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Baby carrying for Slim frame. Suggestions? Please help!

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I've been using a moby wrap exclusively since my LO was 8lbs. Now LO is about 20 lbs. I'm finding my hips and back tire more quickly now, which I anticipated. I have read a lot about some carriers offering more support that prevents back strain, especially the more structure carries, like ergo and boba. Can anyone shed some light on this for me?


I'm about 5'7" and 110-115 and breastfeeding exclusively. Therefore, I need a carrier or wrap that is fitting for my small frame and my need to discreetly breastfeed my LO without removing the wrap or carrier. Does such a carrier exist AND provide comfort? 


I've been leaning toward a sleepywrap because it has spandex, which I thought might allow for easier nursing. Then, I read that it sags with a heaver child. I don't have a lot to spend to try out a number of different carriers and wraps, so any advice would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you. :)

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I am also very thin. I am about 5'6 and range between 110-115. I LOVE my ergo. I can't say enough about it. I wear my boys on my back, on my front when I need to nurse, in the house, on the plane, lol :) Everywhere! I'm not a fan of the Moby after about 15 lbs because of the sagging.


I starting wearing DS2 on my back around 4 months (so he tolerates it quite well - I know some other babies don't) and when my back is feeling sore from having extra weight on my front, I swich him to my back.  Doing this usually helps straighten my poisture out and gets rid of my achy back. The ergo is great because it takes the weight from your shoulders and distributes it to your hips.


I am quite large chested and I just lower baby down to get him to breast level, put up the shade, and he nurses happily without anyone having any clue as to what is going on. He can still peek out and see while I nurse him, so he is quite content.


I have been eyeing the Beco Butterfly recently but have no real need to purchase another carrier.  It is quite pretty and seems to have the same features as the Ergo.  

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If you like the Moby wrap, you would probably like a woven wrap. You can use it in the same way as a Moby but also use it on your back because it is not stretchy.
There are lots of different kinds of woven wraps and they come in different lengths so you don't have to be overwhelmed with all the fabric like a Moby.
Check out the babywearer site for a ton of info on different carriers and wraps. There is a sale/trade section also where you can get great prices on used wraps or carriers.
I prefer used wraps for sure because they are so much softer and broken in!

I can't seem to get a link to show up here but the site is thebabywearer.com
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I had been looking into getting an Ergo until a friend of mine said someone told her the Boba was more-liked by a friend of hers. After reading reviews about both on thebabywearer.com The most common complaint I read about the Ergo is that it sits too low. I'm wondering if this may be true for shorter wearers though. As you and I are about the same height, perhaps we wouldn't have that issue... maybe. 

Do you find it's easy to put on and take off, especially when buckling the shoulder straps together when you're wearing the child on your front? This was a concern to me, as I may not always have someone to aid in buckling and I wondered how easy it would be unassisted. 


Thank you so much for what you've shared, it's really helpful!

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In addition to the ergo, I was also thinking about a woven wrap because I do love the closeness the moby provides. I get overwhelmed with the extra length and only steer away from a wrap because it's such a hassle to put on if I'm out and about. I hate that I need help to keep the moby off the ground when I'm out. I've been looking at girasol wraps and neobulle wraps. I really want an organic wrap or carrier, whichever I decide upon. 

With the wraps, do you find they are more comfortable than a wrap because they do hold their position better? 


Thanks so much for the advice! :) I've been having trouble searching thebabywearer for an "items for sale" area. where exactly can I search for items individuals are selling? All I have been able to find is the amazon store, which carries only new carriers and not many at all. 

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Oh and I'm also wondering what wraps you suggest? The options are almost as overwhelming as cloth diapering options! :-/ I really can't afford to spend more than $75-$85. 

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There is a For Sale or Trade forum on Thebabywearer.com you should be able to find a wrap in ther price point.

 Other options are: Yahoogroups baby wearing swap, Craigslist and  local baby wearing groups that you can try a few different style types before you buy as well many have members who have carriers to sell. Length for wraps I think is a personal choice so trying before you buy can be a good option so you can make an informed decision.

 Here is link http://www.sakurabloom.com/pages/Babywearing-Groups.html 

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Thanks Mommas, this info has been super helpful! :)

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I have a similar build to yours & I would suggest an ergo!

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