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Kewpie, I'm glad the kiddos are measuring well. I'm so sorry about the bedrest and the anxiety I'm sure this is giving you. Keep us posted, and little ones, stay in there a while longer, you guys! goodvibes.gif
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Some of you may already know this from my past posts/comments, but after 4 years of being married and trying naturally, we went to a fertility specialist. I was diagnosed with PCOS and Endo. Initially, the doc mentioned putting me on a treatment plan with clomid, but then we discovered that my husband's SA results were not good as well. We had our follow up together yesterday and he told us our only option is IVF + ICSI (which is what I suspected after my husband's urologist mentioned it). Anyway, we mentioned I am scheduled for surgery in late Nov (completely unrelated) but he said that was fine because we still have some things we need to do. He said we are targeting Jan for our first IVF cycle.


One thing that did come up though was the number of transfers. He said that due to my age (26) they would most likely only recommend one embryo transfer if one appears to be progressing really well. If they don't progress well, they'll recommend two. I know that twins have their challenges, but I'm not sure I want to go through this again. So, what have all of you ladies decided to do? One or two?

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Kewpie, I am glad they are watching you so closely and making sure those babies stay in there!  Bedrest sounds really hard, I hope you are able to find something to keep your mind busy and help bass the time!  Great news that you already started prepping food for the freezer...you are always so prepared!!


Saphrons, how many to transfer is such a hard decision.  All I can really tell you is what we decided was best for us.  When we went to our inital consult in 2009 we decided we would plan on transfering 2 (I was 28).  Our clinics statistics at the time was 65% transferring 2 (25% of those who got pregant had twins).  At transfer I had a minor case of OHSS and was starting to think 1 would be better just in case I got pregnant with both.  I was already in pain and really worried about how much worse it would get.  DH wanted to stick with the original plan and after lots of tears we decided to transfer 2.  Of course I'll never know which one is my daughter (the one we would have transferred if one, or the other). 

When we went back in for our first FET 2 years later, I was seriously thinking we should just transfer 1, since I knew how hard it would be to have 3 under 2.  Well, we decided to transfer 2 again (clinics success rates were about 30% with a FET since mine were slow frozen).  One took again, but ended in ectopic.  We transfered 1 in June (poor lining and didn't want to waste embies) BFN, transferred 2 great blasts in August and another BFN.  Of course there is a HUGE difference between a fresh cycle and a slow frozen FET cycle.  In hind sight I would say it's really hard to make the decision until you know exactly what you are working with.  How many embies make it, how they are progressing, and if you are willing to pay the extra money and time between trying again if it's a BFN.  Also look at your clinics statistics for both fresh and FET's on SART, most clinics now use vitrification, but I would double check that as well.  If so, a FET is much closer to a fresh and more embryos survive thaw which makes a follow up FET more likely for success so transferring 1 each time has better odds than in the past.

We just switched RE's and he has completely changed my protocol to closely mimic my fresh cycle.  Also they are going to thaw 7 of my day 3 embies and let them grow to blast and transfer the 2 best, then vitrify any remaining. 


Renavoo, hope your trip back was uneventful and you were able to get some sleep.


Blue, any news on your job going full time?  How is the Lupron going...is it as good as you remembered :)


AFM, got my E2 levels back and they are at 8, so I am very surpressed.  They decreased my Lupron to 5 units per day and I start Delestrogen on Monday.  I am still worried about the IM shots, but I am hoping it wont be that bad! 

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Aura-hug2.gif so sorry.


Kewpie- So glad they caught it, I was on complete bedrest at 24wks cause of continued shortening but made it to 36wks.  Ask about P17 shots, a visiting nurse used to come once a wk and give them to me and its usually fully covered by insurance.  PM me if you have any questions cause I was a basketcase and had noone but google to talk to.


Hi to everyone else.

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Hi everyone,


Kewpie, I hope all is well and that you are relaxing. I hope you don't have to be on bedrest but if you do, I hope that everything goes well. haha you can check in here and we'll keep you company :o)


Blue, i LOVE that photo of Abby. sooooo cute! haha


Saphrons, my RE said the same thing, although I was 34 at the time. He said that they tend to like to transfer fewer embies if they were high quality because apparently, our chances of getting pregnant when it's a excellent grade embie is the same as if we transferred 2 high quality embies. The only difference, according to my RE, is that there is a greater chance of twins. However, I was too nervous and ended up transferring 2 embies. My RE supported the decision because our embies were not perfect quality. I obviously didn't get pregnant so I'm going to be getting a FET in a couple of weeks...i will be transferring 2 embies this time around too.


Belly, YAH to getting started soon! I heard that the delestrogen shots are really not a big deal. I hear PIO is much much worse. But please let us know what your experience is like!


AFM, I'm home! yaaaah! I was so happy to get home but once I did, i ended up crashing because the last 2 nights in Switzerland, I ended up sleeping only about 2.5 hours each night. It was so incredibly frustrating. Yesterday, I came home around 2pm and napped from about 4-6, ate some food and fell asleep around 8pm. I think woke up around 2ish and stayed up until 3:30am and then fell back asleep. My schedule is a little off but I feel like i will be able to sleep well tonight and get back on schedule!


I am so excited about Friday because I will be getting an US to see how my lining has progressed. Fingers crossed that it has been growing. If everything is good, I will be starting progesterone (endometrin) on Sunday...transfer is the Friday after. I'm so worried my embies won't thaw right though...so many things can go wrong but i'm trying not to get too nervous. I just can't wait to get going!


Big hugs, everyone!


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Kewpie, that's too bad that you have to be on bed rest.  I can't remember, do you have family that lives close by?  I'm glad that you have so many meals prepared already, that will make things a little easier.  Good news, though, that little Maisie and Liam are doing well and growing as they should. 


Renavoo, glad to hear you are home!  I don't know how you do it, I would be such a basket case with such little sleep.  But you must have a system for coping with jet lag, etc. all figured out, since you've done so much work travel.  I can't believe that you will be going through your FET before I go in for my ER... I just read cbaa's encouragement on the other thread, and I wanted to mention this story:  There is someone my friend knows, she is going to be a grandmother to triplets -- her daughter is a patient at the clinic that my friend and I go to (my friend had successful 1st IVF).  From a FET!  They had transferred two embies, and they both 'took' and then the one divided.  The thing is, this person's fresh transfer hadn't worked... wow! 


Blue, that is a great picture of Abby!  You started Lupron on Thursday, I think?  How's it going?


Belly, good to hear that suppression is going as it should.  How many days have you been taking Lupron for?


AFM, I've done 11 days of my suppression drug, and I'm scheduled for baseline bloodwork and ultrasound in a few days (Thursday).  I need to ask you ladies, do you get a 'period' during suppression?  If so, is it like your normal AF, or is it different, in terms of when it arrives and what it is like (heavy, light, spotting only, etc.).  I'm quite certain that I ovulated CD18, and I'm currently at CD30-- my LP is usually 12 days.  So that means starting tomorrow, I consider myself 'late'.  If it is going to come at some point, what if it's just before my u/s-- I'm worried that they will postpone it because of bleeding, or, if I'm not bleeding, they also postpone things then.  I was doing so well with not getting worked up about things, but now I'm starting to get tense.  I'm uncomfortable with all these unknowns right now, and I know I'm going to coming across so many more the further I go along.  Gosh, you ladies have so much courage and resilience... please toss some my way, thanks! 



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Hello Ladies! I'm back with an update. I enjoyed my time on the spring and summer threads but really needed a complete break from thinking about anything for a couple of months. I've missed something like a 1000 posts so I just read the last page and checked the first post of the last 2 threads.


Congratulations to those of you who are pregnant! To everyone else, hang in there!


Recap: I originally had IVF in Jan 07 and had 2 embryos implanted - one stuck and I have a beautiful girl who turns 4 on Tuesday. We froze 8 other embryos. My husband then declared about 6 months after DD was born that he was done. We fought - a lot. I finally "won" and he agreed to FET under great duress. Major stress in the household any time the subject was brought up. I tried again in June with 1 embryo, and it didn't work. Then the summer hiatus, and more stress as Sept approached. I had FET again on Sept 19th - they thawed 2 three day old embryos to get a healthy one and implanted one. We have 5 left now.


I POAS on Sept 28 (DH's birthday) and it was BFP!!  ROTFLMAO.gif I didn't have the heart to tell him then. Naturally I POAS again the next day - still positive!!! My beta HcG test was on Sept 30: 42 U/L. The nurse said she was cautiously optimistic at first, but then she counted the days since transfer and said it was still early so she was quite a bit more optimistic at that point. I am going for another beta test tomorrow to see if #s have doubled, but won't get the results back until Monday hopmad.gif


DH is not talking to me and slept on the couch last night. I didn't sleep all night and had stomach pains all day today. I moped around instead of feeling excited and happy. I'm so afraid all this stress will cause a miscarriage - is that possible? I'm trying to get zen and meditate etc but so far it isn't working for me. Yoga perhaps?  gloomy.gif I just want to enjoy a healthy happy pregnancy (my last chance - if I miscarry, nothing short of a miracle will get my husband to sign the papers again).

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Hi everyone!

Tenzin, I'm so happy that you're reaching the end of suppression and you're going to start on the stims soon!!! I can't wait to walk with you through the process and on your way to getting a BFP orngbiggrin.gif I've never been on suppression drugs so I don't know. I guess that suppression drugs are sort of like birth control pills and if that's the case you should bleed a few days after. However, my RE said that sometimes, people don't bleed or the bleeding is really really light because your lining will be thin. I wouldn't worry too much because the US and bloodwork will determine everything. And if you're bleeding during the US, don't worry...it's not the most comfortable but they are quite used to it so it's not a big deal. :o)


Purple Piggie, welcome back and congrats on your BFP! I'm sorry that you're stressed and that you and DH are not on the same page about this...that has to be quite difficult. I guess my question is whether he's just temporarily upset about this or whether he really didn't want to have another baby and won't be able to get over his anger? I hope that you and the baby stay safe but I do hope that you and DH can go and seek help so that you both welcome the baby with open arms. Babies are such miracles and I'm so sad that you're going through this worry while your baby is growing inside you!!


Hope everyone else is doing well!!

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Renavoo - Glad you got home safe and were able to lay low this weekend and hopefully get caught up on your sleep that you lost.  So your U/S is this coming Friday the 7th???


Purple Piggie - Congrats on your BFP!  I'm so sorry to read that your DH is acting this way.  Didn't he sign for this FET on Sept 19th? I just can't believe that he would sign for it and then be so mad.  I'm sorry you are going through this.  Keep us posted and know that we are here. 


Tenzi - I have always had AF show up when on Supression and I don't believe it was any different but I don't normally have normal periods so who knows.  Deep breath my friend!!  Those u/s techs are so used to seeing it all that I wouldn't worry about bleeding for your baseline... we will all be there too.  Always feel free to shoot your question our way and maybe that will help you not to worry about it.  hug.gif


Belly - good to hear your numbers are so good.  Nope, no word on the job.  We will see. I'm not going to hold my breath.



AFM - well, i started Lupron on Thurs and all is going fine.  Nothing too exciting here.  We are starting to think that Abby might be in heat right now which seems kinda early, but who knows.  I have to take her into the vet tomorrow to see what the vet thinks. She said to me on the phone that she might be an "early bloomer"... I just think maybe she is like her mother and her fertility is messed up like me. LOL. She had a UTI a month ago and i thought she might still have it b/c she has had to go out to the bathroom so often lately, so i took another urine sample in and they said there is still blood in it like before when she had the infection, so we will see.  We were going to have her spayed when she turned 6 months on or around the 17th of Oct, but now it might change.   I was thinking there was something else i was going to tell you all but i'm drawing a blank (blaming it on the drugs - lupron).  Off for now.  Hope you all have a good week.

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momtoalexis - Thanks for the positive story.  I'm so glad to hear yours went so well in the end.  I'm hoping I can say the same in time.


Blue - He didn't mention cerclage specifically, but he did say that he'd "take more aggressive precautions."


tenzins - Nope, no family within 1000 miles.  Well, technically my mom is here, but she will be of no help.  She's nearly blind and can't drive and is in poor health.


purple piggy - Congrats on the BFP!  I'm sorry your DH is not being supportive.  I hope he will come around.


AFM - NOthing to report other than I've been following orders and staying in bed.  I'm tired of netflix eyesroll.gif  I've gotten a lot of knitting done, so that's good, I guess.  I see the dr again on thursday.

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Blue, well, I had a Golden Retriever many years ago, and she was an early bloomer as well.  If it is a heat cycle that Abby is going through, how soon can they do a spay?  Will it be before you go to stay at the aunt's place?  Or would you wait until after?  I can't remember how often a dog goes through their cycle... The Golden Retriever I have now, she had recurrent UTIs (maybe about 3 or 4-- she is 7 years old) and our vet believes it is because of the shape of the opening of the pee hole-- it is a little tipped in a way that isn't normal, just the way she was born, and it creates a situation where urine doesn't get emptied out completely.  She hasn't had an infection for about 2 years now, knock on wood... Hopefully it's something Abby just outgrows.  I don't know, with my Goldens, they seemed to be susceptible to a bunch of different things in their first couple years, but then were fine after.  Thanks for your support... I'm taking deep breaths, taking deep breaths... hee hee.


Renavoo, do you have to work on Monday, or do you get some time off?  I hope you had lots of rest this weekend.  Thanks for walking with me through this and sending those positive vibes for a bfp!


Kewpie, what is pelvic rest, exactly?  Are you feeling okay, as much as can be when you can't do much but rest?  Besides knitting, what else do you like to do that fits what they are asking of you?


Purple, congrats on your bfp.  What a difficult situation to be in.  I guess I'm not understanding the reaction of your DH, because as the others pointed out, he did have to give consent... Was he thinking it wasn't likely to work?  I sure hope you two can work through it soon, so you can enjoy being pregnant and look at things excitedly and he can share in that with you. 


AFM, I talked with a nurse from the clinic today, and she said the same thing that the two of you said (Blue and Renavoo)... that they have lots of women coming in for their baseline while they are bleeding, and not to worry about it.  She also said she's pretty sure that I will bleed, it's just that it might be a little late... regardless of what is happening with bleeding (or not) I still come in for the baseline u/s and b/w.  If anything, being late may just mean that I delay starting the stims by a little bit.  I'm really bloated, I'm not sure if that is from the suppression med or if it is AF around the corner... or I am just eating too much.  I've been craving a lot of different things in the last week, and I am choosing to give in... I've also been having a lot of dreams, but that might be because I'm eating too late at night... Did any of you have similar things happening?  Ha ha, I even didn't bother to 'hold it in' when I was in front of the mirror yesterday, and I looked like I had a baby bump... I was even having fun imagining running into somebody that I knew when I was out, and I would stick it out even more on purpose, to create a reaction... but I didn't run into anybody.  Wow, can't imagine how bloated I will be when the follies start doing their thing! 

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Saphrons - we used this IVF Decision Aid and decided to do a single transfer. I was 36 and we did feel some pressure to transfer 2, but our RE said not to do it unless we wanted twins, and we felt the risks were too high. The single transfer we did was successful, but I had a miscarriage at 13 weeks. We will be doing a single FET next month.


Purple Piggie - congratulations! I'm sorry your husband is upset, it seem odd to agree to the FET if he was going to be angry that it worked... Have you considered marriage counseling? 


Blueyezz - do you have an expected transfer date? I can't believe how long my protocol is for this FET, I start Lupron October 22nd but the transfer won't be until November 25th!


TenzinsMama - the period I had during the suppression phase was fairly normal. Since you ovulated I would think it would be even more so - I was on bcp before starting Lupron so my protocol was different.


BellyBean - I hope the new RE's protocol is better, I'm jealous you have so many frozen embies! Good luck with the IM injection, does your husband do your injections for you? I made mine do all of them because I don't like to see the needle going in!

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Renavoo - Thank you for the welcome back! I guess I'm as confused about DH's reaction as you guys are. I knew he'd be upset and angry if I got pregnant but then why did he sign the forms if he knew this was a possibility? I guess maybe he was hoping like mad that it wouldn't work. He did say before we started down this road, that he would be a father to and love the child if we had one but that he really didn't want another. I asked him to go to counselling with me but he said no. Things have defrosted somewhat (thanks in part to DD's birthday party on Sunday) and he is now back in the same bed and at least speaking to me again.


I had some cramping and light spotting yesterday and the second HCG test showed that my levels have dropped to 21. Things look pretty grim right now, but I'll be going for another level on Friday.


Blue and Tenzinsmama - Thank you for the well wishes. Are you both going through the whole IVF cycle again? I hear you about being bloated - with so many follicles on your ovaries, they must be the size of grapefruits in there!


Kewpie - glad you're hanging in there, despite the boredom. It'll all be worth it in the end. In fact, once Liam and Maisie make an appearance, you may be looking back at this time with fondness.

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Purple, I am so sorry your HCG levels dropped. hug2.gif  What a difficult position to be in.  It's unfortunate that your DH isn't excited about having more children right now.  Do you think you can get him to sign the papers again?  Perhaps counseling like someone else suggested would help.  Not to sound too deciteful, but if he signs again for a FET, maybe you should wait until after the first u/s to tell him the news.  I wish you the best, and I truly hope your DH comes around!  Please keep us posted.


Laggie, I think we are probably on similar protocols this time.  I started Lupron on 9/18 and my transfer is 10/28 (I did around 10 days of BCP before starting Lupron).  I couldn't tell from your earlier post what kind of estrogen you are using (or will that be natural?).  My DH will do the injections, we went in for our "teaching" today to learn how.  The nurse made it seem pretty easy and said it would be very painful.


Tenzi, my "period" during supression was 2 or 3 times longer than usual.  I was also on BCP before the Lupron, so that might have had something to do with it? 


Blue, keep us posted on Abby :)  I hope it doesn't interfer with any of your IVF plans.  We had our dog spayed at 5 months...our vet said anytime between 4-6 months would work.  We were going to be on vacation, so we did it before.


Renavoo, I wouldn't worry about your embies thawing.  With vitrification, they have like a 90%+ thaw success rate!  Can't wait to hear about your lining check on Friday!  You are getting SO CLOSE!  Time to bring on the BFP's!


AFM, I start my Delestrogen tonight.  I am not "as" scared as I was before our teaching, but still a little nervous.  I am sure it will be no big deal!  I also realized they prescribed prenatals that I was supposed to pick up.  Does anyone else take the prescription ones?  They are $60 (for ONE month).  Does that seem crazy to anyone else?  Is there a "real" benefit over the ones I have been taking for the last 6 months?





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belly- i take citranatal which is $40 a month with my insurance.  it is like night and day to the ones i bought otc.  mine is two pills, one white vitamin and one oil capsule.  it's a slow release iron so i don't get too blocked up, and also has a stool softener in it.  when i took the otc prenatals i was so uncomfortable, and i'm not a girl with regularity issues.  


tenzin- i always have some bleeding on my day 3 ultrasound.  it's gross, but they're more than used to it.  


kewpie- at least you have the internet!  and knitting will be nice, since you have two babies to knit for.


renavoo- so jealous of your frozen embryos! i have yet to have a single frozen.  i bet they thaw like champs and you get the next bfp.  


afm- trying to move on with my life and not let the last cycle's bfn get me too down.  after the first cycle i was depressed for weeks and it didn't really help anything.  this time i had my weekend to cry, i drank a little, smoked a few cigarettes just to be a rebel, and today i started back on weight watchers and cleaned up my act.  i am going to try to lose some weight since i have at least a month before we do anything and i feel like it can't hurt to drop at least the ten pounds that i gained on the last two cycles.  


we just received a letter in the mail today from my husband's company that we are being switched from united healthcare to cigna.  of course, my ivf clinic will be out of network as of january 1st.  my question is this... has anyone been through a similar insurance company switch?  we have pretty much used up our $15,000 lifetime max with united healthcare. i'm curious if we switch to cigna does that carry over or do we get refreshed benefits?  even 50% out of network coverage is better than 0%.  i have every finger and toe crossed that we luck out on this one.  we need a little cheering up these days, since we don't seem to be having the luck on our cycles themselves.  *sigh*

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Thanks for the replies about my situation.  I discovered that what I'm feeling isn't boredom, it's fear.  Fear always paralyzes me and I don't want to do anything and can't focus on anything.  momtoalexis' account of her situation and some convos I've had with other twin mamas has really calmed my fears.  Shortening cervix is a very common complication with multiples, but every story I've heard so far has ended with healthy full term twins or triplets.  I'm feeling much better now.


I've got my knitting lined up and I'm making some jingle blocks out of micro-plastic canvas (and embroidery floss) and crochet projects, plus a huge stack of books, so I'm all set for the next 3.5 months.  The doc said I can also sit at my sewing machine for a little bit each day too, so that's another thing.  I'm very glad the doctor is watching things so closely. and... I can always come here to cheer you ladies on!!!  :)

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We have cigna.  We were switched to it this past January right after my first cycle, but before the miscarriage and second cycle. Our doctor was in-network though, so I don't know what that means for you.  We bought a package last fall, so our IVF procedure was already paid for.  Cigna covered our meds and we paid $500 out of pocket for them as opposed to paying 100% like we did last fall for the first cycle.  So, I don't know what will happen with your procedure coverage, BUT perhaps they will at least cover your meds?  Is it feasible to swicth clinics to get in-network?

Originally Posted by auraleigh View Post


we just received a letter in the mail today from my husband's company that we are being switched from united healthcare to cigna.  of course, my ivf clinic will be out of network as of january 1st.  my question is this... has anyone been through a similar insurance company switch?  we have pretty much used up our $15,000 lifetime max with united healthcare. i'm curious if we switch to cigna does that carry over or do we get refreshed benefits?  even 50% out of network coverage is better than 0%.  i have every finger and toe crossed that we luck out on this one.  we need a little cheering up these days, since we don't seem to be having the luck on our cycles themselves.  *sigh*


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aura -  I hope your insurance change turns out to benefit you in the long run.  That would be great!!!!  My DH just switched jobs and we are going to have untied healthcare from anthem so I'm not sure how that will work.  From what we know they still don't cover Infertility for us.


Belly - so which prenatal did they want you to take?  I've been reading about straight folate compared to the added folic acid in a pre-natal vitamin w/ many other supplements included.  Thanks for asking about Abby...see update below.


Purple Piggie - Yep, headed for our 3rd fresh IVF here in a few weeks. Hope things continue w/ DH and things will get better for you both.  Sorry to hear that your hcg numbers dropped some.  Keeping my fingers crossed for you and for your next test.


Laggie - my guess is that our ER and ET will probably be maybe the week of the 22nd of Oct.  We will see how good my guess is.


Tenzi - thanks for sharing your doggie experience w/ me.  See my Abby update below.  I was talking to my RE nurse today that I love and she told me that normally w/ Lupron suppression you have a period like10-12 days i think it was so maybe that will be the same for you with your nasal suppression too.  Did you start AF yet??


Kewpie - It is totally normal to have fear, but I know you will be fine and it sounds like your drs are totally on top of things.  It is hard to not be able to control things that are going on when you are pregnant.  All you can do is take care of yourself and those babes will be fine.  We all love having your encouraging words to cheer us on so keep it up.


rcr - how are you doing?? Just checking in on you and what is going on in your cycle????


AFM - Abby update:  So I took her in this morning at 9am and they took her back and the vet came out to talk to me and said that she doesn't think she is in heat at all. So they were going to put a catheter in her bladder to see if they could get a sample to see if the infection/blood is also in her bladder.  I had to leave her there b/c she had just peed before we went in and they couldn't get anything out so the vet finally called me at like 3:30pm and said that she thinks she has a puppy vaginitis and wants her on another antibiotic for 10 more days especially before she has to be spayed.  You don't want a dog to have an infection before they have to have surgery.  So that is the Abby story.  Then this afternoon a furnace guy came and told me that our circuit board is blown  in the furnace which is why we don't have any heat.  I guess this board is no longer made, but thankfully someone has made a conversion kit, but it's expensive so we don't have any other options other than replacing the furnace which would be even more expensive so we will go with the expensive part.  Good grief!!!  It has been a day of bills.  Lets hope tomorrow is less expensive!!!  LOL.  Just another night of Lupron here.



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Hi- I'm on my IVF month! I start suppression (bc pills on Wednesday), my injections start 10/22, retrieval 11/05 (happy birthday to me!-really, it's my birthday), 11/10 embryo transfer

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Hi everyone! boy, it's been busy! thumb.gif


Laggie, i wanted to say how much I agree with you that it's annoying that the FET is being done according to the clinic's schedule and not ours. I remember when discussing the possibility of a FET prior to receiving my BFN with my first IVF that the doctor said that the FET will be so much easier because it'll be done according to my schedule. Then I found out that they had to "book" for a FET so I ended up having to wait- it's soon to be 2 months from when I started. 3 weeks of BCPs really annoyed me...a lot! by the way, how did the HSG turn out? How are you feeling? I hope you didn't get too nervous and that everything went smoothly!


Blue, Yah to Abby not being in heat yet but yuck to the infection! I hope she's not too uncomfortable. It's amazing how much our pets could cost, isn't it? My friend had a cat who recently became very ill and before everything was said and done (she had to put the cat to sleep, which is so devastating) she ended up spending almost $4000. However, they are our families and no amount of money is too much if it means saving our family members! I just wish they had good insurance too. Oh well, maybe by the time I can get a pet, that will happen! BOO to the extra bills though. Ugh. I always think that home ownership is so difficult so I'm an apartment girl all the way. haha. Until our baby grows up and we need to move, that is!


Deborah, YAH!!! This would be the ultimate birthday present! My fingers are crossed for you!


Tenzin, ugh, bloated is now a state of life. I can't imagine NOT being bloated now. sigh. HAHA i love that you pretend to be pregnant though. I  think that is a fantastic way to turn a negative into a positive!! It's so funny! I absolutely am with you about overeating too. I think that I'm considering going back on weight watchers because I need to lose a little and start maintaining. I love weight watchers because it gives me a good way to check how much I'm eating. Maybe i'll look to sign on today!


Kewpie, I'm glad that you're doing well! Are you knitting anything for the babies? What is your specialty? Also, hug2.gif to calm your fears too. I can't wait when this is all done and you can hug your babies in person!


Belly, how was the injection? I hope it wasn't as bad as you thought it would be! Do you have to do this daily or can you inject just once a couple of days? As for prenatal vitamins, I'm on Prenate. It's a prescription product too and would be about 30 dollars a month but I mail order it now so it's 3 months for 30 dollars. Can you ladies also mail order it? I mail order through MedCo, which is our prescription plan. It makes a huge difference. i just found out about endometrin...I could get it for 3 months for no copay! That rather annoys me considering I paid for it before but hey, whatever savings I can do, I'll do now. haha. I also used to buy my prenatal vitamins monthly. Now, nothing could get me to change from the mail order service! By the way, I like the prescription one significantly better than the OTC one. I just feel like my hair is healthier and shinier, which I hope is a reflection of how my body is reacting. My pill is a horse pill though...it's HUGE! So if you have problems swallowing large pills, don't get prenate!


Aura, hug.gif It's so good to see you back!! I remember the last time, i also decided to just go on a drinking binge (ok, 2.5 drinks in one night) to soothe my sadness. Did you talk to your RE? Did you guys decide on next steps? I'm so annoyed about insurance...I'm sad your clinic doesn't accept your new insurance. When I had Cigna, i had to pay OOP for my stuff at the clinic. Happily, we switched to Aetna, my DH's insurance and at least the monitoring visits were covered (thank goodness!) though we still had to pay OOP for the IVF. I hope that you won't have to pay so much extra and, like kewpie says, hopefully your drugs are covered. I think lifetime max is per each insurance company so I hope you get coverage (don't quote me on this...I don't understand insurance companies at all!!!)


Purple, grouphug.gif. I'm so sorry your hcg dropped. Hopefully, it was just a small blip and the hcg levels come up again during your next test!! I'm glad DH is speaking with you again, although I wish he would go with you to therapy because it sounds like your relationship would benefit from it. I hope he's not happier now because your hcg has dropped. But regardless, I'm just wishing the best for you!


AFM, I slept so much this last weekend because i needed to catch up. I feel much better now, although i do wish it was still the weekend! haha it's been really busy at work though so that's good. I prefer that the days go by quicker. i'm just waiting anxiously for Friday. Hopefully, on Friday, I'll be told that i can start taking endometrin on Sunday to prepare my uterus for the transfer next Friday! My breasts are really sore, which I take as a sign that SOMETHING is happening but I'm hoping that I'm not really waiting too long too. i know, I know, they are professionals and I will believe in them. haha i have good days and bad days when it comes to how I'm feeling!


Big hugs to everyone!












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