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Pumping every 3 hrs around the clock

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My baby has Down Syndrome and @ this point can't nurse. She is 21/2 weeks old. I know eventually she'll be able to nurse. I'm looking for another full time pumpers for support and their stories with pumping,
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Congratulations on your newborn, Mama! love.gif


How is the pumping going? Are you able to attend LLL meetings or connect with an LC who has experience with helping babies with Down Syndrome to the breast? Are you able to do skin-to-skin snuggles?


I don't have pumping experience, but I wanted to say kudos for pumping - keep it up - hang in there!



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I pumped for 14 months with my first child (preemie with very poor latch and other issues). It is definitely doable! Here are some things I did to make it easier:
- get a hands free pumping bra if you don't already have one
- feed your baby while you pump. Helps save time and boosts your supply.
- if you are having supply issues (can be tough to maintain sometimes) try Motherlove herbal supplements and/or domperidone.

Good luck and hang in there!
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Congratulations on your new little girl. I exclusively pumped for 30 months and I'd be happy to answer any questions on pumping or just provide extra hugs and encouragement. Here's a link to a post I wrote a while ago with some pumping tips and tricks: http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1129895/ep-tips-and-tricks#post_14331576. Feel free to PM me if you like.


Wishing you all the best and sending hugs!

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I pumped almost exclusively for about two months (just nursed once a day briefly in hopes of retaining his ability to latch) while we worked out a number of issues. I found it very difficult because i tried to pump every two hours and my son only ate every 3 hrs, so the times didn't match up, or stagger nicely, and i felt like all i ever did all day was pump and feed and that giving him attention and my other two kids attention had to work around my darn pumping and feeding schedule. I have to say though, as much work as it is, it is worth every bit of it in the end! It can be so hard, but hopefully u won't have to do it for long! Good luck! Definitely take the pp advice and get the hands free pumping bra or make one..i wish i had!
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HUGS mama! I definitely don't have as much pumping experience as some of the other mama, but I pumped every 2 hours for a little over 3 weeks when ds1 was in the NICU. It was absolutely exhausting, but totally worth it when he was able to finally latch on and breastfeed! 

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Hugs to you!

I've been pumping exclusively since DS was 6 weeks old.  He turned 11 months last week.

My advice:  

Most importantly, don't think too much.  Don't worry about how you're going to do this tomorrow or next week.  Just do this one pump.  

Figure out what distracts/relaxes you best.  TV, internet, a book, crafting, whatever.  

Drink lots of water, eating oatmeal is supposed to help.  There are plenty of "over the counter" herbal supplements out there.  You might be interested in consulting a homeopath if you're having supply issues, or see about getting domperidone.  Massage before and during pumping tends to help, or at least makes me feel like I'm helping.

Find a way to manage your stress, even if that's just taking Rescue Remedy.  It's hard to make milk when you're terribly anxious.  Maybe relaxing music?

Make sure you have a good pump (get the very best you can afford), and keep it in good working order, and make sure the flanges fit.

Don't worry about washing out the pump every time.  Keep the flanges in the fridge between use and wash once, or every two days as you are comfortable.  You could splash out and get two sets so you can just throw the one in the dishwasher and always have a clean, dry rig ready to go.

Something that continues to help me is to keep a log of when I pump and how much milk I made.  At the beginning, it was hard to remember when I actually pumped last, and keeping a running tally helps me feel proud of myself and motivated to keep going.  Do stickers help?  I draw a heart for myself every time I pump.  :)

Experiment to see if it helps to have your daughter in the room with you (maybe even holding her?), or if you do better leaving her with your partner or a helper.

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.  I will keep you in my thoughts.

And congratulations on your beautiful daughter!

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