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Pocket diapers are repelling--I'm desperate: What ELSE can I try?!

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A little background: Pockets are my preferred method, though I have prefolds and wraps too.  I have several different kinds of pockets, and all of them work great:

Except for 6 one-size WHAM made ones I bought when ds2 was newborn.  I gave up using them cuz they have *always* leaked since I first got them (even though I don't use diaper creams when baby is them, nor do i use fabric softener, and I wash all my diapers the same).  I'm about to have another baby, and would really like to use these, without needing to change clothes every time I change a diaper!


I have determined that they are repelling: if I pour a small amount of water on them, it just pools and stays on top.  It doesn't soak in at all, even after a few minutes.  These are things that I have tried so far, with absolutely no change in absorbablity:

Soaked in warm water and Dawn soap, then  I scrubbed at them with a clean nail brush.  I have done this twice!

I have boiled them

I have rinsed and rinsed and rinsed them until there are absolutely no suds (I think I may have spent as much money on water and electricity as I have on the diapers now!)

Washing them on the top rack of the dishwasher (twice!)

I have soaked them in water/vinegar and baking soda solution, and then rinsed several times again.


Any other suggestions?  Other than using them as wraps.  I already have plenty of wraps, and like I said, I prefer to use them as pockets.  They are super cute and I really want to be able to use these!  I feel they may be trash-bound though mecry.gif



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What kind of detergent are you using? I'm wondering if perhaps that could be causing your diapers to repel. Are you using a fabric softener? If so, that could also be causing the repelling. 



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I buy whatever is cheapest "Free and clear" detergent.  I have washed all my pockets in the same stuff, none of the others are leaking, just WAHM ones.  I do not use fabric softener.They have leaked since the first time I used them, after the very first wash.

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I had problems with a name-brand pocket diaper repelling.  I wondered if the problem might be the fit as it had leg gussets which allowed the pee to pool near the legs before it had a chance to soak into the fleece? (it takes longer for pee to go thru the fleece and pressure--such as being a snug fit--helps.)

Anyway, I also had plenty of covers and wanted the convenience of a pocket for while we were out.  So, I cut out the fleece leaving about half an inch seam allowance around the edge.  Then using the cut-out fleece I measured a similar size cotton material.  I serged the edges by machine with a zigzag stitch.  Then I hand sewed the cotton to the half inch fleece remaining.  (It helps if you have a second person to help you, by stretching the elastic out, otherwise it is a tough sewing job!)

I'm very happy with the result, it has proved durable, doesn't leak, and I prefer natural fibres next to my baby's skin anyway.  I use prefolds inside the pocket (I have never used the microfibre insert, it feels so rough even through the cotton.)  It does mean I now normally throw the pocket diaper in the dryer, so it may wear out sooner. 

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Have they ever not repelled?  It could be the fabric used isn't as absorbitive as you would like.



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Heatherr30, that is really good idea about sewing cotton into the pockets.  these do have gussets around the legs, but I'm certain the fit is snug enough, it holds even the messiest poos in. My mom and I recently made a whole bunch of pockets, with PUL from a local fabric store, and cotton flannel inners (they didn't carry the right kind of fleece).  They are doing pretty good, but I'm not sure how long they will hold up.  But, I know my mom would help me with the sewing part and trying to retro-fit the diapers.  I guess it couldn't hurt anyway, I think they are already junk. 

Yes, AnkaJones, they have always leaked.  The fleece appears the same as all my name-brand diapers.

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maybe the fleece was sewn with the wrong side up? it does take pressure to get the liquid to pass through the fleece, have you tried them on the baby after all those stripping methods or just dribbling on top-  i'd say if they still leak after all of that you are out of luck... do you still know who the WAHM is? I don't know how long ago you bought them, but the maker should be willing to help!

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Interesting thought about the fleece being upside down.  I *think* it's the right way, but not sure.  Yes, the WAHM still has a business, and I've contacted her.  She gave me several of the suggestions.  But I bought them 16+ months ago.  I don't think I can demand a refund/new diapers now.  i should have contacted her immediately, but just let it go...

And yes, I've tried them on ds again after doing these stripping methods, and they still leak almost immediately.  sigh....

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There is a company that now strips diapers. I found the website once but cannot remember where or what it is called.

Google it. the prices were reasonable.


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HEre is the company's info and website on stripping dipers. Sounds like a great service and will save you tons of water and time.

Good luck.

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I just did a cloth diapering workshop at our local natural baby store. They specifically said that 'free and clear' detergents will cause this to happen to diapers. I don't remember why-but they are a wealth of knowledge and great about answering email questions too.

They suggest RLR laundry treatment for stripping

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