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Praying, oh no!! I hope your DS is feeling better for tonight. Here's hoping you all get a good night's sleep. I agree that you should just listen to your RE. I think that the most important thing is that you don't look back and think, what if I... or I should have...


But it is awful that you don't know many people and therefore, they can't help you through this. It's going to be really rough to have this done so that you have to be in bed for all those days. Will you be able to transfer on a Friday so at least Sat and Sunday are days where you're excused from work? Or are those the days you have off? I mean, working until 2am?? You're a pharmacist right? Do you work at a hospital or why are your hours so crazy?


I think a lot of doctors prefer 3 day transfers to get them back into the environment where they belong :o) My RE preferred 5 day transfers but I've seen reports that both have similar success rates but you really can't argue with the logic of getting them into your body as quickly as possible so that they are in their environment. let us know how the US goes. (although ugh to having to get up so early, when you sleep so late!!)


Belly, it's enough to drive anyone CRAZY! Not only do we have to deal with the regular symptoms but add on the drugs we need to take and how the symptoms mimic pregnancy symptoms and it makes me want to tear out my hair! haha I think we all analyze symptoms (both those there and not there) so I'm sure while it's normal, it's definitely a better idea to just not even do that. Just a few more days and then it's test time! Are you going to POAS or are you waiting for the beta. I've always been up in the air about that because I always wanted to test before in order to prepare myself but I know you weren't sure if you were up to it this time around. Big hugs, either way. We'll be here for you when you get your BFP!! orngbiggrin.gif


Blue, how are you feeling? Did you get to eat chinese tonight? I hope so because it sounded like that was something you were craving! Hey,  did you get a report about the frosties being successfully frozen? I hope it was successful. praying.gif


Praying and Deborah, I updated your blurbs. Please let me know if these are correct.


AFM, just waiting (im)patiently for my US. Praying, no, the RE didn't say anything about the possibility of having multiples. I don't think they like to make predictions like that because i may just be one of those who has really high levels. I've decided to go on the 7th because, really, who was I kidding to think that i had the patience to wait any longer than that :o) Symptoms wise, pretty much the same, including kick me in the bum fatigue. I think I had some nausea this morning and even a little this evening. More so this morning but i wonder if that's more of a mental thing because i'm hoping to get nausea so I know something is happening (who the heck ever thought those words would be coming out of my mouth?!). Who knows. I'm tempted to POAS just to DO something while i wait! talk about irrational! haha


Anyway, ladies, have a great night!!



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Belly - Still feeling crampy and I'm sore when I stand up and sit down.  I feel like I look like i have hemroids or something. LOL  I think it is totally normal for me b/c i would feel the same w/ the past IVFs and IUI's i had in the past.  DH did a good job taking care of me these past two days.  I didn't have to let Abby out one time today which is good.  He actually had her outside with him b/c he was painting our shed in the backyard.  I guess he wasn't pay attention (a little scary) and the neighbor brought her back and said "were you looking for her by chance"?  She must have gotten lose from the steak in the ground.  I guess it is good training for when we have kids that he needs to pay a little more attention. LOL  Good to hear you are having some symptoms even if you still think it could be the progesterone.  My RE upped my progesterone to 2 x a day instead of once like before b/c of my past losses which actually makes me feel better so we will see if I start getting the symptoms too.  Keep us posted.  I love how you count down by nights of sleep before the beta... so i would be 10 nights of sleep before my beta.  Did you check to see if the trigger shot was out of your system yet or didn't you have to use a trigger with your FET cycle?  I forget.  I need to make sure I do that so maybe tomorrow to celebrate being off bedrest i'll hit the $ store and get some hpt to keep on hand.


Praying - It is none of your works business to know why you need time off if it is medical.   Maybe you can just have your Dr write a note saying that you need time off for medical reasons and they don't have to say why.  Yes, Abby is so cute and always looks at me like "what, did I do something bad?'  Our last dog same breed had such a conscious and it doesn't seem to phase her that she was bad.  She has the cutest little head cock that just melts your heart.  Hope your DS sleeps through the night here soon.  What a pain especially when you are working crazy hrs and having to get up so early.


Renavoo - yep, had Chinese tonight and it was pretty good.  Been also trying to eat my pineapple too, but the core is so hard but the other part is so good.  I'm so excited to hear about your u/s!!!!!  Be sure to let us know.  I'm hoping you and Belly both get great news the beginning of next week.

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You got it! Thanks! Looking forward to getting these eggies out tomorrow. I am quite uncomfortable.

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Renavoo, I'll POAS, but I can't decide when.  I thought about it a little when my eyes popped open nice and early today, but decided I had to wait until at least Saturday.  Getting a BFP is great, but a BFN really sucks. 


Praying, I never tell my work what is going on, but I also haven't needed to take more than a day or 2 off here and there.  It certainly isn't their business, perhaps you can tell your boss it is medical and give the doctors note to HR?  All my doctor's note (like when I was flying with my needles) are on their letter head and it's pretty obvious what it is for :)


Deborah, good luck today, let us know how many eggos you got.


Blue, no trigger shot for me.  I wish I could believe it worked, but I think I am trying to guard myself too much.  The days pass quickly, but the early mornings and evenings go a little slower.  5 more sleeps for me!  And only 9 more for you :)


AFM, still a few "symptoms", but I have never been on PIO so I don't really know what to believe is real (probably nothing this early 5dp5dt).  What is really confusing are the things that I didn't have last week when on the PIO...are those my head, or do the PIO "symptoms" increase with time??  I think if we go to a fresh cycle next I will at least be telling my mom.  I can't handle trying to make excuses for all the help I'll need with DD since there are so many more appointments with a fresh cycle.  We are also considering PGD depending on how the embyos look...my RE doesn't do it until Day 5 then you have to freeze and do a FET.  So it would take 4 months...but DH and I are going to ask if they'll put the best 2 back during the fresh and run the PGD on the remainder so we wouldn't loose a cycle.  I broke down a little last night about not being able to emotionally/physically/mentally handle any more treatments, but we talked it out and came up with the plan I just described. 


I also had an interesting run in with a friend yesterday.  They are thinking about starting a family soon, but she wasn't sure how long it would take them to get pregnant...you know, it took her sister FIVE months to get pregnant *gasp*  Fertiles are so funny :)

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Belly - What CD are you on right now?  I was looking at mine and AF is actually due for me this coming Monday or Tues, but maybe b/c of the progesterone if I don't get a BFP she will be late anyways.  I thought that was kinda weird b/c I don't remember my beta being that far after when AF is originally due.  What kind of progesterone were you using before, if you weren't on PIO? Glad to hear you have a plan in order, but we will just keep our fingers crossed that you won't need it at all.  If you do, I think it is good that you are now with the new RE no matter what.  He sounds so much more advanced than your last RE.  Sending you lots of sticky vibes...  goodvibes.gif

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Belly - 5 months OMG! biglaugh.gif I remember when we first started, I wanted to get things going asap because I had been told it might take up to a year. Of course I still thought I'd get pregnant right away... wow was I ever wrong. For the beta date, what CD was your ER? Mine was pretty late because I had slow growing follicles, so the beta was about a week later than I originally expected.


deborah - good luck with the egg retrieval! I hope it goes smoothly for you!


Blue - I'm glad your neighbour brought your dog back, it's so scary when they take off like that. Sorry you are crampy and sore, but yes I seem to remember that is normal... funny how the whole thing is a bit of a blur in my memory after only 6 months!


I didn't know about the Chinese food, I'll have to try that LOL. I know, I know, one minute I'm all SCIENCE ONLY and the next minute I'm following every superstition out there.


Still waking up with a Lupron headache every morning. Blech. I just found out they use Lupron for chemical castration for sex offenders... that might explain why my sex drive has disappeared. I LOVE how the RE says it has no side effects. irked.gif Oh but the good news is that they gave us a free vial of Lupron to replace the one I broke. They said they use them to mix up the microdose version, and they keep the leftovers for cases like this.


DP has some kind of UTI or prostate problem, we're not sure what is going on, but his doctor sent him for tests. In the back of my head I wonder if it will turn out this is the cause of his sperm issues... It would be awesome if it turned out to be fixable.


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So long since I've stalked on here...


Blue and Belly, I'm thrilled to hear that you are both twwing, and I'm praying very hard for you both to get BFPs!!!


And everyone else, I'm sending you hope and love.


My update: I'm at 36 weeks, and I've had an uncomfortable, but blessedly healthy pregnancy so far. Every day still feels like an amazing gift. I can't wait to meet this little one in my belly!


xoxoxoxoxoxox to all.

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Well, egg retrieval did not go so well. I apparently vomited a couple of times and aspirated. They took me to the emergency room. Apparently I am the first one to do that to the doctor during retrieval and she was pretty shaken up. I was too. Luckily, before that happened the doctor was able to get 2 follicles out and since I have a new protocol (they switched me from Estrace to Climara due to a blue dye allergy), I take it they were mature.

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Deborah - Oh no!! I'm so sorry to hear that you got sick with the ER.  Have you ever been put under before and had troubles like that?  Sounds like next time (lets hope you won't need a next time) that they will have to give you something for your stomach.  That sounds awful!!!  I hope those 2 little eggies that they got will be perfect!!!  How did they find out that you were allergic to the blue dye.


Missme - so good to see your name again hug.gif and that you are so close now!!!!!!  I forget if you know what you are having?  Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!!  Keep us posted.


Laggie - sorry to hear that you are still having the headaches.  What kind of lupron are you on again?  I don't remember if you answered about if the box said to keep it in the fridge?  I know what you mean about the whole science thing, but after almost 6 yrs of ttc for us I'm at the point where I'll try anything especially if it is natural or simple like pineapple or Chinese food.  I hope that they figure out what is going on w/ your DH and maybe it will be a simple fix.  Fingers crossed.



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I am so tired from our crazy hectic/busy day that I can barely keep my eyes open!  DD got pretty sick a few weeks ago and we had 3 doctors appointments today for follow up.  One was an ultrasound...I was so close to grabbing the wand and trying to see if I could find anything "in" me :)


Blue, I am not sure if CD apply to me since I was on suppression the whole time.  If you go by my last withdrawl bleed after the BCP portion of my protocol I am on CD 38.  My withdrawl bleed from the progesterone (BFN in August) was September 6th.  I haven't ovulated or had a non-withdrawl period since JULY!  How crazy is that!  I have been on fertility meds all but about 45 days of this entire year!!  Maybe that's why I am so burnt out :)


Laggie, that sucks about the headaches.  I had them everyday on the Lupron too.  Are you already on your estrogen?   What kind are you taking?  Did you say patches?  Do you have a tentative transfer date?  I guess I could go look on the first page, but I am just too tired/lazy tonight :)


Missme, glad you stopped by to see us!  I can't believe it's already been so long!  Congratulations on your wonderful uneventful pregnancy!   Remind us if you know the gender!


Deborah, sorry you got so sick during your ER.  I hope you get great news tomorrow about how well your embies are doing!


Thinking of everyone else too!  Renavoo, rcr, Aura, Praying, Kewpie, Tear, Keira, Juli, Bungalow, Silver, Taxlady, Inwaiting...and all :)


AFM, not much going on here.  I can't POAS tomorrow because I have plans with a girlfriend and her son and I can't risk being a wreck all day!  Tomorrow is going to be crazy busy too, so I think it will be Saturday before I know it!  I still can't stand the thought of a stark white HPT.  It makes me almost sick to my stomach just thinking about it.

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I knew about the allergy to blue dye because I break out in hives whenever I accidentally have it. I have been put under before, but never had that reaction. When I was given general anesthesia a couple of years ago for my lap, I had an asthma attack when I woke up (maybe before then, but I don't know). The good news is that both eggs are mature! We had only planned on transferring 2, so if they both make it to day 5, it is no great loss.

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Does the crying ever stop?

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What's going on Karen? You have all of our support.

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Also, thank you everyone for your kind words.

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Oh my gosh, Deborah, i hope you're feeling ok now. That's is awful that you responded so poorly during the retrieval. I'm hoping the best for your two eggs! Grow, little eggies grow! Hope you get a great fertilization report today!


Karenban, welcome and please feel free to join in. We're all here for you and would love to offer you some comfort. Infertility is an awful thing and I know all of us have broken down often enough, as you can see from our posts but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I'm optimistic that we will all get our little bundles of joy, one way or the other. Let us help you through your rough patch!


Belly, Geez, when you put it that way...45 days?! haha that's just crazy! i was thinking back to my year and I think that I've actually had 3 months of no treatment, what with the back to back IUIs and then 4 months of IVF related stuff. So 8 months total this year. Huh, so maybe 2 months of no treatment? ah, it's too early for math! I'm glad you're staying busy but I'm going crazy waiting for you results. I'm really hoping that it's a BFP for you. No more of those BFNs!!! This is your month! praying.gif How are you feeling anyway? By the way, 5 months, huh?! Really!? I think when i was younger and just starting, I too, also thought it wouldn't take too long. 2 years, 4 IUIs, 1 IVF and 1 FET later, I'm taking nothing for granted. Those fertiles are so lucky and they don't even know it! By the way, I'm with you about having a plan...I always want a contingency plan as well. So, if this FET hadn't worked out, I knew exactly what i want to do. Also, if anything happens during the pregnancy, I also know what my next steps are, besides crying myself to sleep every second of the day. UGH.


Blue, are you feeling less crampiness? How is everything going where you are? Has Abby gotten into more trouble? haha and gotten out of it with her adorable puppy dog eyes? Have you tested to make sure your hcg trigger is almost out of the system?


Missme, YAH and congrats!! Definitely let us know how everything turns out!!


Laggie, what a nice office to give you the lupron for free! That's fantastic. As for DH's tests, when do you find out? I hope that it's really something fixable! Sorry about the headaches :o( I've realized that fertility doctors don't seem to think that any of their drugs cause any side effects and they minimize all of the potential side effects. I was even told that the symptoms were in my head when i told my doctor that i felt a little nauseated from the clomid. Nice....Then I heard that people suffered from even worse adverse effects than I did and it was well known that clomid could be difficult to tolerate. Ugh. Seriously, grow some compassion, doctors!!


Lyndi, how are you feeling, by the way? I hope you stopped spotting and you got some more rest. Hopefully, your other doctor gave you a doctor's note to stay home!!!


Anyway, happy Thursday, ladies!! Just wanted to check in and say that i'm thinking of all of you!!

Big hugs!





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Thanks Renavoo!

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Thanks for asking everyone! I am doing well things have been busy around my house so it has been hard to stay on bedrest! Spotting is minimal but worse with activity so bedrest is my best freind even though it is a love hate relationship! I see the dr again ( new one) on the 15th and I think that I will have a ultrasound that day and we will find out what we are having!

Blue and belly- Im praying for two great bfps!!

Deborah- hope ur procedure went well and u have a bfp in a few weeks as well!

missme- its nice to see you since the march cycle we were cycle buddies and wow 36 weeks!! Congrats

Laggie good luck and hope the headaches stop!!

Sorry of I missed anyone but thought and prayer for you as well!!
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Gosh, i find myself thread crashing a lot lately lol.....Just sending out lots of good vibes to you ladies who are in your 2WW!!! I hope that you get your BFPs!!!!  



Deborah:  Really hoping that the 2 eggies fertilize and keep going to their 5th day and beyond :) 



Okay, I'll let you ladies be...just really excited for you ladies and praying for each and everyone of you!!! I hope that this is a GREAT month for the IVF ladies!!!!

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Mismee great to see you I'm glad you are doing well.


Blue I'm hoping hte TWW is nice to you, The beach is about 4 hours from where I live (caracas, Venezuela) so a little far from you lol.  I grew up going there ir is a beatiful place.


Deborah I'm glad you are doing well, that must have been scary  I'm hoping your two little eggies grow beautifully.


Belly, I can't wait till saturday.


I found this study for a close  friend who is starting IVF now and I thought I'll share it here too http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17984173 It basically says that women who had negative affect (anxieity/depression) at baseline were more likely to achieve a live birth. For me it helped me get rid of the guilt that if the cycle didnt work it was my fault for having negative thoughts.

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Keria - good to see your name pop up again and I love watching your ticker move!!!  Keep going strong babies!!!!  So far the tww is going fine.  Hard to believe that it is just a week from tomorrow that I'll have my beta.  Abby gets spayed on Monday and i pick her up on Tues so that is going to be a huge distraction for me for next week b/c i'll be taking care of her.  Poor little girlie.  I sure hope she does okay bc it has been a rough road with so many infections since she was just a pup.  Keeping my fingers crossed.  I didn't realize you lived in Venezuela.  That is really cool.  Our favorite vacation spot is Aruba and that beach in your picture totally reminds me of the Aruban beaches that we sooooo love!!!  I can't get enough of that crystal blue water!!!


Brichole - You are too sweet!  I'm always rooting for you as well.  Hope things are going okay with your job/home life too.


Lyndi - Sooo good to get your update and I'm glad to hear that the bedrest is helping when you are actually following it.  Don't over-do!!!  Can't wait to hear your update on the gender.  How many weeks are you now?


Renavoo - Nope, Abby is being pretty good.  She tells me when she need exercise and we actually just got in from the baseball fields behind our house where we go usually once a day to play fetch.  It is a great way to wear her out so now she is just sleeping next to me on the couch as i type this. You can see the way she is sleeping in my new profile pic.  So sweet when she is sleeping!!!  So what time on the 7th is your u/s?  And what time do you think you will be able to jump on here and let us know?  I'm soooo excited for you!!


Tenzi - how are you doing?  What is next for you?


rcr - how are you?  Just checking in.


karenban - I don't know your story, but please feel free to share it with us so we can maybe be of some help to you.  Know that we understand how hard this whole ivf process is & how unfair it is, so hopefully we can be of some support to you on your journey.  hug2.gif


Belly - I'm glad you are staying busy so you can't POAS!  It isn't worth it, I think.  Just wait until the day before or the day of the beta I say.  We will see if I can be as strong.  Normally I'll wait b/c I don't have many symptoms so i just feel like it is a waste of a stick.  I can't even believe you have been going that long straight.  Your poor body and poor you too.


Deborah - how are you feeling today and did you hear a report yet on your two little eggies?  Hope you are feeling better.


Hi to everyone else too!!!


AFM - not much going on here.  It is funny b/c I'm not one that likes to talk about symptoms b/c i feel like i will jinx myself or something  (I know it is silly and NO, i really don't have any to hide at this point, just in case you were wondering).  I still have kinda a crampy type feeling more so on the Left side, but that might just be from the ER and ET.  Not sure which side had more eggs on it but I know i still get some sore feelings now and then in my ovary/uterus area.  Hoping that is maybe a good sign of something other than left over soreness from the procedure.  I also am on double the dose of progesterone so that may be part of it.  Never been on it twice a day before this time.  Well, I have a pot of soup in the crock pot that I am making for a friend who just had a baby that I'm scheduled to bring her for dinner tomorrow and I really need to also get two mums in the ground before they totally die, but I so should have done it yesterday b/c the weather was sunny and nice and today is nice, but not sunny.  I also have a pumpkin that i want to de-seed and bake off the seeds so those are all on my list of things to do today that seems to be getting pushed to the bottom of the list and sitting on the couch with the girlie on MDC is trumping it all.  hide.gif


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