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anyone NOT feeling movement yet?

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I am 17 1/2 weeks and haven't felt any "confirmed" movement yet. This is my 3rd and everyone told me I would feel movement earlier. ?? Maybe I just have a "quiet" one this time. (please oh pretty please! ;-) )

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I'm 17w today and still haven't felt anything.  Or at least I don't think I have.  I'm a FTM so I know it's supposed to come a bit later.  Also, I was a bit heavier than I wanted to be when I got PG and I know that sometimes means you don't feel movement early on.  But I'm feeling all kinds of impatient.  And growing tired of getting all excited when I feel "activity" in my abdomen to just have my hopes dashed by passing gas a few moments later...redface.gif

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i've only felt a thump or two, nothing more, and this is my second- i'm around 16 weeks. 

do you have anterior placenta?  i did with dd and with this one too, so it's harder to feel things most of the time if so.

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14 weeks with twins and have felt  nothing, I can't wait.

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So I thought I felt something around 14 weeks but I'm now 17w1d and I still can't tell if I'm feeling gas or movement. Because every time I think I feel something I fart. Which is half sad and half hilarious. I felt my older kids way sooner than this so I'm sad to be missing out on for sure movements right now.

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I am very thin (only 122ish lbs at 17 weeks) so that shouldn't be an issue and I have a posterior flexed uterus but I think it has straightened up some with the pregnancy. I am sure I will start feeling things soon and I have felt a little bump or flutter a few times just can't be sure it is baby either. Feeling baby move is one of the best parts of pregnancy for me so I hope to feel it soon!

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15 weeks today and nothing.  I only have a really small bump, so I'm hoping it's all coming soon!

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I saw the doc today.  He said with an anterior placenta that he wouldn't think I'd feel much at all until after 20 weeks.


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I'm at 17w5 and felt a "bloop" of something on Sunday, but nothing else. It's my first, so I'm still waiting around to get some movement going! :)

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I'm not sure!   I am 18w4d and I cant say for sure it is movement that I feel... as of last night I am getting more and more convinced but I have been saying that for two weeks!!


I am actually thinking of stopping by my midwife's just to hear the heartbeat because I am slightly worried!  (I know I am freaking myself out about it, I know it is totally normal to not feel it yet)

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I take it back!!!  I felt flutters all yesterday afternoon!   :)

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Congratulations of feeling movement! :)


I have felt some bubbles or flutters but still am not 100% sure it is baby and I only feel it when laying down...Can't wait to feel baby aerobics.

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A friend just returned from a trip to Belgium and brought us back some AMAZING chocolate.  Last night, about 20min after indulging in a few after-dinner pieces, I felt a flutter and then again about 5 min later.  Could it be that this baby already has expensive taste in chocolate?

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Okay  I am officially 20 weeks now and finally feeling some definite movement. It isn't constant but at least once or twice a day. :) Finally!

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