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Pro-vaccine agenda in shambles after pivotal Washington meeting

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Official US position paper presented in defense of mercury lacks citations and signatures, filled with lies

Perhaps the most damning indictment of the US government's flimsy vaccine agenda was its presentation of an official position paper on the use of mercury that contained no author names, no signatures, no bibliography, nothing at all that would signify even an ounce of credibility. And yet this paper was presented as evidence that mercury is safe as a preservative because it has been approved in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Bolen cites 22 "lies and misstatements" in the 13-page paper, many of which involve twisting studies that actually outed mercury as dangerous to make them look like they actually supported the use of mercury.


The Bolen Report - Vaccines The Emperor Has No Clothes


On the importance of the meeting:




Why was this meeting such a shock?  Simply, because the world of vaccines, in the United States, is a construction - an incestuous relationship between the vaccine industry and our own government.  It all works against, not only the American people, but the whole world.  With the US State Department entering the picture, as the official representative of the US government to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to remove mercury from Planet Earth's environment, the whole vaccine house of cards has been exposed to the morning breeze - like someone opening a window and letting in a breath of fresh air.  Suddenly, for the vaccine world - all the rules have changed.


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It's about time they started squirming and get put in the hot seat, and I hope it continues.

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More on the story, but doesn't sound like good news. It appears the treaty will allow mercury in vaccines. They are in fact deciding in mercury's favor not against it. With the WHO in big pharma's pocket, how could anyone think otherwise?


As always, we're on our own.


Mercury in Vaccines Will NOT Be Banned by UN or Treaty






In the "Mercury Instrument", they claim that ethyl mercury, the formulation in vaccination's thimerosol, is safe. The document goes to great lengths to show that mercury in vaccines is perfectly safe, citing carefully selected documentation from the World Health Organization (WHO), the US Institute of Medicine (IOM), the American Academy of Pediatrics, the UK Committee on Safety of Medicine, the European Agency for the Evaluation of Medicinal Products, and several countries, including the US, Canada, Croatia, Japan, Norway, and Tajikistan.

The bottom line here is that, if the UN had the Geier brothers speak on the issue of mercury in vaccines, it was only for show. They had no interest in what the Geiers found or say. Their goal is to give an impression of allowing all views to be presented, and then do exactly what they set out to do in the first place: write a treaty that makes mercury in vaccinations legal.


Notice the organizations they quote from, the usual list of pharma pimp organizations.





The Most Likely Result of a UN Mercury Treaty

It's clear that the UN has no intention of banning mercury in vaccinations. Thus, the likely result of a mercury treaty will be to force countries that now have restrictions on mercury use in vaccines to allow it.

Treaties are now written for the benefit of corporations, not for the benefit of nations or their people. The mercury treaty—which will state that mercury is safe for use in vaccines—will likely prevent nations from banning it. The result will almost certainly be exactly the opposite of the current claims being bandied about on the internet. Instead of mercury being banned from vaccines, countries may find that they are unable to ban its use by vaccine manufacturers.

By signing a treaty that specifically states that mercury may be used in vaccines, it will probably be illegal for signatory nations to refuse vaccines that contain mercury! So, be prepared to discover that single-vial vaccines will start to disappear, replaced by cheaper multi-dose vials with the mercury-laden preservative, thimerosol.


This ties in nicely with the IOM's "Vaccines are Safe", that came out recently.


Then there is SilverMoon010's post on the Contagion movie. Prepping us for mass vaccination, maybe? Especially as now we have all been told vaccines are safe and so is the mercury in them.


Still don't think there is a conspiracy against the people of this planet?


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No we are just a bunch of conspiracy theorists with tinfoil hats eyesroll.gif



The day that I believe that mercury is safe (or mass vaccination in general) is the day that pigs fly out of my butt.


In addition I have to say that the regulatory bodies, the government, the manufacturers - everyone that plays a role in making sure we have less and less choice about this are complete morons. The less choice people have the more they will resist. If they stop making mercury free flu shots, people will opt not to get them at all. This is what happened when they stopped making the single measles mumps and rubella shots avaliable. People said well if I can't get them by themselves and space them out then I wont get them at all.

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Whoah whoah now. Calm down....don't you know that mercury-containing vaccines are good for children? According to this newscast, they help, not harm children. So just take off your foil hat, and follow their recommendation, ok? The gov't and medical establishment know what's best for us.


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