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saying farewell to our ddc...

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the lovely ladies of the may 2011 ddc-


i just saw a post in the april 2012 ddc about some folks getting their BFPs and wondering when the may 2012 ddc will be up.  guess that means our ddc will soon be relegated to the archive.  just wanted to take the time to say farewell to our ddc.


i didn't find mdc until my first was nearly a year old and so missed out on the ddc experience my first time around.  i very much looked forward to joining one when i became pregnant with my next and (having an early may due date) was one of the first on the scene.


upon discovering mdc i would visit it often, posting questions of all kinds to the wise mamas who always seemed to have the answer at their fingertips.  as much as i did frequent the boards, however, i never imagined i would find a community here.  a community that i looked forward to visiting every day and which grew to mean so much to me over our nine months together (and still continues to today).


we shared so much together.  photos of our growing bellies, our cravings, our aversions, the excitement of hearing the heartbeat for the first time, the reveal of whether we were team blue or team pink.  we shared the frustrations of dealing with difficult co-workers, family members and significant others as well as the bliss of witnessing our older children fall in love with the sibling they would one day meet. 


we talked about strollers and car seats, baby carriers, cloth diapers and baby shower etiquette.  we talked about those early flutters and our restless ones who never stopped moving.  we discussed our plans for labor from where we would birth and who would attend to what we would wear and what music was on the playlist. 


we talked about aches and pains and where to buy the comfiest pair of jeans that would best accommodate our burgeoning bellies.  we talked about names, names and more names.  we talked about the stupid/rude/obnoxious things people say as well as the wonderful ways our partners and children would surprise and amaze us. 


for those of us who had suffered losses in the past, for those who were old pros and for those who were venturing down this path for the very first time there was uncertainty, there was anxiety and sometimes there was even fear, but there was always joy.  lots and lots of joy. 


we enthusiastically offered advice and graciously accepted it.


we shared the stories of the birth of our children as well as the losses (two beautiful women who i still think about every day). 


some of us were a fixture on the boards and some of us stopped by only to be included among the list of names on our roster.


we came from all walks of life with different histories, different beliefs and different desires.  were it not for the simple fact they we were all due to give birth within the same 30 +/- day period, we never would have found each other.  i’m oh so glad we did.


every day i am grateful to the beautiful, unique and amazing women who i found here and who i came to depend upon (many of whom i still do).  thank you so much.  your presence and support made this ride so much sweeter.  


-sam grouphug.gif

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Aww thanks for all you have done Sam, it was a real pleasure sharing all our experiences together! This was my first time in a DDC and I am grateful for all the people I have met during the process  blowkiss.gif

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:) See you over on FB!

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i still can't believe it. it's over. we went through an entire pregnancy and birth. its such a sacred passage, and it is hard letting it go.


thanks to all for making may 2011 a wonderful ddc!






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I found this forum a month before I got Pregnant. So when I got my BFP I was so excited to be a part of the May DDC. Thank you everyone for all of your advice and support Sam said it perfectly. I can't wait to be back in one of these months forum again for when it's time for baby #2. Who knows, I might run into one of your wonderful ladies again.




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why wait for baby #2...


lisa (and all you mamas who participated in the may 2011 ddc), come join us in the may 2011 ddc social group.


i, apparently, just couldn't say "farewell". smile.gif

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