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Advice needed! Induction scheduled for Tuesday

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Well, I will be 39 weeks on Tuesday (4.13), and after seeing my doctor today, she proposed induction. I have gained about 50 lbs so far with this pregnancy (my first). The doctor thinks he is a pretty big baby, and what concerned her today was that he is not settled into my pelvis yet. she said babies have usually engaged by 38 weeks, but she could push him back off of my pelvis, which suggested to her that his head might be too big to mold to my pelvis. she said she would definitely like to see him born by my due date (4.20). I asked if the head is getting much bigger now and she said it would increase in size somewhat, that i could have a difficult delivery, and that we should get him out before he does get bigger.

complicating things, I have PUPPS and have had it since 35 weeks. I started my second course of prednisone today. I am also taking benadryl and the baby is sluggish, which worries me. Maybe it would be better for him to come out? I don't know what to do. I am miserable and not sleeping well and I am sure that has an effect on him too.

Also i just want to say that this practice is known for being non-interventive. I actually changed practices to be with this doctor on the recommendation of my doula. so i don't think she would suggest induction lightly.

I have all weekend to think about what I want to do! I will call them Monday to confirm or cancel this induction. as of today i am 1+ centimeters dilated, 25% effaced. she said this puts my bishop score high enough that they could start the pitocin drip without using the EASI-catheter first.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts, everybody! I just want to do the right thing for my boy.
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Ok, I will preface this by saying that I am very anti induction and very anti intervention.

That said......my daughter wasn't "engaged" until about the week before she was born.......and she was nearly 3 weeks late. Considering that many organizations are suggesting that first time gestation is MEANT to be 42 weeks (NOT 40 weeks), I would say your practice sounds very much pro intervetion if they think that they can a) predict big baby and b) inducing at 40 weeks is a good thing.

Some things to keep in mind......

Maybe the baby isn't engaged because he's not ready yet. EDD's can be off by up to 10 days.

Statistically, inductions lead to more interventions.

Do you have a family history of birthing HUGE babies? YOUR weight gain isn't really the end all be all indicator of how big your baby is.

What is considered "big" in medical terms today is still very birthable. (I'll tell ya all about birthing a 9 1/2 pounder if ya want!)

Watch "Baby Story" or "Birth Day".......every stinkin time they induce because of size, the baby is almost ALWAYS under 8lbs. IMO, it's a crock.

PUPPS must really stink. I'm sorry for that. But if you are otherwise having a healthy pregnancy, I don't see any reason to induce.
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Ummm, I gained 75 pounds in my pregnancy with my son, and he was a perfectly normal (average?) 8.5 pounds.

Don't let them tell you that you will have a huge baby because you gained a lot of weight, the only annoying part will be trying to lose it after the baby's born...
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I was going to suggest you find out your Bishop score...Bishop score assesses the cervical readiness for labor. The maximum score is 13, and anything above a nine is likely to be a successful induction--Below 4 and induction failure is common which can lead to c-section. When doing a Bishop test they assess for presentation of baby, consistency of the cervix, effacement, dilation, and station. You told us you are 25% effaced...that is 0 points on the Bishop test...and +1 station which is 3 points on the Bishop test. ???what is the status of the other test factors???I don't know....if your baby is at +1 station, I would think he is pretty well engaged.
Let us know what you decide
Wishing you a joyful birth
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how was your due date calculated? did you do the "first day of your last period", or did you know your date of conception? this pregnancy, i originally calculated my edd by the first day of my last period, just because i forgot my chart and the date i conceived... when i brought in the proper conception date, the edd turned out to be a whole week later.

and i thought most babies were born after their due dates rather than before or on...
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I agree with everything Anothermama said, and I want to add that although many babies do engage by 38 weeks, many babies most certainly do not! Mine have always engaged "late", and I assure you it was not related to their size (average weight, average heads, average pelvis.) I kind of suspect that it is because I have a roomy uterus. So when I lie down (which is the position in which they usually check for engagement) the baby floats away from the pelvis. But when I'm standing up the baby drops down. (Which is a good reason to be upright in labor, so that the baby's head is putting pressure on the cervix.) And remember, your pelvis is going to move apart as the labor progresses. If it's true that your baby's head isn't able to nestle in there yet, that's just proof to me that your pelvis isn't ready to admit him through.
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It is impossible to tell how big baby is by how much weight you have gained. I only gained 19 lbs and dd was 6lbs 13 ozs. My friend gained 70 lbs and her dd wasn't even 6 lbs. Just because you have gained the weight doesn't mean baby has.
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Based on what you have said, I think an induction is not necessary. I find it interesting that a doctor who is supposedly not big on intervention, wants to induce you when you are so low on the Bishop and by inducing could land you in an OR after slamming you with PIT for a few hours.

Had she done an NST, an ultrasound, anything that would indicate that your baby is in danger or enormous?

If this is something you feel comfortable doing, then I strongly recommend preparing yourself for a lot of medical intervention during birth and possible surgery. Not trying to scare you, but I just think you need to be aware of this since your baby, by your doctors claim, is not engaged.

I say give this baby some more time. I know you are miserable. BTDT I just think he needs some more baking time.
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I had PUPPS too

What worked for me (and I normally don't take meds) was a combinatin of Claritin and Pepcid. The dr that put me on that was a former midwife. She sat down with me and went over the drug facts. Something about the Pepcid makes the Clariting work better. Once I took that, the rash that had covered my entire body was gone in a matter of days and didn't come back so I only took the meds for about 2 weeks.

Did the doctor not even address that prednisone CAUSES you to GAIN weight and the weight gain may well have nothing to do with the size of the baby???? I gained 42 lbs to have a 6lb 13.9 oz baby.

I would not induce w/o much more information. For some women, the baby doesn't even engage until labor starts. A big baby may not neccessarily have a big head circumference anyway. IF the baby is even big, it could just be a chubby baby and fat *squishes* so that doesn't neccessarily have any relevence to the ease or difficulty of birthing. My DH's grandmother was 4'8" and gave birth to a 12 lb baby at home.
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They can't induce you if you don't show up!:LOL

Just tell them you forgot.
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I just realized that I read your post incorrectly...sorry about that. You said you are 1 centimenter dialated...unfortunately that means that from the information you have you only have 1 point on the Bishop test I'm not trying to tell you what to do (nor have I ever had to deal with PUPPS), but it just sounds like your dr. may be putting you in a situation that could lead to distress for your baby and surgery for you. Also, I second what everyone else is saying about weight gain not indicating baby's size. My friend gained 60pounds in her preganancy and gave birth to a 7.5 pound baby. I gained 22 pounds during pg and had a 9lb.14oz. baby...The two factors don't necessarily correspond. Hope it all goes well
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Don't fall for the "big weight gain, big baby" thing like I did. I gained 50 lbs, had excessive swelling, and was told my baby was large... After a 51 hour induction, I gave birth to a *6 lb, 15.7 oz* baby...who wasn't engaged during pregnancy because his head was tilted to the side...
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Thanks so much for all of your replies... you have reinforced what is in my heart, which is that we just aren't ready yet....

Ligmom: i was told a few weeks ago (by another doctor in the practice) that my bishop score was a 3. I am not sure what my station and cervical position are... maybe i am picking up more points there? i have just printed the Bishop scoring sheet, i will take it in with me next week.

We had an ultrasound done 3 weeks ago, which placed him in the 63rd percentile for size. i know how inaccurate ultrasounds are for this, so we have refused a follow up ultrasound. maybe we should have one done to see what position he is in though... he is not breech but his back is on the right side of my body most of the time. Am currently reading about fetal positioning. anyway she thinks he is well above that 63rd percentile now. she's never said one word about my weight gain, actually...

MsMary: my first prednisone pack was a really low dose (4 mg) in a 6 or 7 day dosepack. i started it maybe only 10 days ago. my big spurt of weight gain was around week 35, just about when PUPPS hit : . i will check into the claritin/pepcid thing.

Blueviolet: what you are saying makes total sense. when i am walking around it feels like he is pressing right on my cervix, only to have him "float away" when i lie down.

anothermama: it's funny, my brother and i were both little babies. 5 lbs 5 oz. my dh was an 8 pounder. when i first interviewed my doctor she said she would let a pregnancy go to 42 weeks. we will have to see what she says now.

I am going to cancel the Tuesday induction! Thanks again, you guys are awesome.
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I am so happy for you that you are following your instincts...that is an important thing to learn as a mama KWIM? Good for you and your baby

Take care of yourself
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Just thinking about how my own VBAC might have gone differently (probably fewer interventions) had I only thought to ask for this kind of advice BEFORE going to the hospital.

You guys ROCK!

Good luck, DJ_una! : Keep us posted!
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GOOOD for you and your baby!

I was seeing my Dr almost daily before I went into labor and my son never really did "engage" untill I went into labor and my water broke! He was a healthy 9 1/2lb 22 1/2 inch VBAC baby btw. We were not even sure he was head down at 39 weeks so they did a quick US and he was, but he was far up there! The baby will come down when he's good and gosh darn ready.

best of luck
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