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dandy lez, so sorry about AF!


Desert, I cannot wait to give some veggies to you and DW in the wee hours of the morning tomorrow! 



rainbow, make that new show happen woman! 

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Thanks, everyone, for the welcomes...and congratulations to Ad Astra and Sara!


Rainbow: As much as I’d love to watch “Lessie Quints by Surprise,” I wouldn’t wish a TLC show on anyone. huh.gif A blog, on the other hand, would most definitely be in order...if you could find the time! As for possible multiples, I’m so happy to hear that you honored your gut and feel confident about your decision however it turns out. Can I borrow your mother? I just told mine today that we’re about to start TTC and she responded with the dreaded “oh,” followed by a long, awkward pause and a critique of our inadequate finances. You’d think the woman would want a grandchild! I certainly don’t want her moving in with us, but it makes me feel all fuzzy inside to know that your mom would make such an offer. Give her a hug for me.


Meghan and everyone else in TWW: I’m crossing my fingers and envisioning BFPs for you!


After seeing my acupuncturist on Thursday we’ve decided to wait another cycle before our first insem. It’s not what we want, of course, but I know it’s the right choice all things considered. She’s confident that she’ll be able to help with the polyp, so we’re going to give the treatments a full month to start kicking in. Aside from that, I have to travel to Santa Fe early next month and acupuncturist very strongly urged me to avoid flying if at all possible while TTC. Has anyone else heard of that?

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dandylez- sorry about BFN.  Enjoy you sushi, coffee and martini as I'm sure they will be out of the question!


Desert- your are killing us! Now I might have to get up extra early to check in tomorrow a.m! FX 



cortina - I have not heard that flying can impede the TTC process.  Did you get an explanation of how or why?  Does it have to do with changing time zones messing with your cycle? 


LL - thanks for visiting... maybe we can all make guest appearances on the show to illustrate the lesbian baby boom!

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Soooo...we got a faint second line today!!!!!  Waiting for confirmation but it looks like we got it first time out!

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wooo emandjo! 

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mrsPP: when do you insem?! any questions you need to have answered?! 

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Good evening friends! 


birthday.gif  (Belated) to Desert and fivegrand!


And Desert - Ahhh! I'm so excited for you guys to test - gonna be checking in here first thing in the morning. My veggies are doing their stretches and getting all warmed up...


SweetRainbow - I was reading along on my phone over the weekend and when I read that you were still going to go for it I said out loud "You go girl!". Good for you for following your gut - can't wait to see your BFP in two weeks! And you are SO right about the hurry up and wait! UGH - it's killin' me!


Hey lisedea! Nice to see you again :) I hope your appointment goes super and you're all set to go for October!


KS - Hooray(?) for starting injections! I hope it all goes smooth for you. 


ad astra - OOOOH! Double strollers! I think it's a sign :) How are you feeling?


dandylez - Ugh! So sorry about the bfn and af. Sushi, martinis and coffee sounds like a great way to soften the blow!


emandjo - WOOOHOOO! Congratulations! broc1.gifcarrot.gifbanana.gif


sara - you're so sweet! Well, if all keeps on track it will likely be either Sun/Mon or Mon/Tues. I've been staring at my 12 months of charts and analyzing all the data and it seem like I usually O the day after my smiley - so I think we're going to stick with doing them at 12 and 24 hours after the smiley. Do you think that is good? How are you feeling?! So over the moon for you!


AFM - Has time stopped?! Ugh. I know it's only going to get worse... Well, we are almost all set to go - we've got speculums, a head lamp, pre-seed, syringes, wine(!) and the swim team will arrive Friday...but we don't have a catheter...my mom is a nurse and said she would send us everything we needed - well she got the syringes right but she sent me a urinary type catheter...bless her heart. It's huge and floppy - not going to work. Anyone know where we can get one quick? I found some on amazon but they seem really expensive. Perhaps I'm just being cheap. I went into a medical supply store today but it was mostly full of adult diapers, canes and orthopedic shoes. 


Question! The insems will either be Sun/Mon or Mon/Tues like I mentioned above - I scheduled myself a 60min massage (thank you Groupon!) Monday at 2 - do you think that is a good idea? 


Oh and gelly, can you please move me to "waiting to o"? Thank you! 



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Originally Posted by EmandJoHeil View Post

Soooo...we got a faint second line today!!!!!  Waiting for confirmation but it looks like we got it first time out!

Wooo hooo! Congratulations!!! :)

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Em and Jo, yay! I can't do veggies from here but big yay.

PP, we used Tom cat caths from amazon. I think a dozen for $14? We have a few left over. PM me or Sara your address and someone will throw them in the mail for you. Why do you need the pre-seed?
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Seraf - Wow! Thank you so much! I'll send it to you right now :) We probably don't really *need* the pre-seed but I figure we could use all the help we can get. Supposedly it mimics fertile CM and can help the sperm live longer. I figure why not? 

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Mrs.PP, I think those insem times sound lovely! We did sara 24 and 36 after her o (I think) and we for sure did me 25 hours after my trigger. I hope this is the only time you ladies need to insem! Caths will go out in the AM! I suggest practicing with the speculum before the insem nights.


Does ANYONE want some vitex and a brand new bottle of B6?! Its free for whomever wants it! 


We also have a few plastice speculums if anyone needs some of those! 

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Sara, we're up by Akron--if you have any suggestions, we'd be glad to hear them, as we're looking to change offices anyhow. Where are you, if you don't mine my asking? Also, what are you guys doing about the birth certificate? We're a little afraid that if anyone knows our situation (my partner is trans, which we've so far not disclosed) we won't be able to get both names on the birth certificate, and Ohio doesn't offer second parent adoption. Also, if you've still got the B6 hanging around, I'd be glad to take it off your hands--I've got both a short luteal phase and severe morning sickness when I do get pregnant, so it'd be nice to have some stashed somewhere. Let me know--I can PM you my info and PayPal you for shipping, if you want.

KS and Brite, I feel better that I'm not the only one who gets crazy about Fertility Friend. I'm all "Ooh, 47% of pregnant women have creamy cervical fluid? IT'S A SIGN! Ooooooh, 39% of pregnant women have tender breasts? TOTALLY A SIGN! I'M DEFINITELY PREGNANT!" Etc. I finally wised up and discontinued the premium membership, and I can't wait until the trial runs out, because right now I can't *not* look at it, you know?

KS, congrats on getting you contract done and starting the injections--I hope it goes well for you! Are you excited, or nervous?

Brite, yay for insemming, and perfectly on time, too! I have to admit that I've *not* had that Clomid ovulation experience, so maybe it's a sign that you're gearing up for more than one egg.

Dandy, I'm sorry to hear about your BFN. Hopefully the biopsy will give you some information that'll make it easier.

Cortina, ARGH about your mother. How rude! I'm so sorry that she's not able to be more supportive--hopefully the idea will grow on her in time? My parents were very resistant to having a grandchild when I became pregnant with my first (and, to be fair, it was an accidental pregnancy and I was 21) and they encouraged me over and over again to adopt her to "some nice couple". By the time she was born, though, they were 100% on board and delighted. I hope that your mother goes through the same transition. I think that it's pretty hard to hold out once there's an actual child in the picture! The smell of baby heads will soften even the hardest hearts.



AFM, Tuesday is ten DPO, and I feel...not awesome? Food has been grossing me out for a few days now, which might or might not mean anything. I was hoping to test in the morning, but it seems that me and mine have come down with some food poisoning, so it'll depend on how many times I'm up in the night--it doesn't seem like there's much a point in doing it if I can't have something approximating first morning urine, you know? (Also, if our daughter starts being sick instead of just bemoaning her upset stomach, I may not have time to test. Gross.) On the up side, I'm ten DPO and not yet spotting, which is at least a little bit unusual for me. We'll see what happens, I guess--I'm having to remind myself a lot that the first cycle after a miscarriage can be all kinds of weird, and I shouldn't read too much into anything.

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Actually, Em and Jo, I've just noticed that you guys are in Akron, too--what practice are you using? Anyone you'd specifically warn against? (Feel free to PM that info, if you want--I'm not sure how comfortable I'd be posting it to a public board.)

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PP, Sara said she would put them in the mail for you this morning.  


Meghan, Ohio is funny, if your partner is legally male y'all can be legally married.  Ohio is one of the states that won't change a birth certificate to reflect that fact, but in many places you only need a drivers license to get hitched.  I don't know all the specifics but I have a friend I can ask if you have questions.  When a child is born to a married couple, the husband is automatically listed as the father.  I think it's much harder to get anyone else on the birth certificate.  Sara and I both being female, there will only be one name on each birth certificate.  There are some quazi-safeties and protections available but I honestly don't know what they are or if they would hold up in court in the case of a messy divorce.  I'll ask MizYellow what they did.  My older kids have no legal tie with their Mama.  They have her last name and that's it.  We have only had to provide birth certificate for international travel.  So basically, if she wanted to take them out of the country without me I would have to sign and notarize a paper saying she has my permission.  But, since we're separated, if both names were on the BC we would have to sign and notarize a paper if either of us wanted to take them out of country.  Our custody agreement is not formal.  Neither of us wanted child support.  I don't know how any of that would go.  I guess for us, there is still trust involved.  

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emandjo - CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! broc1.gifcarrot.gif!! broc1.gifcarrot.gif!! broc1.gifcarrot.gif!! broc1.gifcarrot.gif


Desert - waiting.....2whistle.gif  FX


Rainbow - I'm thrilled you insemm'd! Whatever will be, will be, and you'll be amazing moms no matter what happens.


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Sera, I didn't realize that all you needed in some places was a driver's license! That said, we eloped to Canada some years ago, so have a lovely piece of paper that list us--without gender markers--as legally married. (And, really, the license-only thing wouldn't help us, as we've not been able to afford surgery at all [plus his desire to have it waxes and wanes, depending on how scared of surgery/recovery time he is at the moment.] Having a child is relatively easy--I have insurance, both of us have very flexible, family-friendly jobs, and my job has [very, very cheap] on-site daycare, plus we'll have one kid aging out of care as another ages in. Coming up with the $x000 for surgery is...significantly less easy.)  My understanding was that for a nonmarried [hetero] couple to be on a birth cert, all they had to do was sign a paper--the husband *must* go on if the couple were married at any point in the nine months before birth, but if they weren't, he has to opt into being on the certificate, basically. (This is from nine years ago, though, trying to figure out the birth cert of kid1, whose sperm donor walked the minute he realized I was pregnant.)


Quasi-safeties, etc, sounds about like my understanding as well--I'm actually sort of relieved that I've not missed anything. We actually did talk to a lawyer at one point, but he didn't seem to have much experience in this arena, so I've always wondered if there was something we'd not been told about. Thank you!

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thread-crashing to say congrats to Em and Jo! Can't wait for the confirmation!! joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif

Also, Meghan--I think that you'd be able to list him on the birth certificate, probably, but if it ever came to a court case they might not honor him as a parent if they found out he's legally female. Hopefully you'll never have to find out!
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Em and Jo- Congratulations!! Im so xcited for you both!!!


AFU- We should be getting a positive around the 20th which is Tuesday and this time we are getting sent sperm 3 days in a row. Last month we insemiated 1 time. this time we are going to Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday to up our chances!!!! I will keep you posted next week on how everything goes!

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Dandylez—Sorry about AF greensad.gif

Ad astra—You know, I wondered the same thing. The issue here is that they NEVER asked me where I was at in my cycle…which has irritated me quite a bit since my travel to get there and back is so extensive. I will be around cycle day 18. Do you think this will be a waste of an appointment/trip? I am beginning to wonder… I should probably call them this afternoon.

Desert—Have you tested yet???

Cortina—I have never heard that about not flying…hmmmm….I have done it many times while TTC…

EmandJo—CONGRATS!! joy.gif

MrsPP—You sound oh so ready! smile.gif Good luck with your insem!!
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Just wanted to drop in and say thank you to everybody who has been waiting with us with such positivity and enthusiasm. Unfortunately, we got a stark white BFN this morning. We are pretty disappointed.
I'll be back for personals later, but I wanted to say congratulations to Em and Jo!
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