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Websites for teen new to having her period

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Hi - my 13 year old just started her period yesterday! 

While I'm excited - she's not.

I've always been very open with both of my girls and I'm excited that she's moving on to next stage of her life !

I've done all the talking and explaining that I can possibly do but she's the type who likes to read and discover on her own..

Does anyone know of any good websites that she can read? That are specifically geared towards younger teens?

I've been looking and have only found one or two that I like . I'm hoping there are more out there:)



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I don't know if they have anything specific to this topic but have you checked out the website for New Moon magazine? It is put out by the makers of Ms. magazine for girls.

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Oh!  No I haven't - but I will :)  Anything empowering girls is fantastic - She loves to read and we've read all the books at our library so I was looking for alternatives :)



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My almost 14 year old DD enjoyed New Moon as a younger adolescent, but she's definitely a teenager now and has moved on. She started bleeding at 11 and we had a "Red Party" for her, where her immediate family and a few close female family friends came and each brought her a small "coming into womanhood" gift and we ate red velvet cupcakes :) It was a nice rite of passage, to make something that might seem kind of awful into something fun, and I think it made her feel more grown up and kind of signaled a new phase for her. We bought her a book called "My Little Red Book", which is a series of short works by women from varied backgrounds about their first periods. We decided to get it before she started bleeding, and kept it hidden until the fateful day arrived, and she appreciated it a lot. I would definitely recommend that, and we also got her some cloth pads off of etsy with cute designs that she liked a lot. She has started bleeding heavier now that she's older, but they worked well for her for a while and she still uses them on light days.

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A FB friend just recommended http://rookiemag.com/ for teen girls. After a cursory glance at the front page the content looks a little old for my 10 yr old (she loves New Moon), but might be good for teens. It's put together by the folks who created Sassy magazine back in the day.

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