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Hi everyone! i hope everyone is having a relaxing weekend so far!


Gelly, I'm so sorry. hug2.gif I definitely remember the feeling of getting the BFN and the hopelessness that comes with it. It will get better. And hopefully, the next time, you'll be getting your BFP! I'm also sorry that you have such limited choices for REs. Did you have a post IVF meeting with the current RE? Did he have a thought as to why it didn't work? Why do you feel you've lost confidence in this RE?


Belly, YAH for coming to a decision. I think it's a great decision because it will make you feel more comfortable and positive! I'm so excited for you! I know how difficult it is to get past the "what ifs" and "we should haves" but just think about moving forward. saying that, I still have moments when i think, what if I just stopped taking BCPs a couple of years earlier or even a year earlier!! It still bothers me because i feel like we could have gotten started TTC earlier if I had stopped BCPs earlier- it took me almost a year and a half to get over BCPs!! ARGH! I hate those stupid pills. And, yet, here I am, on them again. Oh the travesty. haha


Graf, thanks for checking in!! I hope that everything works out. Bleeding is completely normal so I'm sure that everything is fine! I can't wait to hear about the first US!!


RCR, i hope you're having a great weekend!! i'm sorry you had to miss out on your camping trip. :o( these shots really are inconvenient...I am so worried that I will need to travel one day during a stim cycle and therefore, have to figure out how to bring my injections on the plane and inject myself. haha i still make my husband do all my injections.


Blue, ugh to insurance!! I dread open enrollment for insurance too. Now that we're in this procedure, my DH and I will have to scour all the plan information to understand which is the better plan for us. why don't they just make it easier!! By the way, definitely figure out a way to hoard the medications...I have a feeling it will be my saving grace, even though I really really really want the fet to work out so I don't have to use them. haha


Julieven, WELCOME!!!


AFM, nothing doing. haha it's so boring. DH and I went to a birthday party yesterday and sang a little karaoke so I ended up drinking a couple of glasses of wine. i guess that is the only good thing about being on BCPs and not on stims...I can drink a little. but really, i can't wait to give that up and start preparing for the next cycle!! A full 2 weeks left. DH drove me to tears this morning...I woke up in the morning (I always wake up earlier than DH) and he had written a note next to a bowl for my cereal (must eat almost immediately after I wake up) telling me how much he loved me. It was so sweet and I really just feel so lucky to have him as my partner in life. hehe i did threaten to frame the letter and hang it up. He didn't take to that idea as well as I did. haha


Ladies, I updated the blurb section so please just check and make sure that things are on the up and up!


Hugs everyone...I love "talking" to you ladies!!



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Graf - I'm sorry to hear about the bleeding.  I know my one of my friends bled through her whole pregnancy, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.  Keep us posted.


Renavoo- there can't be any hoarding of medicine in my house b/c I pay for all of them full price even if there are refills it is still full price per item, so I can't really hoard! greensad.gif I wish I could make it work, but can't.  Aww... how sweet that your DH left you that note.  That is so sweet.  I like to write notes and put them in DH's lunch box some days telling him to have a great day and how much I love him.

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Belly~  Thanks...and hugs hug2.gif    to you too. I have 3 frostie embabies...they are 3 day embryos.


Renavoo~ We did not have a post BFN meeting. They just told me to call with my next period and they would see about treating me in October. They also said that they were sorry that it didn't work.


I would really like to go to the Sher Institute for Reproductive Medicine. They sound like they really work on getting the embryo to blast stage before they do the 5 day transfers. They also do testing for abnormalities in the embryos. I think that I would rather know that the embabies are strong and that they are 'compatible' with life...not just have them transfer 3-day embabies and not know if they were even normal. I just have to find out if this clinic takes my insurance and if not then find out who's insurance they do take. We have open enrollment in October...so if I am going to switch this is the time to do it.



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Oh geez.... now DH is saying that he doesn't know if he is going to be able to take 3 days off from his new job for our Oct IVF b/c he doesn't think he will have PTO time.  I told him we need to figure it out soon b/c we need to make a decision.  I feel like we talk about things and then we don't make decisions, so this really needs to get figured out soon especially since we are on the IVF schedule for Oct already.  He mentioned about maybe trying to meet with his new boss to see if it would be possible for next month.  I think when his new boss finds out his request off is for something medical related that he is required to be there for, hopefully he will give him the benefit of the doubt.  We will see.  My only fear is that I think his new boss is younger than DH and I think when someone is older w/ children it would help our cause.

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Hoping to join! I've been following your summer thread for a while now and you all seem like a such lovely warm supportive group. I think I need this now. I had joined a similar group while going through IVF for my DD and some of the women I'm still in touch with. So I'm looking forward to getting to know you all as we go through this rollercoaster ride together.


My story is that we spent a year in IF treatments for DD, who was finally conceived on the first FET cycle after a failed fresh one. She was born in 2009. We had 7 frosties left and started TTC#2 in Jan this year. We've had 2 FET cycles with 2 6-day embies transfered each time and both have resulted in early losses. Completely blindsided me as our original fertility issues are PCOS, hypothyroid and no sperm. Never had problems with miscarriage before. I'm currently in the middle of a 'mock cycle' where my RE re-creates the conditions of my uterus before he would transfer the embies but instead I get an endometrial biopsy and the results get sent off and analyze for implantation factors. I think he's trying to find out if I my lining is conducive to implantation or not. Hopefully there's no issues there and we can proceed with another FET in Oct/Nov.


I do think I'm still grieving the losses (the last was in July) and I'm trying hard to make this waiting a time to focus on minimizing stress and getting my body physically ready to handle another pregnancy. Of course that's challenging with a toddler and being a WOHM! I feel very strongly that I'm meant to have another 2 children so I'm holding on to that slim glimmer of hope.


Very much looking forward to getting to know all of you! Wishing everyone so much baby dust!

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MamaColleen, Welcome! I hope that you're stay is short and that we are able to provide some peace to you! I'm so sorry for your losses and i hope that you get some answers soon. it's always the most difficult to go through this and to not have answers to anything while we're suffering through these issues! I put you down as Waiting for results of a mock cycle and hopefully, doing a FET in Oct/Nov. Please let me know if you would like any changes to that blurb!


Blue, nooooooo!! I really hope your DH can get off. Do you know, I feel like no matter younger or older, everyone understands the desire to have children so I think that the manager will be fine. I mean, won't they just deduct the days from the amount of days he could take off for the rest of the year? That's what my company would do...if you have to take PTO during your early months, they just make sure that it's made up with your later days!!


Gelly, I think you should call your RE and tell him/her that you would like to have a post IVF call with him. That's what I did because nothing was scheduled...during that call (Which took only 10 minutes of his time), i asked him what he thought was the reason for the failed cycle, what my chances were with FET and what the procedure was, and what would happen next IVF cycle if we required another fresh one. He was gracious and really answered my questions. For my FET (i'm the same as you...I have three frozen embies), the RE says that he wants to be sure that the embies he puts back in are as close to 90% as possible so he will unfreeze 2 and if one or both doesn't get graded 90% he will unfreeze the other to again, try to get the 90%. Sadly, I don't have more than 3 but hey, at least we have three!


By the way, I've heard fantastic things about the Scher institute too.

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MamaColleen, Welcome.  It sounds like we have a lot in common.  My DD is from a 2009 cycle (our fresh), and we have been trying for #2 with FETs since February.  Our loss in February/March was an ectopic.  I am so sorry you have had to deal with 2 losses...the rollercoaster of emotions is horrible.  It is nice to know that a FET did work for you, so hopefully your RE will get some answers from your mock cycle.  I will also be cycling in late October/November.  We are switching RE's and going with a longer protocol and more agressive plan.


Blue, I agree with Renavoo, any boss should be understanding.  But even if he doesn't have PTO, he should be able to use medical time or FMLA.  When we make decisions that need lots of discussion and consideration, sometimes DH and I will set a date to make the decision by. 


Renavoo, so sweet of your DH!


Gelly, I have heard good things about the Sher clinic too.  I have come across their name in several of my internet searches about IVF clinics.  If we end up doing another fresh cycle I am for sure doing the the genetic testing.  It just makes sense to only use embryos that are "normal", I know it would have saved me a lot of heartache (and money) with my failed cycles.


Graf, I hope it's just normal pregnancy bleeding.  So unfair that this time is stressful for you. 


rcr, how did your weekend go.  Besides not getting pregnant, the most annoying thing about IF for me is that it controls what I can/can't plan and do. 


Hi to all our graduates!  and stalkers!


AFM, I have been researching how much my drugs will cost with this cycle (PIO, delestrogen).  I have also been looking at the "how to" on IM shots.  We never had to do them for our fresh cycle, and my DH is VERY scared of needles, so now I am scared about how bad it's going to hurt. 



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Belly - if DH can throw darts he can give you a shot in the butt.  That is what my DH would compare it to!!  Nice right... throwing a dart in my butt!!! Only a guy!! LOL smile.gif  My fear is his new boss is maybe in his mid 30's and male so who knows his feelings about kids.  We will see.


Renavoo - Yeah, that is my thought as well.  Just take it from him once he gets it.  That is fine with me.  Hopefully it might even fall on a weekend so he wouldn't miss too much work if some or several of the days fall on the weekend.  If only we could plan more with IF..... there I go again, DREAMING!!!!!


MamaColleen - Welcome!!!  Sorry to meet you here!!!  So sorry to hear about your losses!! hug.gif   That is great that your RE is so on top of things and doing all those test.  Never heard of the implantation one. Do you know the name of that one.... not that I'm looking for another test bc i'm sure like all the other ones it will be fine. Keep us posted.

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Blue, HA, I was sitting next to DH and read your response...."oh, I can throw darts!"  Men, lol :) 


Hope everyone is having a nice long weekend (in the US I guess).  We went on a 7 mile walk yesterday in our hilly neighborhood and my buns are killing me!  I was hoping I would sleep a little better, but I was still up at 5 and had vivid dreams about IVF/FET.  It's going to be a LONG 8 weeks.

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Hello Everyone, hope you are having a good Monday!! I will check back later and catch up.  I just had a quick question.  For your red containers that you put your used needles in, what do you do when they are full.  I have closed it so no one can get into it but can you throw it in the trash? Or is there somewhere you are supposed to dispose of them?


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April, my RE had me take it in to their office when it was full (at the end of my cycle).

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April  - I asked the same question about what to do with the full container and I think that I was told to just throw it in trash as long as the container is closed.  I thought that was really a weird answer, but then I looked in our pamphlet that the garbage company had given us when they gave us the containers and it does say you can throw them in there as long as they are closed. I still think it doesn't seem right though, but I don't have anything else to do with it so that is what I did.  Funny b/c I just threw a full one out yesterday actually.  You and I both must be in the cleaning mode!!!

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hi ladies!

is anyone else as depressed as i am that the summer is over? sniff. it seems like it just flew by!! I'm so sad. sigh. oh well, Fall is always a beautiful time, I guess!


Blue and Belly, Before DH gave me my im shot, we watched a video on my RE's site. It really did look like the person was throwing a dart. so funny!! Belly, you go with the 7 miles!! Wow!


April, I also just gave the container to my RE. It's good to know that we could just throw it away if it is closed but I'll probably just continue to give it to my re.


Enjoy the rest of the day, ladies!! i'm just bumming around with DH. :o)



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april - most hospitals with emergency rooms take the used sharps containers for free, as well as larger clinics that do out-patient surgery. I believe they are incinerated with the other biomed waste, not just thrown into the trash.

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Hi ladies!  We went away for the weekend, so much to catch up on!


first off, congrats kewpie! a boy and a girl! such a perfect combo, i am so excited for you.  


renavoo- can you add me as on stims to the main page? i started 9/4 and have a retrieval planned for late in the week of the 12th.  do you take the gonal pen?  i've got the multi dose vials and now that they upped my dose from 225 (last time) to 300, i use the q-cap from the menopur and suck out each and every last drop.  because they give the extra in there i'm able to make it last for two days.  and fingers crossed you won't have to travel this month! i think it's time for the stars to align and all of us to get our bfps.


belly- we appreciate you too!  hopefully when they go through your records they can figure out what's going wrong and make it right again.  maybe you just need a fresh outlook!


blue- my re told me i did have to refrigerate the gonal, but only after mixing.  so in the box it's fine room temp but once the liquid is mixed in it needs to be cold? i am curious now if that's the truth?


rcr- i've gained about that much as well.  i was convinced once i had my bfn that it would drop off again but sadly it has stuck! my husband says it's "pre baby" weight.  


afm- day two of stims.  i wasn't sure if i was going to get my period or not since i just had it two weeks ago, but then it showed up this morning.  feh.  it's not heavy or anything, so i suppose i should be happy, but i have bw and us tomorrow morning.  i hate us on my period, but what can you do?  i hope my levels are good.  

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also, i forget who mentioned the mock transfer... my re said that they use that to map out exactly where they plan on transferring the embryos.  so i guess even if your old RE had done it on you or you'd already had real transfers done, the new RE would probably need their own map.  maybe they will find a better location!

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Hi ladies!  Just coming back from out of town for the long weekend, and I am trying to catch up.  I've been reading some books on ART and all the sections on IVF I'm paying close attention to... but I'm still feeling a bit lost.  I suppose things will become more familiar the longer I am on here 'conversing' with you all.  BTW, thanks for the warm welcome! 


I'd like to post personals to each of you, but I've got to get myself to bed-- I've been fighting a headache on and off for the past two days and I really must get to bed.  But I do want to say this before I go... Gelly, so sorry that it didn't work out for you this cycle.  hug2.gif



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Hi everyone,

It's the official end of summer :o( I'm sad but I love the fall too. Let's hope the coming of the beautiful leaves brings in a bevy of BFPs! treehugger.gif


Aura, YAH to starting!!! I'm a little jealous because you're actually doing something :o) I hope that it is your turn to get the BFP! Here's to the end of Sept, when you will test!! I updated your blurb too. Yes I have the gonal pen. I'm noticing that there is about 100IU more in the pen so my plan is to use as much of the product in the pen as possible too, if I have to do another stim cycle. I really hope I don't though. Waiting is making me anxious though...If I could be doing SOMETHING, ANYTHING, i would feel much better. As it is, I have another 12 days of BCPs left. I really really don't like BCPs. I feel constantly bloated and sometimes, nauseated. Oh well. i also have been trying to go back to the gym and exercise a bit. hehe I was going to go today but instead, decided to sleep in :o) Whoops. Sigh, getting ready for work!


TenzinsMama, if you have any questions, feel free to ask! I know that IVF cycles can be very different person to person but someone here will probably have an experience similar to what you're going to experience so please ask away. I feel like knowing that someone has lived through it will give you a great perspective into what you will probably experience.


Hope everyone has a great day back from a long weekend (those in the US, anyway!)



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Belly - the weekend was ok. It was raining all weekend, so my friends ended up not going camping anyway. I had to drive to the RE yesterday because the "local" office was closed. The local office is 1 hour away, and the main office is 2 hours away. My appointment was at 8 am, so I was home by 11. I canned about 50 jars of jelly - kudzu jelly, muscadine jelly, and scuppernuck jelly (sp? - those yellow muscadines). I was proud of myself because I haven't canned in about 8 years, and because it was free (kudzu is obviously free, and some friends invited me over the pick muscadines in their backyard). We don't eat that much jelly, but I think we are going to have to start, plus it makes great gifts, especially for people in the north who have never heard of kudzu or muscadine jelly. It was a good weekend, and DH and I actually managed not to argue a lot.


Welcome Tenz and colleen


April - I just toss it in the trash. My dog takes allergy shots, so we were told to throw it away after sealing the container (for both my shots and the dogs).


Aura - yay for stims! Boo for gaining weight!


AFM - nothing. Added gannirelix last night. My next u/s is in the morning, which is annoying because it means I have to miss class.

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Just dropping by quickly from work, I'll be back later for personals!


I am super excited because I started AF today and now I have my schedule!!!!  WOW, it's like 10x the amount of drugs I have done for past transfers so I hope it's what makes the difference in a BFP at the new clinic.  My transfer is Friday October 28th!!!   And I'll have plenty of shots, pills, ect to keep me busy till then :)  I am trying to manage my expecations, but if all goes well, we might be able to see a heartbeat before Thanksgiving and announce to our family then!  As you can see I am already do a horible job of managing my expectations :)  I just really feel like it has to be my cycle now!!!

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