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Hello All!  Sorry that I have been MIA for a while.  I have been lurking and reading everything, though.  I had a super busy week and weekend, and then I was just so upset that I lost my last post!  I am sure whatever I said was awe inspiring, brilliant and hilarious!  (ha, ha..just kidding).  But it is annoying to lose everything when we all put so much of our heart and soul in to what we tell each other!  UGH!


Belly:  It is way too early to be worrying about no symptoms.  When I was pregnant with DS, I had no signs until I was about 6-7 weeks along.  Not a twinge.   Keep the faith.hug2.gif


Renavoo:  Glad that you are doing well and that your beta's are so awesome.  Yup..I am in the twins camp too.  Wishing you nothing but the best!  Wish you were sleeping better.  I had insomnia throughout my pregnancy, so I feel for ya!


RCR:  I hope that you get AF soon.  That seems like a weird thing to be saying on an IF blog, but in this case it would be a good thing.  I know that you just want to get things started.


Deborah:  Did you trigger yet?  Sending positive vibes your way!


Blue:  broc1.gifcarrot.gif  Awesome news!!!  I am absolutely thrilled for you.  Any updates today???


Aura:  I am sorry AF is late!  As I said to RCR, it is always late when you don't it to be!  The baked goods sound yuuummmyy!  Wish I could have some too!


Tenzin, Kewpie and Keria:  We love having you here.  Don't for a minute consider leaving us!


AFM:  We decided to go ahead with IVF.  I started the BCP last Tuesday.  They are already making me a little wonky, but not too bad.  I will be doing the micro-flare protocol.  Using lupron, follistim, menopur and HCG.  Then PIO shot.  I asked my RE about suppository vs. IM.  He strongly believes in the injectable, at least for the first 4 or 5 days post transfer.  I am not happy about it (not that the suppositoiries are all that pleasant) but I will follow his advice.  He is not expecting to get a lot of eggs.  10 would be perfect, but he is not expecting any more then 4 or 5.  When I asked how many he would recommend to transfer, he said we could do 4!!!  I was shocked.  I do not think he is very optimistic for us.  Don't get me wrong, he is not gloomy, but...4???  He never thought I would get pregnant with my own eggs with DS and it worked with one follie, first IUI.  So I refuse to get down about it yet.  So 21 days of BCP then we start the lupron.  My RE also makes you go on full bed rest for 5-7 days post ET.  UGH!!!!  How am I going to explain that one to work?  Who will take care of my DS?  Who will clean the house.  Oh Lord!!!  I am a mess of nerves!


Thinking of all of you!

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I'm surprised so many RE's still recommend bedrest - mine said the research showed it didn't help (I refuse to do anything that isn't scientifically proven, so we have a lot of discussions like that). I think they have this weird idea that it makes women "feel better" to be on bedrest, when most of us find it super stressful.


Blue - sounds like your transfer went well, goodvibes.gif to you for implantation and a BFP in two weeks!  11-11-11 is a day of beginnings, it sounds full of luck to me.


Belly - it's too early for symptoms, don't worry! It sounds like everything went well and you'll have a BFP next week. No POAS! (well maybe if you like doing that - I avoid it because it's upsetting for me)


AFM - this morning the Lupron vial fell out of the fridge and broke, so we have to get more (ack!) but the RE's office said they will mix some up for me and it will be cheaper than the vial I had before. I had a really emotional weekend, our foster dog got adopted on Friday and I wasn't expecting to be so sad about it... He was our first foster and we totally fell in love with him. I guess it sort of brought up all the miscarriage emotions from August - I just want a baby to love and take care of and am starting to feel it's not happening because the universe is punishing me. Which I know is silly, but I'm not always rational. October is a hard month in Vancouver, the gloomy weather sets in and people get depressed. Usually I'm okay, but I'm really feeling it this year. I'm thinking about getting one of those bright light boxes to see if it helps.



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My follies did a lot of growing last night so I'm most likely triggering tonight! I will know for sure in the next couple of hours :-).

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Laggie - Yes it is weird that some RE require the bedrest an others don't. Who knows.  I'm one that would rather be safe than sorry so I will follow the rules even though i hate laying on the couch for two days.  Drives me nutty and then i get all sore and stiff too.  Sorry to hear about the lupron incident.  What kind of Lupron are you on?  Multi dose or the other?


Praying - wow, that is a long time to be on bedrest!!!  I don't know how you would be able to do that especially with DS unless you had some awesome family or DH that would stay home and help you out.  You might be able to take a medical leave from work that is my only thought.  Good luck with it all.   Keep us posted.  You must have missed my above posts on the other page but we transferred 2 embies this morning and will freeze the other 5.  All of them were a 2 or 2+ grade (and 1 is the best) so that is really good for me especially compared to what we have gone through in the past 3 times.


Aura - hoping that AF shows up for you here soon.  Glad you survived the snow storm.  Must have kinda been a little bit fun in a way... kinda like camping up colder.


Silver - thanks girl.  How are you doing and when is your surgery date?  Thinking of you!!


Kewpie -  Thanks my friend!!!   27 wks that is awesome!!!! Yeah.  I'm going to for sure come and stalk you on the graduate IVF thread soon... maybe I can join you soon over there.. that would be even better.


Carlyle- so good to see your name show up.  You are one of my favorite "sister of a sister" LOL.  You and Tear are the best!!  Hope you are doing well with your two little ones.  I'm sure they are not so little anymore though!!!  Thanks for popping in!!!


Bungalowmama - Good to see your name again and glad things are going well for you!!  Lots of IVF multiples these last couple of months for sure!!!  I'd opt out of the pap if you could and just have it done later if it isn't that big of a deal, but it is totally up to you.  I know you want to avoid as much medical drama as possible, but it is your choice.  I know you only pop on now and then but you might want to ask on the new graduate thread that Keria set up for the IVF graduates in case some of them don't happen to read your post on here (which i doubt b/c we are all hoping that the graduates stick around too. Here it is in case you didn't see it..  http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1334294/ivf-graduates-thread#post_16720866



Keria - hope you are well.  I'll be over to the other thread here in a bit but wanted to say that I really wish i was laying on that beach in your profile picture!! Looks so peaceful!!!!


Renavoo-  I asked about when they will freeze the other three and they said they will freeze them today b/c it is better to freeze them earlier b/c it is better for the embryos at that early stage or so that is what they said to me.  I'm sure there is a whole school of thought on this issues as well just like the bedrest and at what day you should do your ET after your ER.  Crazy how such a science could have such different views!!!!!  Hope you are feeling well too and those symptoms keep coming just as long as they are manageable.


Belly - i hope that your busy week keeps you distracted some from this tww. Don't worry I'm right there with you.  I have Abby's girlie surgery next monday and then will pick her up on Tues and have to care for her so that will be a good distraction for me in this tww.  Poor little girlie!!!  Stay away from Dr Google..... he will only cause you stress in this tww.  I think I might try to do some fertility yoga or some positive thinking each day.  I did that with our first IVF and got a positive so I think i'll try to keep picturing those embies sticking on really tight to that lining and digging in there deep for a good 9 months.  Deep breaths my friend.


rcr - I  re-read your questions.... I laid at the RE's office with my legs up on a bolster for an hour and then peed really gently and then got in the car and reclined the seat as far back as it would go (would have gotten in the back seat but with all the stuff we had to pack there was no room) and put my feet up on the dash.  Oh and i had two pillows under my butt as well.  By the time i got home my butt and back felt numb and so tired of being in the car. I'm glad to be out of the car and on the couch now.  DH stopped and got us lunch to eat on the road so i ate that reclined as well which was interesting but managed.  Bed rest just today and tomorrow i can shower and eat a meal at the table but the rest of the day spent on the couch laying down probably watching HGTV and then wed i'll be up and about but kinda not doing too much and may try to rest sometime through out the day.  We will see.


Tenzi - hope you are doing well.  Thanks for your positive wishes.  We did make it to see the band and it was great.  I wouldn't have been able to stand the whole time but we had the table which help.  The group is called Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers.  They put on a great show and are so entertaining.  We are really good friends with the one guitar player and have gotten to know all the other guys in the band pretty well and they are all very genuine and just awesome people in general. 


Julie - good to see your name pop up as well.  How are you doing???


Tear - yep, we went to the concert.. see what i wrote to tenzi above and it will explain more.  hug.gif to you my friend.


Deborah - good luck with your trigger.  I still have my bruise on my butt from mine.


Okay, i think i may have hit almost everyone.  I kept going back several pages to try and catch up on everything and everyone that had posted in the last 2 pages so if i missed you it is b/c you haven't posted, but Hello to all!!!!


AFM - well, as you can see above I'm pretty bored just laying on the couch w/ the laptop and the puppy dog laying on my legs.  I feel like i got hit by a truck and am really sore in the ovary/uterus area which i always think is a really good thing b/c i know that those little guys are in the right place and hopefully getting comfortable.  I have my pineapple in the fridge and i think tomorrow night DH and I will order Chinese food since that is kinda the superstition for getting pregnant after an IVF or at least so i have heard.  A friend brought us dinner tonight and another is bringing dinner on Wed night so that is nice not to have to stress over that the next few days.  Here is a pic of the 3 they wanted to put in but then we just decided on two of them. 





Good grief..... just realize that as the pup is laying with me on the couch she just chewed through my power cord for my laptop!  DH is going to love this!!!! What a pain!!!  Luckily it is really the first thing that she has ruined, i think!!!!  duh.gif






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Thanks. I have officially been given the go ahead for the trigger tonight! Retrieval scheduled for Wedneday morning! :-)

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Oh, and I am well-versed in IM injections- I was on Lupron for 6 months.

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Blue, Yay for the excellent news, the little ones are so cute do you know which ones they ended up transferring?, that's so nice that your friends are bringing you dinner. Was the charger plugged in? I hope she didn't get shocked. Oh and the beach is my "happy place" it only looks like that on weekdays, on the weekends is crazy but still really beautiful I can't wait to take my kids there.


Praying I wonder why your doctor wants to transfer 4 I've only heard of that if you had multiple failed IVFs. And yeah I wouldn't worry too much about bedrest, but I understand wanting to follow your doctor's orders.

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Blue, I am so happy everything went so well with your transfer this morning!  So exciting and it sounds like you are on your way to a BFP!  What beautiful embies you have!  And how great to have some frosties for sibblings :)  On a side note, I can't tell you how many computer cords and other things our puppy has chewed through...sounds like you have been pretty lucky!  (but still a bummer!)


Laggie, that really sucks about the Lupron.  Those kind of days are the worst and I hate starting off on a bad foot.  I know what you mean about weather affecting moods, and to have your foster dog adopted so quickly is sad.  Animals are so easy to get attached to, their unconditional love is really something.  I am sorry it remind your miscarriage, I can see how the feelings would be stirred up.  I hope tomorrow is better.


Praying, wow that is a long bedrest, and 4 embies to boot!  I was so sore and stiff after my day and a half that I was looking forward to just taking it easy...maybe some of those days are a modified best rest?  Also, I found my shots hurt much more the 2 days on bedrest, I think it was because they were already stiff.  So based on the info it looks like ER/ET mid December?  Yay for getting started!


Kewpie, Keira, Renavoo, rcr, Juli and all, thank you for your continued support.  I am so happy my days are really busy because today is already almost over and the rest of the week will fly.  I can't wait to see how I feel next weekend...positive/negative/pregnant/not pregnant.  I am still fighting the fear that they have already arrested and nothing is going on in there.  I just wish I knew...

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Belly -  Thanks!  I'm excited to be tww buddies and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we can get our BFPs together!!!!!! DH actually fixed the cord so that saved us 80 dollars.  Kinda makes me nervous b/c I told him I don't want it to catch on fire or something now.  He just laughs at me and thinks i worry too much.  It amazes me the things he can fix and always does a good job so i should just trust him.


Keria - what beach is that and where is it at?  Yep, the charger was plugged into the wall, but not into my computer at the time.  She literally got it into two pieces so i thought it was a goner but DH fixed it so that is good.  I'd think they would have transferred the top two b/c they look the best of the 3.  More perfect 4 cell embies I'd say but i don't know for sure.


AFM- feeling so crampy right now. Yuck. I did take some tylenol at dinner time so I'm hoping that would help, but not yet. I'm also so done with laying on the couch at this point in time.  I think Abby knows I can't get up and get her so she is getting into trouble more and I can't do much about it, but call DH and tell on her and then he has to take care of it.  LOL.  He is taking the day off (well, working from home tomorrow) to be here with me b/c of the dog basically.  I would be fine home alone if the dog wasn't a puppy and into everything and needing to go out all the time.  We will see how much work he actually gets done while he is home.

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Blue- that is amazing! They look so beautiful. Good luck! When they are four-cells, are they- embryos? blastocysts? Cramping is super gross, I really hope it's all happening the way it should and your lovelies are implanting healthily!


Belly- Those hopes for healthy ones inside are for you, too.


Praying- How wonderful to be on the path! You can actually see the next steps. That must be such a relief, to have made a decision and be going with it.


Deborah- That is fantastic! Good luck with the next step.


Laggie- Most people living in northern climes are deficient in vitamin D. During one of your blood draws, maybe they can check your D? I started taking a D supplement about two years ago and they have worked- I had my blood retested after one year of supplements and my levels went up. Most importantly, I do not feel the change of season as strongly now.


We have now been sent by our fertility doctor to the hospital to put us in the waiting line for IVF/ICSI! The online message boards say the waiting time for starting IVF at this hospital is about 9 months now. And my sweetheart and I started acupuncture last night! The acupuncturist is going to work on helping my sweetheart have more sperm and she wants to make my cycles a little longer (from 26 to 28 days) and make my luteal phase longer (from 11-12 days to 14 days). I feel very hopeful now! Because of the waiting time, we have the time to see if the acupuncture can help us be successful, and also the acupuncture treatments aren't delaying the IVF treatment because we have to wait anyway. The acupuncture treatments will be for 10 weeks, and then when we get to our turn at IVF, the acupuncture can help improve our odds. The acupuncturist said the waiting time fluctuates, and sometimes it can be as short as three months, so there is always hope :). Hope to get pregnant before our turn at IVF comes, and hope our turn comes quickly!  

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Praying, yah for starting IVF but your doctor sounds like he should be getting some lessons in bedside manner winky.gif I can't believe he wants to transfer 4 though. They have a guideline as to how many they should be transferring according to your age and such and I find that 4 is so much! I assume he means a 3 day transfer? My doctor always intended on using a 5 day blast so he even wanted me to transfer 1 initially (depending on how the cycle turned out) I balked at that so I ended up transferring 2, although that cycle failed. I think for a 3 day transfer, he may have considered 2-3. Did he tell you why he wants to transfer 4? And why he thinks he will only get 4-5 eggs? As for bedrest, ummm wow! Good luck with that! haha I was good this time around and stayed in bed (sort of) for about 16 hours before i started bouncing off the walls. Luckily, DH and i had to go home so I was able to leave. My RE says that bedrest also includes sitting down, not just lying down so hopefully, your RE is ok with that too.


Laggie, I think I know which study you're talking about! In fact, there is a study that shows that patients who did NOT go on bedrest seemed to do a little better than those who did go on bedrest! It was really funny. But yeah, i think it's more peace of mind more than anything. By the way, hug2.gif...you're such a wonderful person for fostering dogs and you're a better person than me...I would never be able to let them go! But it's amazing how much your love probably made the dog a better pet to the new family. I hope they appreciate it!! Are you going to foster another pet? And yes, a sun lamp would be great. I suffer from seasonal affective disorder too.


Blue, OH MY GOSH, Those are beautiful!! The cells look like they are all equally sized and it really is quite amazing (and exciting). I hope you're feeling better today and you're not as sore today. What's on your agenda for today? And I really need to get friends like yours... biggrinbounce.gif As for Abby, awwww, she was bored too. I'm glad your DH is such a handy man and got the cord fixed! Did Abby have that sad, "whoops" puppy face on when you found out? I love that face. They are built for naughtiness because really, who could stay mad at such cuteness?? i hope she behaves for you and DH today!


Belly, i'm glad you have a busy week so you don't have to think about it!! I'm sending positive vibes through the universe so you and Blue get your BFPs!


Mole, wow, 9 months?! That's a while so hopefully, your chance comes sooner! But like you said, hopefully, the acupuncture helps and you and your dp will get your baby that way! it's amazing what your acupuncturist is going to do and I hope she is successful! It's amazing what a few needle sticks can do. I don't know if it helped or not, but i did get acupuncture before and after both my transfers. Of course, there is data out there that says it helps and others that say it doesn't. If, and i hope that it doesn't come to this, but if you do need IVF, perhaps you should also get acupuncture before and after the transfer too!


Hope everyone else has a wonderful day!!!






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Thanks everyone! Bloodwork to check HCG levels today, retrieval tomorrow! Also, Ian is going to try to work from home while I'm on bed rest so that is a big relief.

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Lyndi - How are you doing?  I was looking back today and think I totally missed your post about your insensitive OBGYN nurse.  I can't believe she said that to you... how rude.  How are you doing and has the spotting stopped?  I hope you are doing better and there is no more bleeding.  hug2.gif


Renavoo- Not much on the agenda for today.  Took a shower, which felt good, but I'm still really sore in the ovary/uterus area which I keep telling myself is a good thing.  Had some breakfast on the couch and now just laying here watching HGTV while DH is on the other couch (suppose to be working but probably isn't.  haha).  Hoping that DH will go pick up Chinese take out tonight for dinner b/c that sounds good and I know we ate it the one time that we got a BFP and I don't normally ever get it so this gives us an excuse. 


Mole - Holy cow... 9 months??  Do you live in Canada???  That seems like a long time to have to wait but i'm glad you are trying acupuncture first so it will give you time to get your body ready no matter what.  That was a good question and I wasn't 100% sure so I looked it up and here is what I found...


"A single sperm penetrates the mother's egg cell, and the resulting cell is called a zygote. The zygote contains all of the genetic information (DNA) necessary to become a child. Half of the genetic information comes from the mother’s egg and half from the father’s sperm. The zygote spends the next few days dividing to form a ball of cells.

The zygote continues to divide, creating an inner group of cells with an outer shell. This stage is called a blastocyst. The inner group of cells will become the embryo, while the outer group of cells will become the membranes that nourish and protect it.  A blastocyst is a highly developed embryo that has divided many times to a point where it is nearly ready to implant on the walls of the uterus. A blastocyst has come a long way from its beginning as a single cell."


So in my case I think that the embryo will reach the blastocyst phase while in me and not before in our case since we did a 2 day transfer.  Some RE's do transfer I think right around the blastocyst phase.


Deborah - that is interesting... I've never heard of getting your hcg level checked to make sure your trigger is enough?  Interesting.  Good luck with your ER tomorrow.



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Mole - 9 months... yikes!  I would have such a hard time waiting that long.  I hope the time passes quickly!


deborah - Good luck tomorrow!


blue - My clinic checked my HCG levels right after trigger too.  I didn't know that was weird.  I LOVE chinese food and indulged a couple weeks ago.  I hope you get your wish!

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Hello All!



Laggie:  I have seen scientific information going both ways with the bedrest issue.  If you look hard enough, there is always someone out there who disagrees.  I have looked at some of the studies.  Unfortunately, many are pretty poor quality.  So, I will go with the MD's orders.  He has been doing this a long time and this is what he feels helps.  I will stand in the corner on my head for a week if it would get me a healthy baby.  Sorry about the Lupron!  What a pain in the neck.  Glad that your doctors office was able to help you out with that.  I was born and raised in NY, and only left because I could not stand the weather.  I would get sooo depressed from October until spring, which in NY could be anywhedre from April til June (UGH!).  I hate the cold, so I would spend my time in bed under an electric blanket if I was home.  No way to live!  i think the light box will help you.  Let us know.



Deborah:  So glad to hear that things are moving forward for you.  You must be so excited.  Wow, 6 months on lupron IM.  Your body must have felt like a punching bag.  Do you give them to yourself?  In your thigh???  Good luck to you. Can't wait to hear how everything turns out for you.  Sending positive thoughts!


Blue:  I tell my pets all the time that it is a good thing that they are cute or I would probably have to kill them!  Glad your DH was able to fix the cord, but UGH!  I am sure she has no toys of her own to go chew on, right???  Haha!  I was fostering kittens a few years ago and one would chew on the dogs chew toy.  So when he was chewing on the bed, I ignored him.  It ended up he was chewing the lenses on my glasses.  I wanted to strangle him, but when he looked at me and just cocked his head...I melted!  How is resting going for you?  Everything looks so good for you, I think your BFP is right around the corner!  Keeping my fingers crossed that this is your moment!  I am going to have to take leave from work, but it will be hard to explain considering they have no idea what I am doing.  They don't know that we conceived DS with IUI.  I hate lying, and am terrible at it, but this is my business, not theirs!  I will have to think on it!  Unfortunately, DH does not have the option to work from home, but we can bring DS to daycare, where he is very happy.  But that is a lot of work for DH to do with no help from me!


Keria:  I think the number four is random actually not that I think back on the conversation.  Is was more like, "if we get 4, we could use all of them and hope one takes".  Like I said, my labs are not encouraging and therefore he is not encouraged.  I think he does not want us to get caught up in the numbers since our statistics are not that great, but I am just speculating....


Belly:  I have no idea how I will survive bedrest for that long.  I have a bad back from a work injury so laying on my back is going to kill, I just know it.  He said bathroom privileges only.  I asked about if I could sit up and he said reclined to eat and for comfort, but that is it.  I have no family here and no close friends that I have told, so we are truely on our own.  How are you feeling today.  Are you still having pain?  Has the tylenol helped at all?  Thinking of you!


Mole:  Thanks for your words.  It does feel good to feel like I am moving toward our goal.  Even if I am feeling quite poor after paying for the IVF!  It stinks that it is so expensive!  I am soory that you have to wait 9 months.  Maybe you will get a surprise BFP in the meantime!  Let us know how the acupunture goes.  The light here is when you get to 9 months, you don't have to pay for it, right?  Here is to time moving quickly for you!


Renavoo:  How are you feeling?  Any new symptoms?  Did you breast tenderness subside a little?  Did the MD say whether he thinks you are having multiples based on your beta?  My RE is a little dry at best, but he got me my DS so I trust him.  I am assuming he is thinking day 3 as he is not confident they will make it to day 5.  Maybe they I will get lots and they will all fertilize and we will have many more options.  Yea, I was shocked when he said 4 too.  I thought 2 max.  I am not going to let myself go postal over numbers yet.  I will have to see when I get there.  I am trying to stay calm and positive.  Not sure how long that will last...but I am giving it my best shot!


AFM:  Still just taking the BCP's.  Have an appointment with RE tomorrow for a US.  Not sure about blood work???  The did bw on DH last week so should have those results  Did I mention I was there 3 times last week?  uGH!  So...working til 2 am and will have to be up early to go get poked..such fun!  To top things off, DS is going through a phase of waking up absolutely inconsolable at night and then not going back down.  No matter what Dh and I do, he is beside himself to the point that he vomits.  Poor little guy.  I know he is cutting a tooth, but he was not this bad with the others.  Hoping he will sleep through the night tonight!  Take care everyone!














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Please update: ER tomorrow 11/2 and ET Monday 11/7. Will get result on 11/18.

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No, I did not give them to myself. Nurses did it, but I think my husband did a better job with this injection than all the nurses did with Lupron.

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Oh, and I felt like a punching bag in all sorts of ways.

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Blue, how are you feeling today!  I bet it was great having DH lounge around with you! 


Deborah/Kewpie, I haven't heard of the HCG test after trigger either.  Of course I have only done one fresh cycle and my old clinic didn't do very many tests at all (at least compared to this new place!)  Good Luck Deborah.


Mole, I hope the accupuncture works wonders and you get prego before your IVF!


Renavoo, how are you feeling? 


Praying, keep us posted on your u/s tomorrow!  Sorry your DS is having those kinds of nights...it's so though on them and us :(


rcr, hope you and DS had a great time on Halloween!  My DD loved trick or treating at the couple houses on our street :)


AFM, well I have started feeling a few "symptoms" on and off.  I know they aren't real, and just the PIO.  I am really trying not to let anything get my hopes up or mess with my head (like self induced "symptoms").  I hate that massive let down of a BFN.  I was actually at the dollar store today and somehow completely resisted buying any HPT's!  That's crazy for me.  I got my first BFP with my DD 5dp5dt (which would be tomorrow).  I only have 1 FRER in the house, and I am trying to keep it that way.  6 more sleeps till beta.   


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