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Quick on here tonight....


Keria - Congrats!!!!     joy.gif stork-boy.gifstork-girl.gif  joy.gif  So excited for you!!!  Keep us posted!


Aura - Keeping my fingers crossed for you!!!!! 


Tenzi - That link for kids is pretty cool.   About your question.... for the ER they (well this is how my RE's office works it's an outpatient facility) will put an IV in and you walk back to the Retrieval/Transfer room and lay down on the table and lay back and put your feet in the stirrups.   Here they give you meds to put you into the dazed sleep and then they go through your "va-ja-ja" w/ the needle and into each ovary which is U/S guided and get all the eggs out of the follies and then you wake up after awhile.  My first Fresh cycle i guess i had some pain (only knew bc DH was in the room and told me afterwards, but i don't remember any of it at all.  I'm not one that does well with anestesia and people don't seem to give me enough so with our 3rd IVF in Oct. i'm going to tell them to really pump me full of it b/c I don't want to remember any of that part.  For the ET you lay on the same table and this is just like an IUI feet back in the stirrups, but w/ an U/S and they just put a really small catheter in and place the little embies in there right where the Mock transfer said it should be. You can actually watch the little embies come out of the little tube and go into your uterus.  They look like tiny little white dots. They make you lay there for like an hour and then you are on your way home.  My last IVF they drained my bladder while i was laying there b/c i had to pee so bad... oh yeah, they also make you drink a certain amount of water before the ET.  Hope that helps some.


Renavoo - yeah, for the last 2 days of BCP's!!!  Hope this time goes fast for you!!!

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Hi everyone, just want to say Happy Friday! Can't stay on here long but just wanted to say...

CONGRATS KERIA!! Yah! that's so exciting!


Aura, let us know how everything goes. My fingers, toes, everything, are crossed for you. i so so so so so want this for you too. Lots of good luck vibes going your way!!


Belly, I have an email out to my RE to see if oral during the withdrawal bleeds is a good idea. That sounds like it might be just the ticket!!


And Blue, big hugs!! Hope all is going well on your side. What are you up to?

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BellyBean - What an ordeal!! I hope they are loving their new home and this will be your cycle!!

renavoo-  joy.gif for nearing the end of BCP and moving on! 

auraleigh - thinking of you this morning.  The comment about your DH being so upset broke my heart.  Sounds like you have a wonderful DH that will make an amazing father!!


 Keria - congrats, that is awesome!!


AFM -  b/w and u/s this morning.  I haven't heard back on the b/w but the ultrasound showed I think 6 eggs on the right and 7 on the left.  The majority of them were around the 11 range.  I was hopeing for a little bigger because I would love for ER to be Wed while my mom is still in town and can help.  (they are going out of town for the weekend).  She is thinking I will go back for my follow up u/s on Monday... I guess I will know more when she calls...was more hopeful before this morning.

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good morning ladies!


keria- that is so amazingly excited!  if i have twins i would totally want one of each.  congrats!


april- they average 2mm of growth a night... so if i was guessing i'd say trigger on tues/wed and er on thurs/fri?  obviously i'm not an expert so it could happen faster, but don't be too disappointed if it takes longer.  


blue- i think you're pretty spot on about the ER. instead of stirrups my clinic has these almost ski boot-like leg harnesses you get strapped into, but the timeline was pretty much the same! 


afm- ER went well.  they got 19 eggs, the iv didn't hurt (chose arm over hand, best decision ever), and i didn't recall anything about the actual procedure.  last time i didn't even spot, this time i seem to have bled a lot more, but nothing the nurses were concerned about.  they also gave me a shot of demerol before the procedure started because last time i had some pain after.  i think that was the key, i felt great! now i'm home relaxing with dh and waiting eagerly for the embryologist to call tomorrow with the fertilization report.  we chose five eggs for dh and the rest for the donor sperm.  i just hope my eggs are good quality and that they work well with the sperm.  i hope things work.  

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auraleigh - WOW 19 egss... I can't wait to hear the fertalization report and hope it is a good one.  I hope you are getting some good rest.



My e2 levels came back and ere at 742 (compared to 454 last time).  I don't get it because I don't have any more eggs that are any bigger.  I am going back on Tuesday for my follow up b/w and u/s.  So, I am guessing ER will be Thursday or Friday (I hope Thursday so I don't have to order more meds!!)

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Aura, great news on your ER!  I can't wait to hear how your embies do overnight!  This has to be your cycle!


April, I hope your eggies keep growing and hopefully you wont have to buy any more drugs! 


Keira, YAY for one of each!!!!


How is everyone else doing?  Maybe this place will stay hopping this weekend while we eagerly wait for Aura's results :)


AFM, nothing really going on here.  I think I have probably gained 3 pounds since starting BCP...my pants barely fit...ugh!  The only positive is that I was super bloated during my fresh cycle (this protocol closely mimics it) so maybe there will be some good news at the end :)

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Aura, glad to hear that everything went so well.  That must be so hard to just sit now and and wait until tomorrow morning!  I hope the time goes by fast and you get some fantastic news then!


April, I don't know anything about the numbers, but I second what Belly says-- hopefully you don't need to buy any more drugs!


Blue, thanks for the description of what happens.  I ended up finding some online info that my clinic has, and it sounds like basically the same.  I hadn't heard of the ski boot apparatus, but then, I've never been in the area of the clinic where they do IVF so who knows maybe I will see them there.  I hope I don't remember much about it, though-- maybe I won't, because they give you midazolam (Versed) and then for pain it's Fentanyl.  Sure takes the romance out of things, ha ha.

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Belly, I'm so with you about the weight gain. it is killing me. I think that I gained even more weight after being on the stupid BCPs and I really hope the weight drops off once I stop taking them! I just feel so bloated. Not even fatter...just bloated. Tomorrow will be my last one! Hopefully, I get a speedy withdrawal bleed so I can start taking the estrogen.


Aura, YAH to 19 eggs and bigger YAH to feeling good after the procedure!! You seem to be a fantastic responder to the stims! I hope that it all works out and I know I'm speaking for all of us when I say that we can't wait to hear the fertilization report. Hopefully, the eggs get fertilized and you'll be on your way to having a beautiful baby (or two) :o)


April, your e2 levels sound great. It is possible that you have more eggs in the background but they are smaller so they aren't being measured. Hopefully, that's what happened and you'll have a nice lot of eggs to choose from when it's time to fertilize. i think that another week sounds about right...I hope it happens before your mom leaves. By the way, around this time during my stim cycle, I had about the same number of follies as you did. I ended up with 23 mature eggs so I'm really optimistic for you!!


Big hugs to everyone! Another week over and it's time for the weekend! I'm so happy. TGIF!


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april- did you track your numbers last time? i'm curious how they compare.  your numbers sound right on track and i have such a good feeling about it.


belly- nothing like some good bloat to make you feel good about yourself, right? just think of it as pre baby weight.  it will be worth it! 


last time there were so many ladies cycling with me, am i the only one this week?  i know april is right behind me.  who is next?  


we are marathon watching season 1 of breaking bad now that it's on netflix.  dh went out to get me some frozen yogurt (renavoo, i miss tasti d so much, i think i'd move back just to be near it) and we will probably spend the rest of the evening being lazy.  as long as i'm laying i feel fine, but when i go to walk around i have a lot of soreness in my abdomen.  definitely better than last time, but not a walk in the park.  


what are the rest of you up to? any fun weekend plans? my big plan is to start endometrum suppositories tomorrow, take my cipro and medrol, and go to acupuncture at 1pm.  and try to not drive myself crazy waiting for the embryologist report.   last cycle i was so excited to hear we had 15 fertilize, and then so devastated to only have three make to day three...so even though the stim section of this cycle was a breeze, i worry that my nerves will get the best of me before the end of the month.  my beta is (i think) on september 30th!  

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aura - Awesome!!!  That sounds like a great number of follies and now I'm just sending you lots of healthy fertilizing vibes... goodvibes.gif  Keep us posted and just try to take lots of deep breaths and know that there is nothing you can do now, but take your meds and try to let the stress go.  Just keep sending those little ones positive vibes!!  I know it is easier to say than do. I've never even heard of that show breaking bad.... hope you enjoy the frozen yogurt.


Renavoo - only one more day of BCP's right!!!  Wahoo!!


Tenzi - Yep, you said it... Totally takes the romance out of it!!!  When do you start suppression again?  I have to look again but I think I start on the 29th of this month.  We will be cycle buddies!!! Yeah!!!


April - I think your body will just continue to release Estrogen as you get closer to ovulation with your cycle.  And like renavoo said there are probably others that are going in there that they aren't even measuring.  Keeping my fingers posted for ER on Thurs so you don't have to order more meds.  I know how bad that sucks!!!



AFM - just waiting it out and using protection - bummer!!!  I think I start Lupron on the 29th.  Next week I will order my meds.- fun fun!!!  That is about it here.  Just want to get things going.  We are trying to figure out if I will be spending the 2-3 weeks in MI instead of at home in OH for the monitoring b/c of our insurance change w/ DH new job it will be cheaper if I'm up there close to my RE.  It will be a challenge though b/c DH doesn't cook and I'd have to take the pup with me.  Always something to make things more confusing in this whole process.  Go figure!!!






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I was just looking back at a few older pages in the beginning to fully get caught up this weekend.......



Mamacolleen - how are you doing?  Haven't seen you name pop up much and i was going back a ways and thought I'd check in and see where you are at in your cycle.


Gellly - How are you?  What is going on with you?


Laggie-  Just checking in to see how you are doing as well!!!


Julieven - When is your DH's next appt????  Keeping my fingers crossed after all this is over you will get your "free baby"!!!!

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Hey Blue~ I've been taking a break. I'm doing okay...just waiting to meet with my new RE...we have an appointment for October 7th. We are in a holding pattern until my insurance changes in December. We are changing to the Sher institute...more waiting, but I don't want to use up my remaining IVF attempts with no embryo testing...and no answers to why they think things aren't working.


I come over and read every so often. I am rooting for all of you and hoping that you get your BFP's soon!


Whenever I hear any news I'll be sure to let you all know, but I don't think we will be back trying until December or possibly January. I think this is the best for us. I was soooo upset after the last BFN..I just need more support and from my RE and I think I found one that can/will give me that.



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Renavoo, your positivity is absolutely uplifting!  I want to bottle some of that and have it here with me at home...

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blue- it will be hard, but it will be worth it in the end.  can you freeze meals for dh?  teach him to make a few easy meals? it will be an adventure!


gelly- so glad you have a new RE.  for how much we spend, they need to be holding your hand the whole entire way.  taking a break will be good... you can recharge mentally and physically!


afm, i just got the call from the embryologist.  we allocated 5 eggs to my dh and 4 of them fertilized with ICSI.  the rest of the mature eggs (11) went to donor sperm and 7 of those fertilized naturally.  i am putting more hope in those natural ones, as i think that nature hopefully eliminated the egg/sperm combos that wouldn't work.  i am really scared though.  they want me to call in monday at 9am to see if i am going in monday for a 3 day transfer or wednesday for a 5 day.  it stinks because dh has to commute to nyc for work and usually leaves around 6:45am, and i usually leave at 7:30 to be at work by 8:15.  i hate that we can't give our bosses a straight answer until after the workday has already started, but what can we do?  



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Blue, I start suppression on the 22nd.  Is this close enough to when you start so that we can be considered 'cycle buddies'?  smile.gif


Gelly, that's great that you now have an RE who you think you can work with, and get that support that is so vitally needed in this process.  I'm Canadian, and I've heard about the Sher Institute.  Sounds like you are taking some much needed time to get geared up again another cycle.  That sounds wise, because really, we do want to be in the best condition possible in a holistic sense when we are going through this.


Aura, that's understandable about being scared... I think I am going to be feeling the same way when it comes to that point.  Hang in there, you've come this far... take good care of yourself!


Renavoo, did you take your last BCP today?  Or was that yesterday?  YAY!  


AFM, still counting the number of sleeps until I start suppression.  I know I've said this before, but I just cannot wait to get started.  It seems like such a long process-- what did I figure out, was it something like 7 weeks from CD1 to ET?  It makes the 2ww in a regular cycle seem like a piece of cake.  Oh my, that gets me thinking about the 2ww for IVF... brutal!  I have some projects that I would like to work on-- not sure though, how much is a person supposed to take it easy and for how long?

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Hi ladies!! i hope your days are going well today. I'm so happy it's Sat. It's a little chilly in NYC. Nothing like the incoming fall weather to get the blood flowing (hopefully to the uterus), huh? thumb.gif


Aura, YAH to the 11 fertilized eggs! I hope that they continue to grow well and that you will have many embies to choose from and a few to freeze. My hope is that you will be able to choose from your DH's embies too but like you said, we just all want a baby and the baby will be both of yours regardless of the genetics. I can't wait to hear from you on Monday and i hope you get a 5 day transfer! As for work, I'm now of the frame of mind that work is backseat to this process. i get guilty too sometimes, though, when I have to turn down work projects because it's cutting too close to my transfer date but i'm over the guilt...for now. haha


Tenzin, you're starting soon!!! Yah! Please let us know how everything goes and if you have any questions throughout the process. I think that if we haven't gone through it ourselves, we'll know someone who has or we're all quite good at researching. hahah most likely, we've already faced the question anyway. :o) As for the long process, isn't it amazing?! I think my first IVF cycle was about 7 weeks from start to finish. It's doubly cruel because we're so hyperaware of the time...so the fact that all our cycles are now longer because of the process really makes me start pulling my hair out. hehe. My FET cycle has been even longer! I think it's about 7 weeks from day 1. And yes, today was my last pill. haha i seriously considered not even taking the pill today but i was good and decided to follow the orders. sigh. Hopefully, i can start bleeding in a timely manner! Had an iced coffee today and i'm thinking it's going to be my last one for a while because I will start my estrogen soon and then it's time for clean living.


Blue, ugh to having to live away from home for so long! DH and i have decided we have a 10 day rule. After 10 days, we start getting really anxious and wanting to go home. it's so funny because i live in the arguably most exciting city in the world. But DH and I just love being home. We rarely go out at all and we just like to sit on the couch with me reading while lying on him and him playing on his cell phone (he loves his iphone...can't wait until Sprint gets an iphone!!) But YAH to ordering your drugs! It always makes me feel like things are moving forward. I can't wait until you and Tenzin get closer and closer to the retrieval and transfer. I just want everyone to get a BFP!!!!


Tenzin, it's easy to be positive when I'm surrounded by such wonderful people. I always feel like good people will eventually get what they are supposed to. I think we're all wonderful, supportive women and soon, we WILL get our babies and our dreams. It will happen grouphug.gif


Gelly, I'm so happy to see you back on here! Good luck at Sher- if anyone can do it, they can. I will update your blurb to state that you are looking at possible ivf sometime late this year, early next year? I hope you get some answers in october!


Today, I'm forcing DH to go and get some photos taken of us. haha i bought a living social (like groupon) deal where we get an hour photo session for only 70 dollars! So we are going to the local park for the photos. I am an amateur photographer and love taking photos but I rarely have photos of DH and me together because i'm always behind the camera. Therefore, poor DH has to suffer. hehe. I'll make it up to him. After all, he's having a football party in our apartment tomorrow! Seems like a fair trade, right? winky.gif


SIL is going to have a c section on wednesday so I'm going to be an aunt soon. I can't wait! (Baby is breach so she needs a c section).









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Yay, I love it when it is busy on here during the weekends!  So much exciting stuff going on :)


Aura, congrats on 11 embies!!!!  I hope both sets do well and grow strong!  Hopefully you will be transfering some great looking embies no mater which group they come from :) 


Tenzi, the 2ww is a KILLER during IVF (although mine is usually just 9 days) it seems like a lifetime!!!  We might be pretty close on transfers too.  I start suppression on Monday (19th) and from there it will be 6 weeks 5 days till transfer.  I am so excited to start the Lupron :) I think it brings back fond memories of my BFP cycle in 2009!


Blue, that sucks you might have to stay near the clinic, but I totally understand it's worth the consideration if it is cheaper.  This whole process is so expensive that I try to save a penny every time I can! 


Renavoo, I love taking pictures too.  It's funny because my DH hated having his picture taken, but now he is so used to it that he just complies and does his best to "help" when I want pictures of me and DD.  I have bought a couple picture groupons/living social, and it's nice to be in all the pictures :) oh, and have them turn out too!  We are also having a football gathering tomorrow...I'll might pretend you are here :)


Gelly, I found it exciting changing clinics.  I hope Sher has all the answers you are looking for!  When we went into our new clinic it was like they were reading my mind. 


AFM, just getting excited to start Lupron on Monday (as stated above!)  I am not sure if it's the BCP, but I have been having a horrible time sleeping the last 2 weeks, and having really vivid dreams.  Oh, and the embryologist called me today and we talked through our plan on which embies to thaw and in what order.  I like how much they communicate with me.  My new RE has strict bed rest the day of and the day after transfer, but it doesn't say anything for after that.  Our family is coming in from out of town that weekend, so we plan to have them all over on Sunday for dinner (my transfer is Friday).  Do you think I should be fine by then to help with the cooking and hosting...I will do my best not to pick up DD, but that is SO hard...especially with "others" around that realize that is "weird".



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I have been thinking of you all and I am so happy that many of you are on your next steps. Aura, congrats on the 11 fert. Im hoping for good results on monday for you. Renavoo the pictures are a great idea. Sometimes I felt my hubby and I never took time for.each other while going through this. Keria, congrats.blue, yoh ate so strong for all you are going through. I think I took for granted my situatiin with insurance. I feel that Ivf and meds should be covered for anyone who needs it. April, I hope.retrieval comes soonn and I am thinking of you. Afm, had my first ultrasound thursday and one baby was there wit hb of 162. re was pleased and released me to obgyn. Only 4 weeks to go to be in a safer time. Thinking of you all.
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Aura great news on the fertilization hoping all your 11 embies grow!


Belly I had horrible time sleeping during the time I was on BCP, but I was also taking melatonin which made me fall asleep really fast but I woke up a few hours later and could not get back to sleep.


Blue hoping you and your DH can figure out what's best.


Thanks all for the congrats.

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Keria - thanks girl!!!  Hope you are feeling well!!!


Graf - congrats!!!!  That sounds like a great hb!!!!!  Keep us posted... are you finding out gender when the time comes?


Belly - I'm so glad that this new clinic sounds so much better than your last.  Sorry to hear that you are having troubles sleeping.  That is the worst b/c then you are tired during the day but don't want to sleep b/c then you really won't be able to sleep at night.  It seems like a vicious circle.  I think you will be fine for dinner on Sunday.  The family isn't going to stop over on Sat or anything are they?  You will just have to be really prepared and get everything early on. 


Renavoo - the photo session sounds like fun.  Good job taking your last pill.  I'm the same way... "do i really need the last pill".  I'm kinda a home body too. Love just being home in my own space and all.  I think i just feel really comfortable in my own space... that will be the only thing that will be kinda weird being in MI for so long.  I even checked in with my RE's office to see if i could volunteer there while i'm there just b/c i think i'll be kinda bored.  At least the pup will be with me so she and i will have to find some fun places to hang out.  We will see.


Tenzi - does your clinic do a 5 day or 3 day transfer?  Who knows we will be kinda close.  How many days are you on suppression before you start stims do you know?


Aura - Your report sounds great!!!  Keep us posted!  Yes, I will plan to make some dinners for him and maybe a big pot of chili and soup too so he has something to eat.  I just don't want him to spend lots of money eating out.  When he was single he used to eat out all the time like every night. I don't know how he stayed so thin back then.  LOL


Gelly - good luck with your appt on the 7th!!!  Hope it goes well.  Keep us posted.


April - how are you doing??  Just checking in on you.





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