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  I think it's time to start on a large intentional community,

the whole world actually. It's pupose being to raise the next

generation. Within that context of having children and parenting

being of utmost important everywhere, then local support,

"villages" would form naturally.

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As much as I love the idea of intentional community, my family has btdt, and there are some definite downsides, even when they're started with the best of intentions.  It would need to be a *really, really* loosely organized, absolutely voluntary, and egalitarian.  But it's hard to hold a community together with that setup.


Community that rises more organically out of local friendships and family relationships, that's another story.


Anyhoo--we are fortunate to have parents who have helped create a little community.  Their home has a revolving door, and adult children (along with grandchildren) are always welcome.  When dh was oversees, my boys and I lived with my folks for 18 months.  My little sister moved back home when she got pregnant, and they have helped her with raising that baby and going to nursing school.  My other sister and her husband moved home a few months ago, and she just had a baby last week.  They won't be there long, but it's great that she can be home and have the encouragement and help of my parents while she adjusts to motherhood, and possibly while her husband is in basic training for the Air Force.  We are very fortunate to have the parents that we do, who *want* to be involved at that level, and enjoy it.

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Yes, of course! But how do you get that to happen? Please tell me. I've been trying in my area for 3 years. Do I just need to try for 3 more? A lot of people try for 10+ years and it never happens to them. Its worse for people like me who lack social grace, and can't get through the hour-once-a-week chats about traffic to build a more solid friendship. I am not without friends but two people does not a village make.


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Community that rises more organically out of local friendships and family relationships, that's another story.


All we can do is try, try, try and try harder. Sometimes with success but often with hope-crushing failure.



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how about non-religious polyamory and intentional community :)  there are three adults in my home and we are working on building a community!  It doesn't matter how like minded you are, how much you enjoy each others company- with gas prices and small children it is HARD to get the motivation to arrange "playdates".  Hence why intentional communities can be so effective for this (imo)

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I have been thinking about this issue so much lately. As a WAHM, I find myself feeling really isolated, but I don't have the flexibility to socialize outside the home (I run a home daycare center.)

I live in the town I grew up in, 5 minutes away from my parents and many friends from childhood, but it doesn't seem to be enough. Everyone has such busy lives that we never seem to connect.


I love the idea of living with family or creating an intentional community--I want my son to grow up with an intimate community of adults and children of all ages. We're considering moving back to Peru (my hubby's home country) for that very reason. In general, the nuclear, single family home is the exception there--the village is very much alive and well! We would be giving up a certain standard of living by moving but I think the community and support network we would have is well worth the financial sacrifice.


 I'm with you aparent---let's get this whole world intentional community off the ground!

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