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Eh-o-win, like from Lord of the Rings.  He's disliked every other name I've suggested more, the only name we kind of agree on is Jane, and we both don't want it for a first name.

Oh, I do like that!  You could always name her Danger Jane and she could go by Jane or D.J. =)    Well, I'm sure you guys figure something out and it will be perfect for you and your sweet baby girl.  I had to give myself about a month long hiatus from looking at names because one or both of us wouldn't like them, that and I couldn't stand telling people the names we were thinking about because they would often pooh-pooh them and kind of blow it for us.  Names are a very sensitive and personal thing, I've noticed.


When I was pregnant with my daughter I really liked Sabriel, Evelyn, and Braedyn or Braelyn.  She ended up being a Jada!  I was almost named Deryn Tia or Deryn Tiffany (yes, child of the 80s here).  Sometimes it just comes to you later on, so be patient with yourself.  =)