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Blue, that's AWESOME!!!!  Come on, little embies, do what we ALL want you to do and grow nice and strong!!!!joy.gif

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Blue, congratulations on the excellent fertilization report!!!!!  joy.gif Can't wait to hear how wonderful they are doing tomorrow at transfer!  I really think this is your cycle!!!!! 

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Bluem YAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!clap.gifI'm so excited and can't wait until transfer tomorrow so I'm continuing to eat my popcorn. haha. Hopefully you have some beautiful ones to transfer and another few to freeze!! yah!!


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oh by the way, i don't use crinone...sorry. :o( I use endometrin. The prescribing information doesn't help either because it says that you can apply once or twice a day. however, they do have a distinction that makes me think once a day? I hope you found out!!!


This is from the prescribing information booklet for Crinone: Crinone® 8% is administered vaginally at a dose of 90 mg once daily in women who require progesterone supplementation. Crinone® 8% is administered vaginally at a dose of 90 mg twice daily in women with partial or complete ovarian failure who require progesterone replacement. If pregnancy occurs, treatment may be continued until placental autonomy is achieved, up to 10-12 weeks.



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Thanks all!!!!!  I talked to him (RE) and he said it is twice a day so that is what I will do.  Keeping my fingers crossed that those eggies are still all going strong tomorrow.  Plan to pack up the car first thing in the am except for the crate and the pup and we will go for our transfer (have to be there at 8am and transfer at 8:30am) then will come home and pick up the crate and the pup and be on our way as I stay in the car reclined in the front seat.  I'll try to post maybe once we get home.  Love having all you ladies behind me and I don't know what I would do without all of your support!!!!  grouphug.gif

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I'm rooting for you blue!

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blue- this is amazing news!!! i am very excited for you, how many will you transfer??


belly- i know you are feeling down but I am feeling so positive for you.  keep in mind i've never even had a blastocyst, so the fact that you have two good quality blastocysts to transfer is amazing.  if graf can get a bfp from a mediocre 4 cell, you are so far ahead of the pack.  try and keep your spirits up, i know it's easy to let stress get the best of you.


afm, we were up visiting friends when "snowtober" happened.  almost 14 inches of snow!! we lost power saturday night around 10:45, so we all fell asleep on the couches listening to talk radio.  it was cozy... until we woke up realizing the gas heat was on an electric thermostat and therefore no heat. we spent most of yesterday shoveling and eating all the baked goods that my friend and i had made for her halloween party (that wound up get cancelled because of the weather).  i figured i worked up some good activity points, why not spend them? hehe.  dh and i just got home and it feels SO good to be back in our own house, with heat, hot water, internet, and tv.  


still waiting for AF.  i assumed i'd get it today but i don't really even feel any signs. i  had mild cramping two days ago and now nothing.  i'm confused!  last cycle i started spotting on the 27th THROUGH the estrogen and progesterone.  and this month it's taking its time? i have always been like clockwork, about 29 days, so this is making me insane.  the sooner i get AF the sooner i can start the process for my iui.  i hate waiting!

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good luck blue!

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Blue - joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif I am SO excited for you!  I hope they continue to grow big and strong.  Your cycle is sounding a lot like my last one.  We got 5 eggs, but 4 were mature for ICSI and then all of them fertilized.  I can't wait to hear how they are doing at your transfer!  




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HOORAY BLUE!!!  I'm SO excited for you!

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YAY BLUE! So amazing that they all fertilized! I can't wait to hear about the ET tomorrow!!!


Renavoo - I'm definitely joining the camp that thinks you're having twins!!! My betas were even slightly lower than yours and I have two for sure! Can't wait to hear about your ultrasound. You said you'll be 7 weeks? So excited to find out if you're joining Kewpie, Keria, and me in the twins club!


Kewpie - I'm so glad to hear things have calmed down for you. What a journey. I've been following your progress and praying that those babies stay in as long as possible! I love the names you chose.


AFM - 16w today! Morning sickness is still going VERY strong. Weight loss has plateaued at 26 pounds so hopefully the gaining will start ASAP. Our next ultrasound is 2w from tomorrow at 18w1d and the official gender scan at the hospital is one week later at 19w1d. We're hoping to announce genders at Thanksgiving!


I did want to check with y'all about pap smears during pregnancy. My OB is typically very low intervention but wants to do a pap at my next appointment. I had one in January with my RE and it was fine (as have all of mine been since starting them at 18). He said he typically does them with the first appointment at 8w or so but mine is later since I stayed with my RE for so long. He said that pregnancy can cause abnormal cells to develop. I think I'm going to refuse. I mean wouldn't the next step be a biopsy if it came back bad? There is just no way. It just makes me nervous to have my cervix messed with at this point, especially since paps typically cause cramping and spotting for me when NOT pregnant. I'd love y'all's thoughts on this.

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Probably triggering tomorrow. We almost triggered tonight.

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Bungalow, it's all going so fast! I can't wait to hear about the results of the gender scan. It's so exciting. haha thanks for the twins prediction :o) It would be wild if that happened. I'm really worried because I am not having many symptoms though. I am technically only 5 weeks right now (on the dot, according to my schedule, so I'll be around 6 weeks for my first scan) so I'm hoping that I'm just being too sensitive. Well, actually, I just slept the whole day away. So maybe some fatigue and still a little breast tenderness but nothing otherwise. Maybe I should just count myself lucky...ugh to STILL having morning sickness. You're one of those unlucky few. I know it's all worth it for the beautiful babies but still, I'm sure you were hoping the second trimester would bring the end to that symptom!


As for the PAP smear, the US preventative services task force just released  a recommendation a week or so ago that women with normal pap smears only test once every 3 years. I think that they would say that your doctor is being a bit too cautious although I have heard that pregnancy can cause abnormal cells. However, I would think that that would be more prevalent in women who actually had a previous history, not in women who have always had normal PAPs. If I experienced bleeding and cramping when I got my paps, i would be in your camp and refuse until after delivery. Really, what would a few more months really mean? Myself, i don't usually suffer ill effects from PAP smears so I might just go for it if they ask but that's because I have a history of abnormal paps, even though my previous few PAPs were completely clean. But like you said, it's not like they could DO anything, even if they find something abnormal. They don't normally do some of the more aggressive treatments to get rid of the abnormal cells while pregnant anyway.


Blue, I hope you have an easy transfer and a relaxing ride home!!! I can't wait to hear about it. Positive thoughts are floating your way!!! get home safely!


Aura, wasn't the weather wild?? I had a work function Sat night so we ended up having to be in Jersey and while going to the function, we saw some downed trees. Most people didn't show up to the function and then coming home, we saw a heck of a lot of downed trees and even a blazing fire on the street! Lots of accidents and lots of dark streets due to black outs. It was insane. And then today? Beautiful. if a little chilly. Where the heck is our fall? Sorry about AF being late. It's always the way. AF is such an inconsiderate being! ugh. I hope you get it tomorrow (haha unless you're pregnant maybe? Hey, we can all hold out hope...)


Silverbird, how is everything going where you are??


Hi everyone else! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend...and has a fantastic start of the new week...



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Hi all. I am on my phone so I can't write everything that I want to, but I did want to say yaaaaaaa blue! And good luck tomorrow! Good luck to you too Deborah
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Hi all  - I am back to work (and my computer). Thanks to all of you who asked what was up with me. I always disappear over the weekend because we don't have a computer or Internet access at home, and typing long posts from my phone is kinda a pain. I do read though. anyway, my bleeding stopped on Friday. I was very light by then anyway. So hopefully my AF will come on soon so that I can get started with my cycle again. I called the pharmacy to see if they could take the lupron back, and they couldn't. I guess I understand. I sure hope my insurance will pay for it again. they are so picky - one month they will pay for every office visit with only a $20 co-pay and another month they will make me pay $40. It is really random. I never ever complain to them because I am so afraid that they will just take my fertility insurance away, so I just pay whatever they want me to pay. It is so small compared to what everybody without insurance has to pay. 


Blue - thinking about you and your transfer. When you get a chance, please tell me the details of how you stay lying down. We have a long (3-hr) drive home too. Last time we stopped for lunch on the way home and I slept the rest of the way. Do you get up to pee? Do you just recline in the front seat? Don't you get hungry after the transfer? Do you bring lunch? I am asking because this time I want to make more of an effort to stay vertical, y/k. I did stay home for a week afterward, but I really didn't stay in bed, I just relaxed at home.


Bungalow - I would totally skip the pap. No sense in causing any kind of trouble down there if it can be avoided for 9 months.


Belly - sorry you had to thaw so many, but two blasts sounds like great chances, so maybe it will all be worth it in the end!


Hi to everybody else. We are in the middle of lots of  Halloween fun. DS is having such a great time he has been running around like crazy and going to parties and dressing up, and staying up late. I hope he doesn't get sick after all of this, or maybe I do because I kinda want him to get his winter sickness over with before IVF.

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Blue, I am so excited for you today!!!  Can't wait to hear how great it went!!!


rcr, glad the bleeding stopped.  Any guess on when your AF will show so you can get started again?  I bet your DS is having a wonderful time and hopefully he can stay healthy all winter :)


Bungalow, I would skip the PAP too.  My OB does the newer test that is only needed every 3 years, and if your's have always been clear I don't see the harm in waiting a few months...plus what could they do about it anyways!  I can't wait to hear the gender :)


Deborah, good luck!  Sounds like you are almost there!


Renavoo, thanks for staying so active with us :)  Glad everything is going well for you and I can't wait for your u/s next week!


Aura, what an adventure!  Hope AF shows soon, or doesn't at all!!!!


Laggie, how are you doing?


AFM, well my expectations of success haven't improved at all.  I wish I could believe it worked, but I have had absolutely NO symptoms at all.  I am doing everything I can, like the 2 days full bedrest, taking a nap yesterday, no small cup of coffee in the morning (even though it is the only thing that keeps me regular) and not lifting DD too much.  Luckily this is going to be a crazy busy week!  We have something to do every morning and afternoon so I think it should fly by as long as I stay focused on what needs to be done each day :)  I'll probably test Saturday or Sunday...leaning towards Sunday so I don't spend the whole weekend miserable.  My beta is Monday, one week from today.  I have already spent WAY too much time on the interenet looking for success stories with similar frozen blasts...so I suppose the madness has slightly begun :)



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Blue thinking of you today.


Belly I had no symptoms at all in my successful cycle, not a twinge a cramp nothing, I actually had way more symptoms in any other cycle than on my BFP one. I'm super optimistic that you will get your BFP this cycle.

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Rcr - trying to remember your questions w/o being able to look back. I ride in the front seat al the way reclined n my feet up on the dash or u could rode in the back seat w your feet up on the window I guess. DH n I will prob go thur a drive thur n I'll probably just kinda eat still reclined. Can't remember hour other questions but can look again when I get home and off my phone. Glad the bleeding stopped! Keep us posted.

More personals later since when I get home I'll have plenty of time laying on the couch. Yuck! I hate that part!

AFM - All went well!  Just resting now in the car reclined w my feet up on the dash. My RE wanted us to transfer 3 but both of us (DH more than me) were a little leary bc of our past history and issuse we had w our last set of twins so we just went with 2. All 5 of the embryos are still going strong today and are a 2 or 2+ grade ( 1 being the best) so that is good. I think the 2 they put back in that were 4 cell, so I guess that is good too for 2 days after ER. We will see. My dr was very pleased with the results and we will freeze the other 3 for now. Just thought I'd give you all the scoop while I was laying here in the car. Thanks for all ur thoughts.  Talk later! Beta is on 11-11-11 !
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Belly, it's too early to have symptoms yet! I'm with Keria...I'm super optimistic for you!

Blue, YAH to a great transfer and having a few left over! I think transferring 2 is a good idea and that way you still have three to play with in the future. Are they going to freeze the other three today or are they going to let them grow into blasts first? Get home safely (and comfortably!)

Rcr, I'm so happy you stopped bleeding. Can't wait for you to get started too!

Everyone else, hope all is well and have a great day!!




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belly - If I'm remembering correctly, I didn't feel anything until a few days after my beta.  It's still early yet, try to keep your chin up, though I know it's hard.


Blue - That sounds fantastic! I don't blame you about choosing 2 over 3.  We were in a similar situation our first cycle and we had to make the decision of 2 or 3.  We went with 2 that cycle too.  I have such a good feeling for you and belly.  I can't wait till your betas!



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