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I am new to this site and excited that I can connect with moms in my area regarding issues like Maryland  regulations for vaxes in the school setting. 


I would like info on religious exemptions, specifically. My child only needs the second measles vax but as you know will be have to be given full MMR to comply.


We have tried every angle and feel like claiming religious beliefs is our only route at this point.


In short child gets a high fever after all vaxes. We had put them off since 18 months b/c of our obvious concern that an otherwise healthy child get a 101-102 fever for 1-2 days after EVERY vax and is ill for at least 5-7 days after the shot.  We get the usual run-around from the Ped...that is normal, showing her body is fighting it off...blah, blah...many of the other moms I ask do not have this experience with their children.  I was hoping that last year when she was older and need a DTaP shot she had outgrown her reaction...but no, last yr when vaxed for pre-K with DTaP she got sick all over again.




Will we be able to declare a religious exemption after having already gotten most of her vaxes. She is only in her second day of kindergarten and have been told she will not be able to return unless we comply.  So far we have given them evidence that she has an upcoming appointment, but every time I think that I must knowingly inject my child with a toxin that I am sure she will react to I get a sick feeling in my stomach.


Is it too late for us to claim religious reasons since she has already been partially  vaxed and is the school allowed under the law to question my decision or can I just sign the form and hand it in with big smile?