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I've been having regular contractions for the last 16 hours.  The doctor wants me to go in.  Please keep the babies in your thoughts that they will decide not to come early.

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Oh Kewpie, I'm thinking of your and your little ones! Stay in there for a while longer, babies! goodvibes.gif
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Kewpie, you and your babies are in my thoughts. Please please please just let this be them saying hi and making themselves known. Let us know how it goes. hug2.gif


Belly, yah to having a schedule!! What is your drug schedule? I assume BCPs within the next few days and then you start your delestrogen and PIO 5 days before transfer?


It's so exciting!


RCR, yuuuuuuuuum to fresh jelly. haha I've never heard of kudzu so I actually had to look it up but it sounds YUMMY!


Again, Kewpie, big hugs and my thoughts are with you...


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Oh Kewpie - thinking of you and your babies. Hope everything is ok!


Rena - Kudzu jelly is made from the purple flowers of Kudzu, it kinda tastes like flowery grape jelly.

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Kewpie, I am praying for you and your little ones! praying.gif hug.gif  I am sure the doctors will stop the contractions.


rcr,  I am going to have to look up those kinds of jellys!  We eat a TON here that my mom makes, so feel free to send it my way :)


Renavoo, I will be on SO many drugs.  Here is my protocol (all $1000 of it!!!!):

Baby Asprin start now, no end date

BCP start 9/8 end 9/23

Lupron start 9/19 end 10/21

Doxycycline start 9/19 end 9/28, start again 10/23 end 10/28

Delestrogen start 10/3, no end date

PIO start 10/22, no end date

Medrol start 10/23 end 10/28

Edometrin start 11/8 (I think if beta is positive)


My old FET's were just estrace and endometrin, so this is a HUGE difference for me :)


Aura, thanks for the advice about the mock transfer, at this point I completely agree and will let them do whatever they want if it will help get a BFP!  Yay for stims already!  Do you have a tentative ER date?




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Yes I got good news . I got BFP. Thanks renavoo.  They said homone number is 45 (should be over 25) and progesterone is 20 (should be over 10). I have no clue on these numbers and how these works. Please some one give me guidance on these number and how these works? Is these numbers should increase?


i am so excited on this news. I am just enjoying this.

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Kewpie - my heart just totally dropped when I read your post!!!!  hug.gif  Sending up lots of prayers for you right now!  Please keep us posted.  praying.gif



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Kewpie, I'm keeping your little ones in my thoughts please update us when you know something.

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kwepie - I am praying for you and the doctors that they know how to stop your contractions so those little ones can grow stronger before they meet you... 

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I'm home now.  Everything seems to be ok.  They gave me a large dose of ibuprofen to relax my uterus.  They said they aren't 100% sure what caused the contractions, but the doc thinks it's cause the babies have been really active and triggered them.  I'm on bedrest for the rest of the night.  Thanks for the good thoughts and prayers.  

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Congratulations ItsMe!!  HH9  broc1.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gif


Kewpie - Yay - I am glad you are home and it sounds like everything is going to be ok.  Take it easy! Will still be praying that the contractions stay away

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Kewpie - Glad to hear your update! If it helps to soothe your anxiety, I had regular contractions with my daughter starting shortly after the 20 week US and kept on having them until I was induced on her due date. The diagnosis was irritable uterus. These were not braxton hicks; they hurt and were every 5 minutes all day every day. No medication, just bedrest and NST every other day and weekly US to make sure she was still ok.


Belly - That is a lot of drugs! I hope this is your cycle. Wouldn't it be a kick to have things go how you want them too?

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ItsMe - Congrats!!!  The Drs want the hCG level to double every 48 - 72 hours is what they say.


Belly - fingers crossed this is your cycle coming up!!!!


Kewpie - Awwww....  Thank GOD!!!!  Lay low and rest up!!!!!  Feet up and lots of water!!!!  You about gave me a heartache!!!  LoL... ment to say heart attack, but wrote heatache which is would also be the case so I figured I'd leave it.



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Good to hear that everything is good. Rest and drink tons of water.

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oh man, PHEW! Kewpie, I was really worried. I'm glad that things have calmed down. Take it easy, and yeah, drink lots of water! goodvibes.gif
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kewpie- so glad everything is okay! keeping you and the twins in my thoughts, just get rest and don't let them come out until it's their time!


itsme- congrats on the bfp! wonderful news!!


belly- are they doing a fresh or a frozen cycle for you?  it's similar to what i am on for my fresh, although i do gonal/menopur instead of lupron, and same antibiotics and steroids.  they are putting you on PIO and endometrin? i am always interested in seeing how different REs treat us.  i think this is all a good sign!! the others didn't work, so obviously continuing with the same protocol was not the answer.  your body just needs a fresh outlook!


renavoo-  thanks for updating my stuff!  you're right behind me.  i'm just leading the way with my soon to be (fingers crossed) bfp so that you can follow with the same.  hehehe  i am so happy to be off the bcp.  it took a few days, but once i got my period i dropped eight pounds.  EIGHT POUNDS.  i still find it hard to believe the pill can make me that bloated! although now i am on day three of stims so my stomach is starting to get sore and my jeans are starting to feel tight.  after last time, and how uncomfortable i was by the end of the stim cycle, i went and bought a bella band.  no fooling around!  i will be bloated AND comfortable AND still wear nice clothes.  


afm-  went for my bw today and it's obvious that school is back in session.  all summer i was able to show up at 7 when they open and be second or third in line.  today i was running late, got there at 7:05 and there were EIGHT people in front of me.  i guess i'm going to have to start showing up to wait in line at 6:30 again.  *sigh*. i love sleep.  in any case, the RE called and said to stay on the same protocol for the next two days, which is 300 gonal f and 2 vials of menopur.  no real side effects except for mild bloating and mild headaches.  i am back up to twice a week acupuncture, so i went today and it was great.  with the heated table, and the dim lighting, and the soft music.... i must have passed out instantly because when it was time for me to go she called me sleeping beauty.  hehe.  does anyone else fall asleep?  i do almost every single time.  i'm just so tired!!


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Just wanted to say hi on the new thread.  You guys are so welcoming and kind to graduates and I just can't stay away, hope you all don't mind.


Sorry to all those who got BFN and to all those with losses.


Good Luck to all those starting their cycles.


Kewpie- So glad you are okay, I was on very strict bedrest at 24wks and it worked so please take it easy.  Our boy was also very active inside and hasn't changed not one bit.


Blue- Always thinking of you my friend.


Belly- Hope the new RE does the trick, it's so your time.


Gelly- Just wanted to say we went to Sher Institute after 2 failed IVF's and 1 failed FET with another RE and it was an amazing experience.  We used the institute in New York and got our BFP with our first IVF there.  I have recommended many people there and everyone I sent was more than happy and have had great outcomes.  They are extremely kind and gentle and made the experience more than warming. Good Luck.


Rooting for everyone silently.



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Kewpie, I am so relieved everything is fine!  Please continue to rest and bake those darlings! 


Itsme, congratulations again on the BFP and glad you joined us on this tread!


Julie, it would be a dream come true if things started going as planned! 


Aura, this is another frozen cycle for me.  Since the new clinic is going to be super agressive with our frosties I think we will go through the remaining ones in 1 or 2 more FET's.  Hopefully, it works on the first one and we would have some left for a #3 :)  but I don't want to look too far ahead...one baby would make my world right now.  Booo, for the lines at your clinic!  8 pounds!!!!  That is unreal!!! 


AFM, so I talked with the lab director at the new clinic and they contacted my old clinic and it sounds like I can arrange a time with them to pick up my frosties.  I'll get a nitrogen tank from the new clinic and then take it down there and pick up my babies.  I am really nervous that just taking them out of the "big tank" and moving them to the travel tank will somehow damage them.  Like they might start thawing or something.  I guess it should be fine, but what if the old clinic takes their time...I'll be in the office waiting, but I am really worried something will happen.  It's probably a 2 or 3 mile drive between clinics so I am not worried about the drive, just the transferring in and out of the permanent storage tanks.



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MomtoAlexis~ Thanks so much for the info on Sher! I am waiting to hear back from them. I'll keep you all posted on what I find out! winky.gif

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Momtoalexis, thanks for posting!  It's so nice when graduates stop by with words of encouragement!  I also love knowing we have people behind the scenes cheering us on.  luxlove.gif

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