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So i have been bf-ing my dd for 16 months now. In the last month I recently joined the gym in the hopes of getting back to my prebaby body. Workouts started off fine but in the last week or so my joints have started to really hurt. Everything from my back and knuckles and hurts much worse in my knees and ankles. So much so that they hurt even when just standing still and I find my knees buckling when holding the kids while trying to take them downstairs. I have started stretching better before workouts and drinking more water, I even changed my running shoes and the pain is still there. It suddenly dawned on me that perhaps the fact that I am nursing is maybe causing this... has anyone heard of that? I had horrible SPD in my pregnancies and so IM sure relaxin may still be playing a part in this, though the pain only returned once I started running. I ran before in the past and never had problems with my joints, only now. I have started taking calcium as well but was wondering if anyone had any other ideas or suggestions. And though I am still nursing dd we are down to me pumping 2x at work and then nursing a couple times when I am home and then practically all night. So nursing is slowly decreasing but the pain still seems to be the same. Any ideas?