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I love raw walnuts and raw brazil nuts.  I also like raw pecans, hazelnuts and cashews.  I generally had only ever tried all those nuts raw, except for cashews.  When I had all these nuts as a kid, it was usually near Christmas when my parents would be the big bags of nuts in the shells and put them out, and we had to use nutcrackers.  So I prefer walnuts, hazelnuts and pecans raw.  Cashews are good too, they are blander than their roasted counterpart, but they are versatile.  I love english walnuts, but I think some people might think they are bland.  Pecans are sweeter than most nuts, so maybe try those first if you like pecans.  I'm not a big fan of roasted pecans, but I like them raw.

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Pecans for sure!!

Our church has several pecan trees, and every year, we collect the fallen pecans.  They are delicious raw, unlike other nuts that usually taste better roasted.

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