had hiccups all the time in the womb and all the time as an infant! This little one hasn't had them as much. The hiccups never seemed to bother her when she was an infant.


Our kid room has toy, clothes, and diaper storage. Right now it also has a futon which will be going away as soon as my mom's visit if over. She's coming for the birth to help out with the baby and DD. It's a pretty tight squeeze right now but it gets the job done! We still need to figure out a dresser situation for the baby though because the one we tried to buy locally was dropped by the delivery guys! Ugh! I really want that in place but we'll make do with what we have if we have to.

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Well, the eye dr was nothing short of a disaster. DS did okay with the testing (the 4 machines). It took a few tries on some of them and me holding his head in place, but no big deal. Then the dr comes in the room and does the eye test (chart) thing.... and he failed miserably. All he could see was the giant E and 2 of the 3 letters on the next line. He couldn't see anything on the 3rd line. My poor little pumpkin was PISSED that he needed glasses. He went a little nuts, tried to escape (while yelling at the dr "SEE- I CAN FIND THE EXIT- I DON'T NEED GLASSES!" lol.gif), yelled quite a bit, etc. Finally we got him calmed down (good old doctor pulled out a sucker for him orngtongue.gif) and went to look at frames. He freaked out at every pair, until I found a red (his favorite color) and black pair that said "hershey's" (which is his absolute favorite candy). These he was okay with so we got them. It'll take a few days until they're ready, and then the real battle begins with getting him to wear them every day. Hopefully he sees what a difference the glasses make and decides to wear them without fighting. I can hope, anyway.


ETA- I'm still totally baffled on how a child can have near perfect vision one year, and then 12 months later have such horrible vision. WTH?!

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