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Peppermint Stick Luna Bars

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seem to be one of the only foods I can consistently tolerate these days.  Blah.  I'm now taking the max dose of my meds (1 whole unisom at night, then half in the morning and half at midday, along with the B6) and I still feel like I could throw up at any given moment if I'd let myself.  It just sucks.  I haven't made my family a decent meal in weeks, and I feel too tired and gross to do the kind of housekeeping I'd like to-- I just feel like a big dud right now.  :( 


That's all-- pity party over.


Is anybody starting to feel better yet?  I'm 9 weeks today, so I figure I probably have another 2-3 to go, but hoping desperately that maybe things are near their peak and will start to mellow out a bit soon.

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Ohh mama, I feel for you. I was basically bed ridden with my dd. I am going to acupuncture weekly this time around which is incredibly helpful. She also gives me a homeopathic remedy to take. Huge saving grace. But back to you...

Last pregnancy this was one of the only this I could eat consistently too. If you find the peppermint soothing try some peppermint tea.

I survived off of smoothies last pregnancy. I put a bag of frozen strawberries, some chocolate almond milk, and your choice of protein powder. I would substitute strawberries for mangos too. I bought the frozen most whole fruit mango sorbet i could find. But since then mango now make me sick. I even tried a bite this evening of mango sorbet and got nauseated hard core.

Try miso soup too and coconut water. Those were the first real foods I was able to eat again after getting on zofrain and being 16 weeks along. greensad.gif but when I did I felt alive again.

Also if you are feeling super wiped out you might need more iron. I was anemic and still tend to be and I had to take something called vitron-c it was incredible I took two a day. Within 15 minutes I felt like a person again too.

Also if you can get help with cooking or healthy as poss. Prepared meals I found that helped. I could go to the disgusting ihop to get my pancakes, slice of ham and pickle craving but the thought of opening a jar of pickles or looking at the ham ...rush to the bathroom even now writing this my stomach is turning.

Try not to plan food just eat it until you feel better.

I wish you the best and even if you feel lie a dud you are not you are accomplishing sooo much even lying down. So much is going on in your body miraculous advances take place as your body is making another person...I don't think I will ever stop being amazed our bodies are creating spines and bones and blood and ohh this kind of makes me feel a little queasy too oops you are super productive even resting on the couch!

Big. Big hugs,

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Oh also, the chocolate flavored belly bars I could eat them too. I don't know how actually healthy they are but it was one of the few things I could eat back then. Good luck, mama
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I'm gagging just reading the word peppermint. But I feel your pain.


MS has hit me hard and it's a bit of a shock since I did not have it this bad with my last 2 pregnancies. We are in the middle of a move (great timing!) and I have barley done anything to help. All of my energy this week has gone instead to trying to eat. Just like the PP mentioned, I need someone to just make it and put it in front of me. The thought of even making toast has me gagging. I actually cussed out DH a few days ago when I asked him to make me something and an hour later he was still saying, in a minute. Third time around and he still doesn't get it.


I have discovered one weird thing though. Pooping gives me a little relief from MS. It makes no sense, but there it is.



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