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Norrie Marie Hall homebirth with hospital transfer... Pictures post 13

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I don't think I can upload pictures from my phone so ill have to update later with those.
I woke up at 1:30am on Monday with some crampy contractions. They weren't regular so I tried to sleep but couldn't. Hubby woke up at 3 and I told him what was going on. He decided to stay home and work a half day. We went for a walk around 1 in the afternoon. After calling our midwife and my sister. Sister decided to head over and hang out. Midwife said she'd be by in an hour or so based on my description of the contractions.
walked halfway up the street and came back. That seemed to move things along. When my midwife got there we were at 4cms and very thin and stretchy cervix.
She went to finish her prenatals for the day and called her assistant to come stay with us in the meantime.
We labored standing, leaned over the bed or birth ball and on all fours in child's pose. By 6 pm we where at 6 cms. I was told I could try the birth tub. Baby wasn't happy about the tub temp so we had to get out. I was so sad because asside from size the tub felt wonderful. I do not remember at what time we where told we where at 9cms with a tiny bit of cervical lip. I was told not to push just yet but try to relax and use little grunts to move baby down.
So we started.pushing for real around 1 am. I wasn't getting far in the tub (which We'd been aloud to try again once we where further along) so they had me.get out and use the birth stool. I liked.gripping.the.handles on that. At that point each push was a little progress. But not Much. Her heart rate had some decels but they came back up on their own and where within the norm. I know I yelled and screamed a bit. Poor hubby told me later that at that point he had to excuse himself for a moment and throw up. He was so upset watching me in pain. Finally after multiple.positions we found one that worked. On my left side with my leg up in the air. Hubby supported my leg because my arms felt like they where going to fall off at that point. At 3:55 am Tuesday morning Norrie was born. I was so thrilled to have her OUT! Pushing was really the best part for me. I was working with the pain and could feel the progress rather than just dealing with it.
I tore in two small spots. One at the front of the vagina and one on the inside edge.of my labia from her shoulder pulling on it as she came out. My midwife fettered to them as skid marks since they are super small and surface only. I'm convinced.the water,and heat, and perenial massage.during pushing is why it was so minor.
When Norrie came out she had meconium all over her.and had clearly aspirated some. Her breathing sounded "like a purring kitten" according to my hubby. The midwifes auctioned a good bit out but she still sounded terrible and was having trouble crying. My main midwife asked hubby if he could call emergency services so they could continue to use oxygen and suction on Norrie. Hubby called and was very.calm. ems arrived right as.we where.cutting the cord. Hubby went with Norrie and the midwifes assistant followed.
I delivered the placenta after being given a dose of angelina? And pitocin. I'm doing great and healing really well. I don't even feel the forensic areas when I urinate now.
The hospital got.us set up with a room due to us wanting to breastfeed. The newborn nursery nurses where.awesome at keeping us updated.till we.got.our room. Norrie is doing great. If she continues to keep her o2 stat up we might get to go home today but more than likely it will be tomorrow. She's nursing great and is doing really well.
I had said if we had to go to the hospital I would be ok with it because it would be where we needed to be. Turned out in some ways its made.life easier. We forgot to order the vitamin k drops so we had the hospital give her a shot. And we had them do a plus since I'd opted for my pediatrician to do so but he would have sent us to the hospital anyway.
They've been great and asked us what we wanted to do for everything.
My support team (hubby and sister) where awesome. My midwife stayed.overnight with me and when I woke up shed cleaned up everything and run the washing machine allready. She cooked me breakfast fed me, checked my bleeding then after I fell back asleep washed all my dishes and unloaded and reloaded my dishwasher. My house looks like.nothing happened.
I feel so blessed! Norrie weighs 7 lbs 3.3 oz and is 19 inches long. We speculate it took 3 hours to get her out due to my tailbone having been broken when I was younger. There was no indicator of meconium during the birth and even when my water "broke" we.didn't see anything.
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Aw, welcome Norrie!  Love her name!  I'm sorry labor was a bit rough and that you had to transfer, but glad baby got the attention she needed!  You seem very at peace with how it all turned out and that's what is most important!!


Lots of love to you and congratulations, mama!!

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Congratulations, and welcome, Norrie! Hope you're being released from the hospital very soon - even though it sounds like they're doing their best to make you comfortable.

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Congratulations!!  Hope you get to go home soon and Norrie's breathing clears up.

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We got an update from one if the Drs they have taken her off the monitor since she's been keeping her levels up on her own. They have the sensor still on herfoot so they can plug it in when they come check on her. They said we will probably.get to take her home tomorrow as long as her blood cultures. Don't grow anything by then as at that point her infection likelyhood is almost nonexistent.
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Congratulations Mama, and welcome Norrie. So glad she is doing well, and glad you were able to get the help she needed when she needed it. Hope you get to go home and enjoy the rest of your babymoon soon.

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Congratulations! I love her name!

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Thank you all! I am glad to have access to the lactation consultant as I have learned so much all ready. Norrie is nursing great ans latching so well the PC doesn't feel I NEED to pump unless I want to. She doing really well and I'm looking forward to settling into a routine of sorts.
Oh her name is a mixture of my grandmothers names. One is deceased and the other quite active and proud to be great grandma. smile.gif
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Welcome little Norrie!

Sending all our healing vibes to both of you and hope you have her home soon!


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Congrats! I can't wait to see pictures!

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welcome little Norrie! i too love her name. i'm glad all seems to be going quite well after a scary beginning. happy healing mama and baby Norrie! welcome earthside.joy.gif

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sorry it's taken so long to update. We got home Thursday afternoon and the days just run together right now. She's still nursing great my milk has come in, and we are doing well. She's not sleeping as well at night as I'd like. (lol I'm sure all mom's feel that way) but mostly due to the fact that her fussy time seems to be between 1am and 4am. She was like that in the womb though so I'm not really surprised that she's the same now. 

The cord at the bottom of this picture if for the monitor they had her hooked to in the hospital. 
Is anyone interested in seeing pictures of the labor/ birth? Some involve nudity but I would be happy to share if anyone is interested. If that should go somewhere else then no problem. 

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She is gorgeous!!!


I would love to see labor/birth pictures!!  I didn't get many.  Only a few after he was born.  I love seeing others pictures, post 'em if you have them!!!

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Awww, she's so pretty!! Thanks for sharing your story, and SO glad you're home. Being in the hospital is so very hard.

I think birth photos are totally appropriate on MDC, you might just want to add a "nsfw" disclaimer if there are boobs wink1.gif
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Good point italiamom!  I have photo's over her head crowning and everything so It would definitely be not safe for work. :) I'll try to add those at some point tomorrow as hubby should be home son with our dinner. :) And thanks ladies! I think she's pretty too. But I also tell her how smart she is since she feeds so well and tells us when shes got a dirty or wet diapers.

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