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I am feeling much better, but still taking it easy, just to be on the safe side. I did get the good news that both eggs fertilized and look great! I will know whether they made it, right before transfer. They try not to mess with the eggs much so that they have a better chance.

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hi ladies! dh has been really sick, has the flu or something with a fever all week so i haven't had much time on the laptop.  i'm following you all and i hope everyone is doing well.  i know we've got some betas coming up soon, so i am crossing my fingers in anticipation.


afm, AF is late! super late! rage inducingly late!  it should have come by the 30th at the latest.  and it's now november 3rd! of course i can't start my iui cycle until it comes so i am just sitting around being grumpy.  go figure.

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Aura - sorry to hear that your DH is sick!!  That sucks.  I hate when DH is sick and sometimes I'd rather it be me than him.  Kinda odd that AF hasn't showed up yet.  Were you tempted to do a hpt?  That would be great if you got a "free baby". 


Deborah - Glad to hear you are taking it easy and even better news that the two eggies are doing well.  Keeping my fingers crossed and praying they continue to do well for your ET. 

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Blue, I know what you mean about talking about symptoms.  For me, I feel like I'll look dumb when it's a BFN after I "claim" a bunch of symptoms.  Glad to hear everything is going well with you and your next week will be busy before beta!


Keira, I am definitely going to read the link you posted.  I feel like I am super negative this time, and maybe it's just on the outside, but I am too scared to be hopeful.  Thanks for posting it!


Lyndi, glad the bedrest works (when you can stand it!) and you found a new doctor!  Keep us posted.


Deborah, glad your embies are doing great!


AFM, another super busy day, I barely had anytime to think about possibly being pregnant except when my friend was constantly talking about how great and easy it is to get pregnant.  Oh and that she doesn't believe in anything except maybe clomid under some circumstances.  I just kept my mouth shut, but she knows I had a loss 9 months ago...doesn't she think I would maybe consider some help after losing my tube?  I know I said I don't talk much about symptoms (this really isn't a symptom, just all the hormone meds), but I have been so emotional today.  I almost cried multiple times earlier and then when talking to DH on the phone when he left work I did start crying about the cycle not working.  I wish I had the guts to POAS...I mean I always do...I just feel like its better to wait to have my heart broken.  I also don't think I want to admit that "it's" 100% over...not to mention I only have 1 test in the house.

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Aura, that is late!!!  Any chance you have a miracle baby in there?!?

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hi everyone, TGIF!! Yah!


Belly, hug2.gif I can't believe your friend is so clueless about everything!! That is just ridiculous that she's going on and on about how easy it is to get pregnant. And to say that clomid is all that would be ok...geez, save the world from wrongly opinionated people, please. That's just a dumb stance. You know what really gets to me is that most of these people who say that little or no intervention is the only way to go would probably be first in line for an intervention if they needed one. It's hypocritical and it really bothers me. Sorry, i don't mean to go off on your friend...I'm lucky that none of my friends have ever looked down on fertility interventions (my close friends anyway) and so i haven't had to deal with this but as someone who truly believes that SOMETIMES medical intervention is necessary for best health, I can't help but think that she's really close minded. (That being said, typically, I don't like taking meds either for things that can be fixed with a lifestyle intervention! obviously, infertility is NOT one of those things!)


Blue, how are you feeling? Boy, you're really capable in the kitchen! Soup and deseeding pumpkins and baking the seeds? haha I still have friends who make fun of me for burning some vanilla pudding I was trying to make one day... ;o) My US is basically any time after 7am before 8:30am. They do all the USs at the same time. So I'll be finding out pretty early. I'm really scared about it (today is a symptomless day so far...and yes, I know it's only 7am) so I'm looking forward to it and yet, NOT. haha


Aura, I'm glad you checked in!! I hope your DH feels better soon...there's definitely a bad virus going around. I keep trying to avoid people in my office who are suffering from the virus! I'm with Blue and Belly, any chance that you might have a little baby on board?


Keria, how beautiful is that beach? I wish I was closer to it too...haha i think we all need to take a trip to a beach like that so we can all relax. I didn't know you were from Venezuela either. Haha when I read "far far away" I didn't actually think you were THAT far. ;o) I love sites like these where we can meet people from all walks of life and so many different places!!


Lyndi, glad you're doing well and that bed rest is really minimizing the spotting. Can't wait for your us results so you can find out the sex of the baby!!


Everyone else, hope all is well and i hope your Friday goes smoothly! Just one more day and we welcome in the weekend and I am so excited! haha some extra rest would be welcome!


Belly, if you test, let us know!! I'm still really optimistic for you!!


Big hugs!







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Hi All:


Just checking in. I am reading along, but I don't have much to say. I am waiting for AF... Hopefully she will arrive in the next week and a half because if she arrives when I am out of town I am going to have to find an RE and do my baselines out of town. My RE said that most REs do that for people who can't make it to their own clinic, but it would be nice to avoid.

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Hi All!


Deborah:  I am so glad to hear that you are feeling better.  That sounds like a very scary experience!  I am glad that everything turned out so awesome.  Are you on antibiotics, for the aspiration?  Glad your follies are healthy and strong.  Grow, babies, grow!!!!


Aura:  That is too bad that DH has been so ill.  The flu is never fun.  And, lets face it, men are babies when it comes to being sick.  I hope that he is on the fast track to healthy.  Sorry AF is so late.  Hopefully she will show up soon!


Renavoo:  Any news???  How are you feeling?


RCR:  Hope that AF arrives soon for you too!  It is nice that other clinics would help you out with monitoring, but what a big, giant pain in the butt that would be!


Belly:  I am so sorry about your friend.  Sometimes people can be so insensitive.  I am sure she does not even understand fertility treatments.  Don't listen to that negativity!  You need to stay calm and positive.  The cycle is NOT over yet.  Keep your head up and your fingers crossed!  You have LOTS of positive, sticky vibe thoughts coming your way!


Sorry this is so quick.  I can't flip back to the last page without llosing everything that I already posted (learned that one the hard way! LOL).    I will flip back after I post this and remind myself what else I wanted to say!


AFM:  Not great news at the RE on Wednesday.  I have a flooie growing despite the BCP's (16mm).  So, he stopped the pills and is waiting to see if I ovulate, or form a cyst.  I went back this morning and the follie is still there, but I am only on CD13, so it is possible that I will still ovulate.  If I do, I will probably just move on to the lupron, if I do not, then I will be delayed atleast 1 month (longer if the cyst hangs around) then start over again on the BCP's.


I can't remember who asked, but yes, I am a pharmacist.  I work at a hospital as the clinical critical care specialist.  I really like it, but the hours are becoming quite draining!  Ok, gonna flip back and hopefully be able to post more tonight!


Blue:  How are you feeling???

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Karen:  I am glad that you found us.  It seems as though you could use come support.  Would you like to tell us your story???


DS is doing much better.  He goes through spurts like this, who knows why?  Just going through differents phases I guess.  Thanks for asking everyone!!!!

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hi everyone!  


praying- that STINKS!  i hope you ovulate and that it doesn't turn into a cyst.  


belly- sorry to hear your friend is so inconsiderate.  people really don't think.  how many more days until your beta?  stay busy, it's good! i am sending you hugs.  cheer up charlie, anything is possible!


afm, AF is here!  i was super tired at work and for some unknown reason thought it would be a good idea to go to the supermarket on my way home.  i don't think haagen dazs is on my ww points list.... heheheh.  oh well.  i've been doing phenomenally with the metformin and will allow myself some dietary indiscretions.  i'll be headed in to the clinic on monday morning for my baseline us and to get my protocol for the iui.  i am secretly hoping they monitor me, i'm terrified if i have to do ovulation kits at home i will somehow mess it up.  or read it wrong.  or miss my day.   and i am going to buy more sperm this weekend, how exciting.  at least i know who my donor is and i don't have to spend hours and hours searching.  


hope everyone is ready for a nice, relaxing weekend.  

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Well DH and I got up this morning and the first/only thing I said was "I'm scared"  We decided last night that we would test this morning.  He got in the shower and I POAS and then I went and laid back in bed crying/heart racing/shaking.  Once he got out we hugged and said that it will be okay either way...at that point I knew it was a BFN and he had snuck a look on the way out of the bathroom.  DH is really so sweet.  We side stepped over together and it was a BFP!  I am still crying, it's just so much to take in.  A year later here we are, on our way to completing our family.  Can't wait for beta on Monday!

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Bellybean:  Just stopping by to Say CONGRATS!!!!  Can't wait to see what your beta is on monday!!!! I'm soooooooo happy for you and your DH!!! You deserve this!!!

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Belly- I'm still in bed and I am on my phone, but I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited for you! Wahoooooooo! Sorry I can't put any dancing fruit from here so I had to go big w the letters instead! Your actual beta is on Monday right? You soooooooooooooooooooo deserve this BFP and it is so over-do! Sorry now I just keep rambling bc I'm so excited for you! I slept awful last night and now with this news and my excitement for you I'll never get back to sleep, but that's okay!
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Aura, I LOVE the sperm shopping this weekend!  Sounds like a normal weekend activity!  It must be a lot less stressful since you already have the donor picked out!  I am sure if you ask your clinic they will monitor you...not sure they would turn down money :)  From my experience on ww, a treat every now and then, keeps you on the plan!  I am not sure how it works now?  Do they still have flex points?  Glad AF is here and you can get started!  The great thing about IUI cycles is they are only half as long as IVF so you'll be in your 2ww before you know it!


Praying, that is a real bummer about the follie!  Hopefully you just ovulate soon and then start the lupron suppression.  Did he say if you would have to have a withdrawl bleed in between?  I know some protocols don't have them, so I am just curious.  Delays are the worst, but it's best to have perfect conditions.  My June cycle was a disaster and should have been cancelled.  Sounds like your RE is really on top of things and making sure everything is just right!


Renavoo, can't wait for you u/s results Monday!!!  I hope the day brings both of us good news!


Blue, how are you feeling?  I saw a movie trailer last night and the date was 11-11-11 and it made me think of you and what a great beta date that is...full of luck!  I really hope after all this time together we can move to the graduates together too.  I am sending lots of positive thoughts your way!


Deborah, I hope your embies are still growing strong for transfer.  Keep us posted!


AFM, Thanks so much to everyone who has sent me sticky/good vibes this last week!  I think it really helped!!!!

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Thanks so much!  I know I couldn't have gotten this far without you ladies and all of your support.  IF is such a difficult journey and I am so lucky to have you all to help.  My DH asked before he left for work if I was on the computer telling "my board"!  Of course!  You are the only people that know and that I could tell at this point.  I have so far to go and I know there are tons of things that could go wrong, but with you ladies I can still celebrate a little today.  It was a long hurdle to finally get over :)

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Oh Belly, I'm crying tears of joy for you over here!!! I am SO happy for you and your DH! Keep growing big and strong in there!!!!! broc1.gifcarrot.gifjoy.gif

Blue, I'm stalking you daily, my friend! goodvibes.gif I feel really good about how your cycle is progressing!! fingersx.gif
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Belly- yaaaaaaaa. I am on my phone too, so I can't post dancing veggies. I am so happy. You totally made my weekend!
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Belly - Your BFP just gave all of us (or I know at least me) a little more hope of inspiration to keep on keeping on and not to give up the fight to try and get what we all hope and dream for!!!!  IF does suck and is so not fair but your BFP is so up lifting to me and also made my weekend as well!! As for your question about how i'm feeling see my AFM below.  Lazy and don't want to type it twice.


Tear - hug.gif 's to you my friend.  Thanks, I love stalkers and can feel your positive energy for sure!!!


Renavoo - so excited for you on Monday as well and I will totally be stalking the thread for your update for sure.  I totally understand how an U/S is both exciting and scary especially the first one.  Fingers crossed for you and sending lots of positive healthy growing vibes  goodvibes.gif.  Oh and I really am only just okay in the kitchen... totally can't tackle the Thanksgiving dinner w/o Mom to help.


AFM - Well.... I wish I had the same good news to share that Belly just did, but I haven't even POAS yet.  Well, I take that back... i did last Wed to make sure the trigger was out of my system and it was gone.  I do have to say (and I am not one to say too much about symptoms usually) that I feel more pregnant this time than I ever have, even when I was pregnant with our twin boys at this time except that time I had sore BBs but thought it was from the meds.  On a side note though, I have never been on so much Progesterone as I am this time, which I know totally gives you pregnancy symptoms so I really am not giving into it yet.  fingersx.gif and praying.gif for a BFP next Friday!!! (11-11-11)  Oh and yesterday DH said "you know what that means don't you, double 1's means twins".  Oh my, not sure my heart can handle that!!!!

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Belly YAY I'll throw some dancing veggies,  broc1.gifcarrot.gif I'm so happy for you .


Blue only 6 days fingersx.gif

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