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YES to EVERYthing MomtoAlexis said! (I can't get the quote button to work right now for some reason.) Blue, Belly goodvibes.gif I just love all of you ladies, and I'm so glad that you make me feel so welcome. I totally understand keeping baby/pregnancy details low-key, which is why I don't share unless asked. But seriously, this is just about the most close-knit, caring, supportive group on MDC and I cherish it! Tenzin, I'm so glad that you had good news today! Could you at least please share it on the graduates thread? I think that Keria's thread is a really nice way of balancing the closeness and also the safe environment here for those days when those details might hurt. I think we all know full well those days exist. I'd be sad to see one of our crew not have a way to share with everybody, though. It can be like site A and site B for our group: all members welcome at either one at any time. Please, let's stick together! blowkiss.gif
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Tenzi, glad to hear the u/s went well!! Congratulations smile.gif

Blue, sending eggie vibes your way! Couldn't ask for a better cycle buddy smile.gif

Rcr, any change in flow?

Mom to, thanks for stopping by and sending me some needed vibes!

AFM, just took my nightly progesterone in the bad side. Mentioned the how bad the right side hurt and they said I might need to switch progesterones...my butt certainly wouldn't mind smile.gif My mom came by when we got home and I am sure she thought it was strange that I wasn't downstairs with DD and DH. I don't think she has any clue, but I hope I don't get any questions...I hate coming up with excuses. Hopefully this cycle works and I can take a break from living a "double life"
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Hi Ladies,


Another night of insomnia...haha well, that just means I get to post on here more. whistling.gif


Belly, 2AA and 2AB from frozen blasts sounds pretty good. I am optimistic. Did I tell you that one of my embies was more expanded (Halo) but the other embie was what they called an early blast? It had a really thick zona too (at least it looked like in the picture they gave us.) Now there is no telling which implanted but I do have to say that they did assisted hatching and little Angel (the early blast) was starting to come out of its shell (hehe) in the photo. I'm thinking that one had a good chance. So I think yours have a great chance! Especially since they survived the thaw. I have a book about infertility and they were talking about IVF and how a panel of experts believe that frozen embies are better than fresh because these are the really strong ones (I think either you or Blue made the point earlier. Look at that, agreeing with experts!)

I know waiting in my own 2ww feels like it takes forever but I also feel like I'm in the 2ww with you! haha i want to know and most of all, to congratulate you when you get your bfp. Hey, just 9 more days, right?


Blue, I hope you had a safe and uneventful drive back. I doubt that you are going to check in before your retrieval but I wanted to let you know that I'm thinking of you and hoping great things for you and DH! Let's get some great embies!


Tenzin, hug.gif You say things so eloquently and I feel the same exact way as you!!








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Not Much time and I'm on my phone that is acting up so I'll do personals later. We are getting ready to leave the aunts house and head to my REs. ER is scheduled for 8:30 am. More to come later. Im hoping to sleep the day away so i can maybe go to the show tonight.... We will see. How were you ladies feeling the night of your ER? I figure I'd take tylenol and if i could maybe find a seat i may be fine. Don't think i'll be able to stand the whole time. Thanks ladies for all your positive vibes! Fingers are crossed here!
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Not Much time and I'm on my phone that is acting up so I'll do personals later. We are getting ready to leave the aunts house and head to my REs. ER is scheduled for 8:30 am. More to come later. Im hoping to sleep the day away so i can maybe go to the show tonight.... We will see. How were you ladies feeling the night of your ER? I figure I'd take tylenol and if i could maybe find a seat i may be fine. Don't think i'll be able to stand the whole time. Thanks ladies for all your positive vibes! Fingers are crossed here!
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Blue, Good luck today!!! I hope you feel up to the concert tonight. I was so drugged and suffering from OHSS so the couch was the only thing I could handle. Keep us posted!

Tear, I didn't see your post earlier. We love having you around !! Thank you for all the support!

Renavoo, sorry you aren't sleeping well greensad.gif I haven't gotten much sleep this week either and its no fun. Hopefully you can relax and maybe take a nap this weekend. I heard snow was headed to NY and there is no better excuse for cuddling inside than cold weather!

AFM, not feeling very optimistic, normally I am convinced it worked and am dying to POAS already but I have no desire to get the bad news. I have ZERO cramping or twinges....just a VERY sore right bum.
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Blue crossing all crossables for you. I slept/hung around the bed all day after my ER, I did have some pain the second time around but tylenol took care of it.


Belly 2AA and 2AB sounds quite good especially since you said the new clinic is super strict. I think it's normal not to feel optimistic especially after so much disappointment. That's ok we'll keep optimistic for you. When are you planning to POAS?


 Tenzin come post in the graduates thread, everyone is welcome to post there. I would love to hear about your u/s.



I feel very close to people in this thread and I'll keep cheeking here and cheering you on until everyone gets their BFP.

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Belly, i totally understand that you're feeling less optimistic but I'm still very optimistic about everything. I think you had 2 great blasts to transfer and hopefully, the assisted hatching just pushed them along a bit! I'm as curious as Keria...when will you plan on POAS? Maybe, this time, you should wait until the day (or 2) below your beta so that you give the embie(s) more time to build up that hcg?


By the way, the day after my transfer, i didn't feel anything either. I think that our little frosties take a little longer to get their work done. I hope that for you too!!


Blue, I'm dying to know how things went!!! I hope you got a lot of eggs and that tomorrow, you find out that all fertilized and were viable and ready to go! Your clinic does a three day transfer, right? Hopefully, you'll have a few frosties by the end of this too!


Tear, for some reason, I didn't see your post until later too. I completely agree with you and Keria...I would almost feel lost without having you ladies here to talk to!!

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I really appreciate everyone's well wishes and positive thoughts! 


I just heard back from the clinic and they said (on voicemail) that they were unable to refreeze any of the frosties.  I am a little sad, because I think there might have been a small chance with some of them, but DH is happy that we don't have any "options" or choices on what we will do next.  It worries me that maybe these aren't that great either...but isn't it weird that my fresh cycle same batch worked?  I hope this negativity goes away soon.  I normally POAS 5dp5dt since that's when I got my BFP with DD.  But I for sure wont until at least 7dp5dt this time.  Might even wait longer or not at all...if I don't think it worked next week still, I probably wont...no sense spending several days depressed and crazy hoping a second line appears.


Blue, hope you have some good news for us!!! 

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Thread crashing to say  to Blue: I hope ER went well!!!  Still thread stocking you!!! :)

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Starting suppression today! Might have a retrieval as early as Wednesday :-).

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Deborah - Yay for stims!!!


Brichole- thanks for thinking of me.  You are sweet.


Belly - glad things went well with your transfer.  Sorry to hear that you couldn't save any of the other embies.  Lets just keep our fingers crossed that this is your cycle and it won't make a difference.


Renavoo - hope you are felling well. Did you have your next beta yesterday or no?  How was it?  No, my clinic does a 2 day transfer actually.  So we go back in on Monday to have them put back in.  I had insomnia when i was pregnant too and remember it was really annoying.  I think it did get a little better after awhile.


Keria  - I'm glad you will continue to check in.  I'd feel really sad if you graduates dropped off all together.  Thanks for your warn wishes.


Tear - good to see your name too!!!  hug.gif


Momtoalexis- also love having you pop in now and then with your good advice and caring nature!!!


Tenzi - so good to hear your u/s went well.  Did you see a heartbeat?


rcr - still bleeding?  How are you?


AFM - ER went okay.  I remember being in pain during it and had even asked them to give me more meds in the beginning but it still hurt.  They got 5 eggs which i don't remember that part at all (the dr telling us that).  Kinda concerns me but they dr said they just wanted good quality not guantity so I need to remember that.  We will get a report tomorrow and then Transfer back is on Monday morning.  Just been resting today and hoping to go to the concert tonight for a bit.  The band manager is going to save us two seats so that will help my cause.  Okay, i'll fill you in more tomorrow when i know more.  Thanks again all for your kind thoughts.



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Belly, that's too bad about them not being able to save the other embies, it must be sad to lose them.  I'm hoping that all of our positive vibes, caring thoughts and warm wishes carry you through to the end of your wait and then we can spend some time rejoicing in a bfp with you! 


Blue, sorry that you felt pain during the ER, and even had some still after requesting more meds.  That doesn't sound like fun!  I'm glad it is over for you, and hopefully you feel up to it to go and see the band tonight.  That's a really nice thing for the band manager to do, to save the two seats.  What is the band and what kind of music is it?  Regardless of what you do, I hope you have a good sleep tonight.  I've got everything crossed for a great report on those 5!  And of course, I haven't forgotten about little Abby-- I hope her eyes are much better now that she's been on the meds for a couple of days.  Thanks for asking about seeing a heartbeat on the u/s... yes, we did; it feels like one more milestone has been reached.  The heartrate was 160 bpm.  I think mine was just about as fast going into the sonographers room until we saw it!


Deborah, good luck with starting the next stage!

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Belly, I so understand what you mean about not being optimistic. I only had to go through one FET, unlike you, who has gone through so many, but I wasn't optimistic either. So I'm hoping that my good fortune translates over to you. As for not being able to refreeze the eggs, I'm sorry but like you said, you didn't have to waste your energy deciding. I don't think they being unable to refreeze is any reflection on the quality. When we were discussing my three, my RE told me that he would thaw 2 and then, if they both didn't thaw 90% or more, he would use the third. He never mentioned being able to refreeze and I got the feeling, during the call, that we would be using all three without the option of them being viable next time. I like the analogy I think Blue had about refreezing chicken. Regardless, I'm waiting on pins and needles for reports from you and Blue!! dust.gifImplant little embies, implant!!


Blue, yah for transfer tomorrow! I cannot wait! I hope that all goes well with your report today. I know that 5 may not seem like a lot but hey, you only need one and hopefully, these are the highest quality. I'm definitely pulling for you. let us know how you're feeling today. Sorry about the painful retrieval...the things we go through to have a baby. You must really have a hindered response to the anesthesia!


I can't wait for results for you two! To take a "line" from Tear,lurk.gif

Tear, that one "comment" still elicits chuckles from me whenever I think about it. It's just so adorable!


Oh Blue, yes, i did get my second beta and it came out good. it more than doubled (4690IU/L at 14dpt) so they decided my next step is going to be an US the week of the 7th. They said anytime that week is fine so I'm thinking I'll go in middle of the week to see if i could catch a heartbeat.





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Belly - hug2.gif Maybe you will have a huge surprise this time. 


Blue - Really, really hoping this is your time.


Tenzin + Renavoo - Congratulations to both of you. 


Keria, Kewpie, and other graduates - I also love hearing the success stories. It wouldn't be the same thread without knowing it could happen for all of us. But I would feel kinda weird stalking the graduates thread, since I am not a graduate. 


RCR - just wanted to say hi. 

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Tenzi - Yay for a nice strong heartbeat!!!  That is a great number!!!  I'm so excited for you!!


Renavoo - Wow, that is a huge jump.  I'm guessing you have 2 in there.  Can't wait to hear how your u/s goes next week.  You can stop eating the popcorn now and here is your update below...



joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif  Good news!!!!!! Just got a call from my RE himself and he said all 5 eggs fertilized!!!!! Wahoooooooo!!!  I'm mad I missed his call b/c I wanted to talk to him especially b/c i had a question about the progesterone.  Any else use Crinone progesterone?  That is what I'm on and I thought last time i only used it once a day in the morning, but when the nurse left me a message on my voice mail yesterday when i was sleeping away the day she made it sound like it is twice a day. The other nurse wrote on my paper that it was in the am, so now I'm really confused.  Anyone know?  I'm sure one day taking it just once a day won't be that big of a problem and then I can ask them tomorrow at my transfer so i can ask then.

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Blue:  YAY!!! I"m so happy that all 5 fertilized!!! That is WONDERFUL news!!! G/L tomorrow at your transfer!!! Will be thinking about you!!! I hope you get a "TREAT" (or 2) for Halloween tomorrow :)

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Thank you!

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BLUE, YAYYYYYY!!!!! Quality it is! Grow, little embies, grow!!!!! And I think I took crinone 2x/day, but I was at least doing 1 and then PIO shots. If it makes you feel better, I definitely think it wouldn;t hurt to take 2 and then ask tomorrow. Rest up, lady!!! Did you make it to the concert?
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Yay Blue awesome news, it seems like the new protocol did the trick. Grow little ones grow!!

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