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Helllllllo September! I woke up this morning and thought "holy crap, this is the month!". DW was in the shower and I was brushing my teeth and she pulled back the curtain and started dancing and singing a made up song that was something like "woo hoo, this is the month we make a baby, uh huh, this is it..." Very cute orngtongue.gif


Thanks for the lovely new thread Gelly!


Fivegrand - Fingers are so, so, so tightly crossed for you - they are starting to go numb winky.gif - can't wait to hear your good news!


noreves - I'm sorry you've been feeling so down hug2.gifI hope the baby aspirin and the acupuncture work wonders for you.


pleasantly - oh no - what a terribly sad mistake. But I am holding out hope that it was a SIGN! And that you will see two lines on the *right* kind of test very soon. 


Yeledov - fingers crossed for you too! 


KS - I'm sorry you've been on an emotional roller coaster! Do you plan on blogging about this experience? You know we're always around if you need to talk :) I sure do wish we lived closer to one another. It was nice having you guys around so much this summer! Thank you so much for your kind words on our blog re: my freak out. Made me all teary :) Hugs to L & G!


sara, isa and carmen - thanks to you as well for making me feel normal about having anxieties about starting the process. I am so, so excited but also so, so scared. Like that episode of Saved by the Bell....(anyone know what I'm talking about...?)


AFM - we're hitting the road today after work for a long weekend in Windsor and then Niagara Falls! Driving up with two of our best buddies. Should be a very fun weekend! Oh and I just found out that our #1 donor has 43 vials of ICI currently available - yahoo! Hopefully AF will come when she's supposed to (next Wed the 7th) and I'll be able to claim two of those 43 thumb.gif




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5Grand - Fingers and toes crossed for you!

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Originally Posted by KSDoulaMama 

Has anyone else done the BCP thing and had hormones like this? I feel like I'm pregnant already between the "morning sickness" and the emotional behavior. I've been on birth control in the past (when I was in a relationship with a guy) and it never did this! I'm blaming it on the fact that it's a high-dose pill.



That sounds exactly how my partner, Monkey reacted to BCP pills when he went on them. His cycles refused to regulate after his last thyroid imbalance (do you see why I'm the one ttc?) so the NP put him on them. For the first 2 months he cried at everything, something he never does! When they upped the dose he had nausea for a few weeks as well. No fun! He had been on them when he was a teen, after his thyroid first pooped out, and he said it wasn't like this before. It is all better now but, unfortunately, it took a few months. I figure you won't be on them long enough for that to help. At least you know that some one else has had that reaction! I hope you don't have to be on them long. 

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BFN for me.  Gelly, I hope you have better news tomorrow.

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5G, so sorry for your BFN... I was really pulling for ya. hug.gif
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Nosreves: We have been doing insems at home, but we will be switching to my Naturopath's office for the insems this time and if it does not work this time we will be doing all insems at the RE. I am happy to hear AF showed up so you can get started. How is Clomid treating you? Oh my goodness that picture is breathtaking! Are you taking orders? winky.gif LOL. I am sorry to hear about your mean Dr. but I commend you for being empowered! I agree that baby Aspirin is supposed to help with lining, I have been taking it since CD1 so we will see on Saturday if it has made any difference in the lining.




Yeledov: Have you tested yet? Sending you lots of Baby Dust!


PrettyIsa: Yes it was a wonderfully quick labor and her baby girl is so beautiful!


Ad Astra: You & I think exactly alike especially about science things and that is what scares me! I hope we will both be holding new bundles of joy this time next year! Do you feel like testing out the HCG makes you more of a POAS addict or less? I have been trying to decide whether to test out the trigger shot or not.


Gelly: I nominate you as well, even though it has been decided LOL! I am wishing you lots of threadkeepers luck!


Cananny:  I am so sorry to hear about AF hug2.gif


Furious: hug2.gif so sorry to hear about your BFN but it is still early so I am hoping for your BFP!


Desert & Em:  YAY for insems!


FiveGrand: hug2.gif I am so sorry about your BFN


MrsPP: Yes for the cute "baby making" song!! This is def our month! It would be great if every single one of us got our BFPs this month!


AFM: So as I was typing personals the "swim team" & the Hcg trigger shot arrived via Fedex!!! joy.gifWe have 2 days to go before our u/s to check the follicles and lining, these items coming have made it so real and yet a bit scary. The HSG went well yesterday and everything looks great, it did hurt but I am hoping that everything is now squeaky clean and provides a "super highway" for the spermies & eggs to meet! As I mentioned above my Doula client had her beautiful baby girl on Monday after a super short labor & pushing! I am heading to her house today for her postpartum visit and I can't wait to hold that brand spanking new baby and hope that she rubs off some good luck Sheepish.gif


I do have a question... how long are the vials good in the cryotank? The bank says 5-7 days including shipping, but I am getting concerned about the vial if the follicles aren't mature on Saturday, today is already Day 3

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Thanks everyone for the threadkeeper good luck wishes...I guess we will see tomorrow if it worked for me.



Ad Astra~ I would love to oblige you with a BFP...and hopefully that is what I will get tomorrow when I get my beta results. praying.gif


Desert~ My beta is tomorrow morning...here is hoping for great results. Here is to a quick TWW! Baby dust....to you dust.gif


Megan~ Yeah for the swim team arriving...! FX for a great insem.


Carmen~ Thanks...just really hoping the beta confirms that the chart is good. Did you have sore ta-ta's with each of your pregnancies? Mine were sore a few days after the transfer, but then it kinda went away...I guess it was that overload of HSG in the trigger shot.


5G~ I'm so sorry that you got a BFN. hug2.gif


Alj~ Are you using fresh sperm  or frozen? Fresh will last for a few days, but frozen will last for 12-24 hrs...I think. Krista would know the real 'skinny'.


Yeldedov~ Good luck on holding out on POAS...are you going in for a beta...if so when?


MrsPP~ Have a great weekend...enjoy your pre-tww!  



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Originally Posted by MrsPP View Post

KS - I'm sorry you've been on an emotional roller coaster! Do you plan on blogging about this experience? You know we're always around if you need to talk :) I sure do wish we lived closer to one another. It was nice having you guys around so much this summer! Thank you so much for your kind words on our blog re: my freak out. Made me all teary :) Hugs to L & G!

I don't plan to blog about it until after a pregnancy is confirmed and I'll only blog about it minimally then. First reason is a lot of people I know in real life read my blog and I'm not going public about the surrogacy until it's really necessary... well, no more public than this anyway, haha. Also, the couple whose baby I'll be carrying is not really fond of blogs and online forums and such, so I'm going to respect their privacy. And, you are welcome. Apparently we are all teary now, haha.



Rainbow- I think the tank can last a week, but you can get it refilled with liquid nitrogen locally if necessary. You might want to ask your sperm bank, but I am pretty sure that is the case.



Okay... heading to Colorado to camp for Labor Day weekend with friends. I'm not super psyched about camping right now (even though usually I love it,) but I'm sure I'll enjoy it more when the packing is done and we are just relaxing. :)


Have a good weekend everyone!


Originally Posted by Yeledov View Post

That sounds exactly how my partner, Monkey reacted to BCP pills when he went on them. His cycles refused to regulate after his last thyroid imbalance (do you see why I'm the one ttc?) so the NP put him on them. For the first 2 months he cried at everything, something he never does! When they upped the dose he had nausea for a few weeks as well. No fun! He had been on them when he was a teen, after his thyroid first pooped out, and he said it wasn't like this before. It is all better now but, unfortunately, it took a few months. I figure you won't be on them long enough for that to help. At least you know that some one else has had that reaction! I hope you don't have to be on them long. 

Good to know I'm not the only one. As I was driving today, it occurred to me that this is only very temporary for me- loads of people are on birth control pills for years and years! It is odd that it seems to alter my personality. It really makes you wonder about all of the medications people take. I'm glad I don't regularly have to take any meds that mess with my hormones!





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Okay, so my last post switched order on me. So weird. I had typed up the different paragraphs in a different order so that the bit that says "have a good weekend" was at the end. Weeiiiiird. And I do not know how to edit posts now that the board went through those changes. Blah!

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I'm so sorry, 5grand greensad.gif You must be getting so tired of this hug2.gif


gelly: yes, I did get sore (and full!) breasts as a first symptom each time I've been pregnant...except this last time. I think it's fairly common for that not to be a symptom when you're nursing though. I did get very sore nipples as per usual though!

pf: I guess it was good practice for you winky.gif When I was pregnant this last time I cried one day because I felt guilty that I would be taking attention away from DD. And another time because I didn't know if I could love another child as much as her! I spend much of DD's naptime (and bedtime) on here and various other websites...it's a hard habit to break!


aljm: Fresh sperm can last fairly long - so I would say yes, you still have a chance! Slim maybe but still a chance!



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Hi Ladies!

I hope everyone is doing well, and how nice to see the September thread! :)


SwtRainbowBrite: So exciting that your swim team arrived!! I'm glad to here things went well with the HSG, and hope this is the month for you! Glad you had a nice birth!! Yay for lucky baby dust from those delicious newborns. winky.gif


Five grand: sorry about the BFN greensad.gif


MrsPP: claim those vials!! Have a great vacation, and hope it's a lovely and relaxing prelude to your BFP month!


KSDoulaMama: wow, what a thing to add to the emotional rollercoaster. Gotta love those hormones!


Yeledov: that LP back-forth makes me crazy too! And weirdly (or maybe this makes total sense and I don't get is) the later my O, the longer my LP. so, if I O on day 13 (the earliest it has been ) my LP is 14 days. But when I O late (like on day 17) my LP is 16 days! Crazy-making.


ALJM: I think both if you can: brace yourself for AF but also know it might be too long. I have seen data that says sperm can live as long as 5 days, but then other sources say 2-3 is more realistic. I think it depends on the mucus too... Whichever you think will be less crazy-making-- if that's even possible in this process! headscratch.gif


Nosreves: I know others have said this, but I so admire you doing this in another country! It sounds like you got some of what you wanted, but not completely. Hope she was right and this is exactly what is needed!


Carmen: sounds good!! Can't wait to hear about your BFP!


Well, big news on our end. After 6 months of TTC with our KD, we finally had his sperm tested. I won't get into all the reasons we didn't do it before we started trying, but we didn't. And at this point it seemed like the easiest thing to try. So, we finally went in for the semen analysis today, which in my mind was almost a formality, and guess what?? It was really bad! He had less than 6 million sperm in the sample. Some of the counts they couldn't even do because of the low number, and most of the ones they could do were abnormal.


I'm a mixture of disappointed, concerned, and elated. Elated that it's not me! And disappointed and not sure where to go with it. Poor guy, he was really bummed. We definitely want to give him a chance to see if things may change, and we really really wanted it to be him. But, at the end of the day, this is mine and my partner's baby, and exactly how we get the other half of the DNA is not the most important element, right?? I leave for Hawaii on Sunday. Because of the count, we are taking a real break this month, and may take a couple more after that. I'm going to have my naturopath look at the SA and see what she thinks, and if she has any advice on raising the count. If there's a possibility it may improve, we'll probably do another count in October or November and go from there. I don't think any of us want to wait months and months, but we also were really hoping (and assuming) it would be him and don't want to give up on that idea either...


Gelly, please move me to taking a break.


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Sooooo AFshowed up this morning for my love.. She came home yesterday saying I have a feeling Im going to start and she did.. Oh well. It was our 1st month and imma say it was our pre trial month lol I learned a whole lot and now hopefully this month she gets a positive OPK on a weekday instead of weekend so we dont have to wait 2 days to inseminate...

The thing that does worry me tho is her LP was only 10 days... Soo I think Im going to have her take that B complete to see if we can lengthen her LP.. Or do any of you have any non prescribed ways to do so????


Gelly- please move us to waiting to O


BABY DUST for everyone!! Hope we get alot of BFPs this month!!

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DesertSunsets- welcome to TWW hope its your last one... I haven't decided if I will test - I find the BFN really depressing these days.  Really hope you are right about the ton of pregnant queers :)


meghanc- hope your insem goes well... what else are your using to pin point O?


nosreves- is estriol going to do the same thing as estradiol?  there is definitely a chance of multiples (not just twins either) with a trigger especially if you are on clomid at the same time.  I hope the aspirin help your lining and that you trip to Denmark is for sight seeing only


aljm- the swimmer can hand around for up to 5 days so you are not out! fx


yeledov- here is to a a really long LP (38 weeks)


KSdoula- hope you emotions and nausea settle down soon


MrsPP- enjoy your weekend road trip


5GB- so sorry about your BFN.  Will you try again?


SwtRaibowBrite- i tested the shot out to make sure that if I do decide to POAS later on there is no chance of getting my hopes up for nothing.  Sorry I can't help you with your question - we never used frozen.  Glad to hear your HSG went well!


MidwifeSteph-  I think you should definitely look at it as a positive news.  It could mean that if his count improves or you get a different D you will get pregnant right away!


handerson - sorry about AF


carmen - where are you in the TWW?


gelly- any news yet? FX for you!!!!!


afm- 10DPO today with not much to go on.  I will probably test over the weekend.  Beta is on Tuesday if I make it that far.  Good luck to everybody else in TWW.





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So very sorry, 5Grand. It is so unfair.  Sending hopes of healing your way.

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5G- You are in my thoughts and I am sending you big hugs. hug2.gifhug.gif Please be gentle with yourself right now. hug2.gifhug.gif
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i'm so sorry, 5grand

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5Grand: I'm so sad and so MAD I could spit. Having experienced pregnancy loss, I know it's extra difficult and you're left wondering if that was it. You're one shot. But it's not, sweetheart. I just know it. It is going to happen for you. I'm sorry the road is so rough and unfair. Hang in there. Your Mothering sisters hold hope for you always!


AFM: I got attacked for the second time in about a month by my boss yesterday. She says I seem "down" all the time and my attitude is negative. And that I need to just "act" so that my employees are happy. WTF?? We went back and forth about it for awhile. I've had challenges in the past with women bosses who see me as competition but this really took the cake. Afterwards, I was talking to a colleague about it and she said, "well, no wonder. You've had two miscarriages this year. Of course you're down!" And then I just started bawling, girls. It hit me that yes, I am really sad and down and why didn't I say that to my boss? I felt like I dishonored the two little ones that were in me.


I ended up crying the whole evening through. It was a very hard day. And then this morning, I'm just mad. My boss is such a cold hearted bitch that she couldn't even say, "You know, I know it's been a really rough year for you and I think it's making you very down. It's showing in the office, how can I help you with that?" That would have made me kind of mad too because we make women just act like it doesn't matter or it doesn't hurt but at least it would have showed she realized my pregnancy losses meant something.


I also wonder if I'm not getting some passive aggressive behaviour because I came out at work that I am trying to have a child. Just a note, she has never had children or even wanted them and no one in my office has children strangely.



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5grand - I'm so sorry. 


Yele - here's hopin :) - for both of us!


ksdoula - Yes!  BCP messed me up!  I tried a bunch of different kinds and my reactions ranged from weepy to volatile.  I finally called it quits when I found myself entertaining suicidal thoughts - that was out of control.  Since going off them I haven't felt like that - I can't believe so many people take them for years and years!  Have a great weekend camping!


MrsPP - that is so cute :) Enjoy the falls!


SwtRainbow - My cycle is super unpredictable and has lasted up to 65 days sometimes - and we were able to recharge our tank locally pretty easily.  There were a couple places that did it and only charged like $10.  I am/was a doula also.  Although I haven't attended a birth since the birth of my son - but I do miss it sometimes!


midwifesteph - That's great that you identified a potential problem, but a bummer that it may not work with you donor.  We never did fertility testing for our donor either.  I don't know at what point we would have, either because I always just assumed I was the "problem"


handerson - so sorry. 


kgulbransen - Oh, I am so sorry you had to "justify" yourself to you boss like that!  It sounds like there are a lot of layers to that interaction, but I hear ya on people wanting you to hurry up and get over a loss.  You HAVE had a hard year and it's absolutely normal for you to be down.  You did NOT dishonor your babies - to what extent you engage an aggressive and irrational person has no reflection on them.  Keep us posted.  I hope it gets better.


AFM - Tomorrow is 14 DPO.  I wasn't going to test but we are going to a wedding and it might be nice to have a glass of wine (or three), so I guess I will.  I don't really feel like anything.  Except all those wonderful pregnancy symptoms that double as PMS symptoms - a little tired, a little hungry, a little bloated.  Fun times. 



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Well I'm out this cycle...BFN! bawling.gif  Sorry, Isa...the threadkeepers luck wasn't for me this time around.   I'm not sure what's next for us...we had a lot of hope and expectations wrapped up into this cycle. My RE won't do another cycle until October...fresh or frozen. I may look at changing insurance so that I can change RE's...I'm just not sure they are the ones that can get us pregnant.


Krista~ What do you know about increasing egg quality? I have heard that taking DHEA and royal jelly is supposed to help. Do you know anything about these? and have you heard about anything else? I know that my eggs fertilized, but after the 3-day transfer I have no idea what happened. I would just like to up the quality of my eggs.



5G~ How you doing? Let me know whenever you feel up to it where you want me to put ya?


Good luck to everyone in the tww and who are inseming this month...baby dust to you all...dust.gif.



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ad astra, I'm at 7DPO. It's going quite quickly this time around!


gelly, I'm really sorry about the bfn greensad.gif The acupuncturist clinic I went to when ttc DD had me taking CoQ10 for egg quality. ETA: Thinking back, I believe they only suggested it for women over 35. Not that it wouldn't be helpful for anyone but that it was very helpful for "older" women.

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