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vbac midwife in Indiana

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I have had 3 un-needed c-sections and I am wondering if anyone knows of a midwife how will let me give birth natually...possibly even at home?

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Where in indiana are you located?
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She's very busy but maybe Lynda Barton-Kirsch in Central Indy.
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Maybe this site will have some info. for you. I know the local NE IN chapter has a list of people who will deliver VBAC (not sure about VBA3C).
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I'm not sure where you are located, but you can google Penny Lane CMN at Believe Midwifery. She's in west central Indiana in Thorntown and serves about an hour and a half radius from there. There's also Brandi Wood with Home4Birth.

Good luck!


Tamrha Richardson CD(CBI) CT (CBI)


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