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Hi all, sorry I kind of disappeared this past week.  We had a family vacation scheduled and then my DH was told he had to go on a last minute business trip and I had to get everything ready and got called in for extra work hours...it was crazy.  Our vacation was pretty much "off the grid" and it gave us all a chance to spend quality time together.  But I am back now and trying to get all caught up (sorry if I miss anyone!)  All of you really touched me with your thoughts on IF, it brought me to tears and sums up so many of my emotions.


Purple, I am so sorry for your loss.  I really hope your vacation goes well and you and DH can agree on the path for your family.


Blue, thanks for checking in on me.  I am so sorry I left you guys hanging.  How long till you leave for your cycle?


Tenzi, WOW!  Congratulations!  How exciting!  Your beta levels sound great, keep us posted.


Renavoo,  great job with your lining!!  I am so so so excited for you this week!  Your transfer is Friday right?! 


rcr, how are you doing?  Refresh me on your schedule (IUI, IVF)


Aura, I am so sorry.  A BFN is devestating and so hard emotionally.  I truly hope you have found some peace, and that you can speak with your RE about what to do next.


Deborah, welcome!  sounds like you are well on your way!


Treehugger, I was on this thread back in 2008/2009 with my first IVF and honestly, I think it just keeps getting better and better.  Please stick around, and participate when you are ready.


Graduates, we all love you so much!  Thank you so much for taking the time to check in on us and cheer us on...it means so much! 


AFM. So in the rush of packing I forgot to pack my drug instructions.  We had done one Delestrogen shot before we left, and it went fine, but then when we went to do it on vacation I didn't remember how much to take (if it was the same or more).  Well, I decided to do the same because I figured there was always time for more, but if I sped it up to quickly maybe it would mess things up.  I was wrong.  I am going to call my RE tomorrow, but I hope it didn't mess anything up too badly.  My transfer is still 18 days away so I really think there is still time (of course I am NOT a doctor :) ).  Oh and one night we were out late and I took my Lupron about 5 hours later than normal...do you think that will be a big deal?  I am kind of scared to call my clinic and tell them all the stuff I did wrong.  I almost forgot, I packed one extra IM needle in case of an emergency...I was only going to need one, so I took 2.  Well, when DH went to do the shot he drew back blood.  We were so scared something would happen with the second and last needle and we wouldn't be able to do the shot.  But the second time there wasn't an issue.  We didn't know what to do with the Delestrogen in the syringe with the blood so we tossed it, but now I am thinking it was probably fine if I just used a different needle tip :( 


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Thank you! I think I participated in the summer IVF thread, but I might have just been stalking it :-). If I respond to stims the way we hope, then I will have my retrieval (or as my mom put it-  harvest) on November 5 (my birthday!) and transfer on the 10th. We will do acupuncture before and after to help with implantation.

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yeah, things are looking better now.  Not sure if you saw my fb status update yet or not, but here's the update:


well, now I’m on full bed rest. I’ve been in the hospital for a couple days now due to heavy bleeding and contractions. Things are looking more positive now, though. Here’s a quick rundown on what’s going on:

Still in the hospital. Babies are ok and I’m ok. We don’t know what’s causing the bleeding and I had a fetal Fibronectin test done and it did come back positive. That means that the proteins holding the amniotic sacs to the inside have been disturbed. They are watching the babies and me closely. With this test being positive, there is a chance of me going into labor this week, so they have been giving me steroids to help the babies’ lungs mature quickly. My contractions have now stopped and bleeding has stopped the last couple hours, so it’s looking positive. They will do one last u/s and NST tomorrow to make sure it’s not one of the placentas and if that’s clear, I will be going home tomorrow. Babies are active and doing well. Thanks for all the support. It’s amazing how these 2 sweet beings we’ve never met can touch our lives so deeply in so short a time.



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Kewpie - is everything ok? I have been worried about you.


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Hi Ladies!

Wow, a lot has been happening on this thread! I have been just relaxing and bumming around but I wanted to check in.


Deborah, it really is amazing how quickly things go when you get into the cycle. Soon, it'll be time for you to start stimming and then you'll be amazed how quickly things really can fly by. it's such a blur but a good one because it's such a hopeful time...I'm certainly hopeful for you!


Belly, I'm so happy you had a relaxing time during the last week. It's always nice to reconnect with family and just relax isn't it? I'm sure that everything will be fine with the protocol, even if you messed up couple of shots. You have plenty of time to get everything started anyway and they just really need to grow the lining. Let us know what the doctor and nurses say about it but i wouldn't worry too much...I'm sure it'll be fine!! I can't tell you how many times i was late with taking my meds...for someone who is familiar with pharmaceuticals since i work in the field, I'm probably the least adherent person in the world. haha I usually end up taking the meds but i have to be honest that the time frames are "guidelines" to be, rather than actual time frames i work in. i try to get it in within the time frame though but time escapes me sometimes. And now, with a two times a day drug in addition to a three times a day drug, the staggering is more difficult to remember. It'll be especially difficult when i'm going to be in client meetings all day tuesday and wednesday so i fully expect to be taking my drugs a little late than usual. But in most cases, we have grace periods where there continues to be effective drug levels even though we're late taking drugs. I think the only time I really worry is during those times i have to take antibiotics due to the potential development of resistance if drug levels go too low. How is the shot overall? Sorry about the blood in the needle...ugh. that is so stressful and that really stressed out DH when he had to give me the trigger shot the last time.


Tenzin, YAH for increasing numbers. i don't know the numbers you're supposed to be aiming for but it sounds good to me. Keep us updated about your progress! i'm so excited for you!


Purple Piggie, I'm glad you guys are going away for some time to reconnect. it's so wonderful to remind yourself of the love you have. I know that you and DH have had issues before about the pregnancy so I hope that you are able to get to a consensus that you both can live with!! And mostly, that's me hoping that you will continue to try to add to your family!


Kewpie, OH NO!! I'm happy you're ok but i'm worried about you too. I'm so amazed at how upbeat you are, considering the hospital food you're being forced to eat ;o) haha seriously though, I was so happy to read that you're ok. I'm sorry you need full bed rest but soon, Maisie and Liam will be with us and you'll have forgotten the forced bed rest :o) Maybe you can start reading all those baby books during your mandatory bedrest. definitely make your dh cater to your every need though. hehe i know i would!


Blue, did you get your yard work done? haha i love that your DH convinced you to relax instead. Thumbs up to him...I'd have happily given in to that suggestion!!


AFM, thanks for the encouraging words! i'm happy that my body is so responsive to the drugs. now i'm just back to being concerned about the thawing of the frozen embies but that's just because it's the final step in the process until it's time for me to obsess during the 2ww. :o) Generally, though, I'm looking forward to starting that time worrying haha.


Blue, i will be staying overnight the night of the transfer. It just seemed like a better idea and i won't be as crazy because i wouldn't have been away from home for as long as i was the last time. everyone i know finds it amusing that I hate going away as much as I do. DH is, happily, the same way I am. The thing is that I have definitive rituals and it's difficult to do them when we're staying in a one room hotel room. Mostly, it's because DH sleeps in really late while i tend to get up really early. Then, I twiddle my thumbs until he gets up and by then, I've driven myself crazy. At home, I get out of bed, eat my breakfast, watch some tv or read on the couch. This all requires light, which would wake my dh if we were in the same room! haha I may just have to wake him up earlier! luckily, Friday morning, before the transfer, i can go downstairs to the hotel lobby to read but Saturday morning, I'll be stuck since I'll be on bedrest and that will drive me batty!


I can't believe it's sunday night already...where do the days go!?!? oh well, hope everyone has a wonderful start to the week!!




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Kewpie - I'm so glad things are going okay for you and the babies. That must have been terrifying when it started. I can hardly stand the thought of not knowing what's happening this next 2 weeks. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that you just go home and stay on bed rest and those little kids stay put where they belong!


Belly - It doesn't matter if there is blood mixed into the drug in the syringe, it can still be injected into the muscle without a problem, just not in the spot you drew back blood from. If it ever happens again, you'll know you can just change needles and still use the drug. Your muscle tissue will just reabsorb the blood, no problemo. I'm sure the doctors and nurses get calls every day from people who have missed a dose of a drug or given the wrong amount, etc. You're definitely not alone there, so don't feel too scared to call and make sure - otherwise if you're like me, you'll worry and obsess about it and the stress can't do you any good. Enjoy your vacation!!


Renavoo - Good luck with your transfer! I'll be hoping for good news for you!


Cheers to everyone, I'll be back in about 12 days! If I can get internet access, I'll be sure to poke my head in, even if it's just to stalk.

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Hi All:


I haven't checked in for so long because I had a really big thing at work - something that kinda decided if I got to keep my job or not. I think it went ok. I will know in a few months.


I haven't read the rest of this thread, so I don't know what is going on . I will read back a few pages this afternoon.


Purple, I am really sorry about your loss


Kewpie, I did see your status on FB - I was worried all weekend about you. You really deserve a smooth pregnancy after all it took to conceive. I hope your babies stay put for a good long time, and you won't need those steroids.


Everybody else - I don't know what is going because I am so far behind in this thread. I am going to spend some time catching up this week. I am going out of town Thurs - Sunday, so I will have some time to catch up from my phone (I'm not bringing my computer).


AFM  (since I finally have something new to report!) - The last IUI was a total bust. I started getting severe cramping along with normal period bleeding on the night before I was supposed to do the HCG shot. It was so bad I almost went in to the emergency room. I went in to the RE the next morning, and they thought that it was a big cyst that had opened, meaning that I probably also O'd. My blood confirmed that I did O, and the IUI was canceled. They said to BD that night and the night after, but I was just in so much pain I couldn't. My stomach hurt from all the cramps I had the night before - so bad that it hurt to walk. I finally stopped bleeding this weekend - so that was about 6 days of bleeding. So, no chance of a baby this cycle, but the good news is that we are doing IVF the next cycle. The RE is changing the protocol, to something with luperon for a few days before I start follistim and meniour (and she is increasing that dose too), and I have to take the shots several times a day - not just a night like I have been doing. Has anybody done lupron? What is it like? She said that this type of cycle was supposed to increase egg quality. We also had a good discussion about what to do if this cycle fails, and she gave me a little hope for my own eggs. Our insurance pays for 4 tries, and we have already used one of them. I was thinking that I would be moving on to donor eggs if this next IVF cycle is a BFN, but she said that if I have a good response, even if it does end up in a BFN, I could do one more cycle like that. My first IVF was a poor response.




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Coming out of lurking for a moment hide.gif


RCR - I had a bad response and poor egg quality.  They changed my lupron to two times daily 12 hours apart.  The first cycle (that was the poor response one) we only got 7 eggs and I think 4 were mature?  The second cycle where they changed it to twice a day we got 16 eggs and 12 were mature.... so I would say that it works to change it up!  Unfortunately we had more going on then just that so it didn't work for us.  I hope the change in protocol gets you that BFP!! The first time I was on lupron, I got headaches from it, the second cycle, I don't remember it as much.  


praying.gif I am praying for everyone else and quietly reading :)  

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Thanks April. Nice to see you again. That gives me a little hope. I got 9 eggs last time and 6 were mature, but only one made it to day 5. You also had sperm problems going on too, right?

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Kewpie that sounds so scary, I;m glad the bleeding stopped. I hope your little ones hang in there for as long as possible.


rcr That sucks about your IUI, I'm hoping whatever changes are made this cycle give your BFP!

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Keria - love the new profile pic!!!!  How is everything with you??  Update please? Any gender info to share?


April - hug2.gif  I love seeing your profile pic pop up now and then.  You have a very warm smile.  I hope you are healing and moving forward.  Think of you often!!


rcr - so sorry to hear about what when on with your last IUI.  That is crazy!!!  I hope that your next cycle is the one and you won't have to do any more.  I have been on Lupron now twice.  My first cycle and then this one now (which reminds me i need to take my shot -thanks).  I was on a lupron multi-dose w/ my 2nd cycle and had headaches.  I really think Lupron is an easy drug to be on.  Shots are simple and straight forward no refrigerating needed just insulin needles so they don't hurt too bad.  I don't have any side effects so far and i actually stay on it for the whole time and like a wk or more before starting stims.  I hope it works for you.  Keep us posted.  When will you be starting do you know?


Kewpie - My heart totally sunk when i read your post!!!!!!  Super scary.  I never even had any bleeding when we lost our twins, so I can't even imagine the fear in seeing blood like that.  I hope you are home now and just laying totally low and letting those babies grow.  Keep us posted for sure and I'll be praying all goes well and that those babies stay put.  I am glad to see you are at 24 wks right now... that is a good thing and a good point to get past from what we were told with twins.  Take it easy and grow babies grow and stay put too!!!!hug.gif


Purple piggie -hope you have a great relaxing vacation!!!


Renavoo - Yep, on Sunday we got most of the yard work done.  I still have  a bit more to do but i can handle that myself.  It is just hard especially with the little girlie, to get stuff done around the house.  I swear this is like having a hyper active kid that needs your attention all the time.  LOL... and when i get on the phone she is such a bad little girl b/c i'm not paying attention to her.  She will literally grab the loudest squeaky toy she can find and follows me around as I'm walking to get away from her.  I hope that your stay is somewhat relaxing and that you have a safe trip down there.  Keep us posted.  It is getting close!! Yay!!!


Deborah - How are you doing?? Where are you at in your cycle right now?


Belly - glad you had a good trip.  I don't think it will be too much of an issue that you messed up the dose.  What did they say today when you called???


AFM - AF showed up this morning.  Figures she couldn't just wait until after my 1pm pap today so i had to cancel that.  So i'm set to have my baseline here on Wed morning and then probably will have to be in MI for a Monday or Tues morning u/s & bw, but not sure yet.  This week is a week of cooking and trying to get things organized to be gone for 2 weeks for the pup and I.  I need to leave some food for DH to eat, so he doesn't eat out every night like he used to when he was single.   


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rcr, sorry about your last IUI, that really sucks that the timing was off.  It's good to hear you will be trying IVF again.  It sounds like the new protocol could really help!  I used Lupron with my fresh cycle (just once per day) and got 34 eggs, 29 mature.  I like that my new clinic has me on lupron for my FET because I think it might really help with my cycle!   Can't wait to hear how it goes for you!  When do you get started?


Blue, glad you had time for some yard work.  I bet you are really busy getting ready for travel and prepping for your DH :)  I laughed when you said Abby would follow you around making noise when you are on the phone!  So cute! 


Keira, love the new profile picture!  They are sure growing fast.


Kewpie, oh my gosh, how scary!  I am so glad to hear everything is okay.  I will be praying that those little ones stay in there another 14 weeks :)  Please keep us posted.


April, glad to see your name pop up.  I hope you are doing well.


Aura, thinking about you.


Purple, have a great vacation!  It is really nice getting away from the daily grind :)


Deborah, I remember you from the Summer thread!  What's your schedule like? (I might have missed you posting while I was gone)


Renavoo, I can.not.wait for your transfer!  Did you start progesterone today? (or yesterday?)


AFM, called the clinic and spoke with a nurse.  She said it was fine that I messed up my shot and took one late.  I felt like I could hear concern in her voice, but maybe she was distracted or thought I was over-reacting.  She said not to try to make up the dose, but I might add just a tad to my shot tonight (like 20% of what I missed)...just to be safe :) and because I am a little crazy...haha. I am so mad I dumped the bloody Delestrogen, I hate wasting anything, but IVF drugs is so much worse!  Now I might need a refill before I find out if I am prego or not.  My lining check is Friday and I can hardly wait.  I am not sure if it's because the Delestrogen is only twice/week instead of taking the estrace 3x daily, but I have days with lots of CM and then days with almost none, with the estrace it was constant.  I just hope everything is working right.



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Thank you that's our little boy, our little girl was hiding and we didn't get to see her as well as our little guy. Both are doing great jumping, kicking each other and cute as can be.


Belly Hoping your lining is great, even though it sounds like you still have a few days to go.


Blue Did your RE change your protocol this time? I'm really really hoping this will be your cycle

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Keria - So excited for you!  Wahoooo.....  babyboy.gif  babygirl.gif  That is awesome!!!  Can't beat one of each!!!!



About your question... I'm going back to the Long Lupron protocol (same one we got pregnant with the first time, but it didn't last) and my RE said no more than 11 days of stims.  Not sure if anything else will change with this cycle or not, but not as of now.  I think it will be good to be at my RE's this time for all my monitoring pretty much except the baseline which isn't that big a deal to begin with.  At least this way my RE will be able to see everything first hand and not just get a report.  I'm hoping that will make a difference too. I've also been on Melatonin, CoQ-10 and DHEA some these last 2 months or so, so we will see if that helps.  That is about it here.  At least this AF hasn't been as bad as last months, so that is a plus.  Maybe my body has adjusted to the supplements.  Oh and i'm taking straight Folic Acid now and not the pre-natal type that was just folate.  Just trying to stay positive and keep telling myself the 3rd time is the charm (not counting the FET in there, just the fresh cycles).

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blue - why is 24 a good week to pass for twins? just curious. I can relate to the dog crazyness. We have a new foster dog (we foster for a nearby county that has a huge problem and no humaine society. Our new guy is basically an 8-year old puppy. He was tied to a rope for his entire life (the last 8 years), and this is his first time in a house and seeing normal things like kids and cats. He needs a lot of attention.


Belly - I have no idea what is going on with you.I am going to have to look back a few pages. You transferred already? How many? How many eggs did you get? Sorry, I have been off this thread for so long I am totally out of touch.


kiera - yay for g-b twins!!!


Blue - I am on the same supplements as you. How much COQ10 are you taking? I also take royal jelly, but I often forget. I am skeptical of it anyway.


purple - enjoy your break!


AFM - I am just waiting for AF to get here, and then I will start BCP. So excited to get to this point!! I hve a great feeling about this try.


I am going out of town for work this weekend, leaving DS alone with DH for the second time ever. He was much younger then. I am a little nervious about it. I started taking to DS about it last night, and he was very adiment that he did not mommy to go far far away. I think I am going to try to make some kind of schedule for him, with a daily surprise, to open every day until I come back.

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Well, yesterday I had my Doppler ultrasound and my trial embryo transfer. I am in a bit of a tizzy at the moment because the IVF nurse currently assigned  to my case is rather rude. The message she left didn't just ask if I had abstained from caffeine, it asked if, "I abstained from caffeine, as we instructed you to". That to me implies that she thinks I was purposely not following directions. I could be taking it the wrong way, but she has been disrespectful before so I don't think so.  I don't know if I can request a different nurse without changing doctors. The reason she asked the question is because my numbers were elevated from the ultrasound. I did have chocolate in the morning not thinking about the fact that there was caffeine in chocolate, but that is not purposely not following directions. I did abstain from coffee and caffeinated soda for the 72 hours before the ultrasound. In terms of the rest of the cycle, I am currently on birth control (suppression), I will start stims on 10/22 and if I am responsive to the stims then I have retrieval scheduled for November 5 (my birthday) and transfer (we will be transferring two 5 day embryos) will be November 10.

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Hi Ladies! I just wanted to check in and see how everyone is doing and to just say hi and I'm thinking of everyone.


RCR, yah for IVF. I hope that this time, you get a lot of good eggs and embies...it's time!! How is DH taking the stress of being alone with DS? haha I bet he's even more worried than you are!


April, BIG HUGS!! I'm so happy to see you! When you get a chance, update us on what is happening on your end. We miss you and I'm happy you're still lurking :o)


Kewpie, how are you feeling? I hope that everything is better for you now and that you're getting plenty of rest (haha even though it's not all that restful when it's forced on you!)


Blue, UGH to AF showing during the most inopportune time!! That is really annoying. Oh well, moving onwards then, I'm so happy that you're getting started!! Let us know how the baseline goes. I'm sure everything will be fine.


Belly, does delestrogen make you feel bloated? I have been horribly bloated since the beginning of taking estrogen (and before, actually, but worse after starting the estrogen) and now, I'm feeling even worse since the progesterone. haha I started on Sunday and so, I'm getting ready! I'm going to buy some pineapple to prepare for implantation and I'll find out when I'm going to be getting the transfer on Wednesday. I'm looking forward to it but still really nervous and I just hope that everything goes well! Friday will be busy for both you and me!


AFM, decided to start weightwatchers yesterday (online- I try to do as much as possible online) and it's insanely impossible! It's a completely new way to eat. Which just goes to show me how awfully I eat right now. haha So, we'll see how well I do on the diet...I figured that since weight watchers was all about eating healthier, it makes me more conscious about what I eat...I've eaten more veggies and fruits in the last couple of days than I have all summer, since they are 0 points. I'm not actually trying to lose too much weight...it's more about making me more aware of my diet. Although, I do have to say that if this cycle is a wash, at least I'll be on my way to losing weight. And if this cycle is positive (praying for that!) then I think that I will be able to get the plan to help me decide on a diet that will be good throughout pregnancy. Otherwise, I'll just quit weight watchers then :o)







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I forgot to mention that it may not come across the same way typing because you can't hear the tone of voice.

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Deborah - I can see how that would be rude, I mean, with a rude tone. Why do you need to stop caffine anyway? I was told one or two cupe of coffee a day was fine.


Rena - hope it is my turn and everybody else's! I have two friends who lost a bunch of weight through WW. They do it free at my work, but I have not done it because of TTC, and I think fertility treatments would just screw it up because they make me gain weight regardless of how healthy I eat. Anyway, I am totally signing up as soon as I get pregnant and have a baby and stop BFing, which I guess is a long time from now :)

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rcr - the Lupron gave me headaches last time - especially if I had any alcohol. I took a lot of Tylenol when I was on it. I'm starting it again on October 22nd.


deborah - that is really... odd. Do you mean that they test you for caffeine? I have coffee every morning and it has never been an issue with my RE.


renavoo - I have been trying to lose the weight I gained with IVF and morning sickness, but it has been very slow going. Also I kind of lost motivation and pigged out on bread and sugar on the weekend. I am sometimes really motivated and excited to get in shape, but other times I just don't care if I am fat. Weight Watchers sounds like a good system though, it works well for a lot of people. Keep us posted, maybe I should try it!


I know I'm missing lots of people... hang in there ladies and take lots of drugs ;-) Of course I mean the neverending IVF meds.

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Laggie - the 22nd will be here before you know it!!!  Good luck!


Renavoo - I really can't eve tell but from your profile pic you totally don't look like you need to be losing weight to begin with, but it is good that you are trying to eat better.  That will be a benefit all round for you and the upcoming babe, I'm sure!!!


Deborah -  Sometimes it is so hard to read other people and their tones.  I really find it hard through email and many times have guessed wrong in a tone of what someone is saying.  I wonder if you should just causally bring it up that you were wondering if she was implying that you hadn't been following the rules????  It could also be that they are told to ask it like that too, as in a question.  What kind of test were you having done?  Seems like the rest of us are clueless about any kind of test that measures caffeine for fertility means.  Fill us in.  I know the mock transfer is to figure out where the embryos need to be placed on your transfer day but never heard or had this other one you are talking about.  It is hard to start off on the wrong foot with your nurse, but i wonder if you tried to switch it would only cause more stress.  I'm not one who likes conflict so i'd probably stick it out and see if it gets better, but that's just me.


rcr - I'm on 100mg of CoQ 10 when i remember to take it (LOL.. which is funny b/c i guess it is suppose to be good for brain health).  I took royal jelly a while ago religiously at the suggestion of my old acupuncturist.  I didn't seem to see any difference on it but who knows.   When I said it is good to get to/or past 24wks that was for any baby actually.  When we lost our twin boys at 22.5 wks the specialist told us if we would have made it to 24 wks or after our boys would have had a better chance b/c their lungs are more developed by 24wks is what told us.  I love your idea of a prize a day when you are gone for DS.  This will make you laugh, but I actually thought about doing something like that for my dog when we were away but figure she would be clueless.


Belly - glad everything is okay with your meds.  Sucks to have wasted some but oh well... life goes on right and you can't cry over spilled milk.



AFM- baseline tomorrow.  That is about it from here.  I also swear that AF is about done today and she just started Monday.  Who knows maybe I'm wrong.  Totally off the subject, but I have been making a crock pot recipe once a week lately and the one i'm doing today seems to be a total flop.  I just don't get why i have such an issue with "crocking"?  Sometimes i wonder if it is my crock pot.  The bad thing is that tonight i'm taking dinner to a friend that just had a medical test today where they had to knock her out and she has 2 small kids to care for as well.  Grrrrrrr....so now I'm making them another dinner and we will eat the dry chicken.

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