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Does anyone know how much mint gum could affect supply?  I mean is it likely that they could pretty much tank a supply of a new mom?  If mint has an affect, should supply come back after stopping it and taking measures to increase supply (galactagogues, frequent nursing and pumping)?

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I think it depends on the mom, and on the gum. I have heard of altoids strong mints (peppermint) decreasing supply, but mom was eating boxes a day.



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Thanks.  I read that Altoids could reduce supply after I took some without thinking.  Mint is probably not behind my problems but considering there were days where I chewed entire packs of gum, I'm sure it didn't help either. 

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I think that makes sense - if mom's supply is sensitive, and already low or on the edge, it would be a good idea to avoid mint, sage, parsley etc.


Sorry to hear you are having supply issues. If you post more detail you may get some useful tips/ideas.



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FWIW, I am pretty sure the mint in gum is artificial flavor, not real mint at all (unlike Altoids). You might look elsewhere for the reason for your low supply; the gum sounds unlikely.

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