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Most any wrap or soft structured carriers should work.  Slings, not so much.

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I have a Moby and a Sleepy Wrap and they both work perfect for skin to skin with a newborn! My little man was 9 lbs 7 oz at birth and once we got the hang of the wrap he cozied right on in. 

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Yes, a Moby wrap is great for this! I'd tie mine in the front and wear a flannel shirt, open in the front, to keep my back and arms warm. No need to cover the front—DS was a little furnace!

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As far as I know, the only functional difference is that the D wraps are a little bit shorter (maybe by half a meter or a meter?). The different styles of fabric on the D wraps look pretty cool, too! I'm sure the lost length wouldn't be a problem for most people—I'm pretty small (size 2 or 4), but I can wrap the tails of the standard Moby around my waist 3 times before tying. My DH (6'2") even has some fabric to spare when he uses it. It is sort of tricky to manage all that fabric at first, but after a few times you work out some kind of strategy. I can even wrap in a wet parking lot without anything touching the ground!



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What is the difference between the Moby wrap and the Moby D wrap?  Does the D wrap have less fabric?  I have seen a Moby wrap and the amount of fabric is completely overwhelming!!  Has everyone liked their Moby wraps?  I am sure that with practice it would be no big deal to have all that fabric but it just seems like it would be really difficult.


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You can use a shorter woven wrap.  Another option is to make your own stretchy wrap with cotton knit fabric.  I made my own stretchy wrap (no-sew, the only "work" involved was cutting the fabric), so I was able to make it the length I wanted.  Maybe a k'tan?  I haven't used one.

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