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Deborah - Good to hear!  Stick little embies, stick!!!!


Belly - hug.gif joy.gif That is an awesome first beta number!!!!!  I'm so happy for you that it turned out even better than your DD.  That has to take some of the pressure off your shoulders even though I know it is still stressful until you see that heartbeat!!  Sending lots of healthy growing vibes!!!  goodvibes.gif  Can't wait to hear you next number!!


Laggie - Awwww... your new pup is sooo cute!!  I'm sorry to hear that the other dog got adopted so fast too, but I'm sure when you signed up you knew it would be the hard part, right.  I'd never be able to do that b/c our house would be full of animals b/c i'd never want to give any of them up and then adopt them all.  That is such a blessing that you are doing that for those dogs out there. Keep up the good work. Glad to hear that the headaches are better now that you are on less Lupron.  Fingers crossed for you and keep us posted.


Tenzi - Hope you are felling well.  Good to see your ticker moving!!!  I'm hanging in there. Yesterday was a rough day but do


Renavoo -  I'll probably be over protective of my children just like I am with Ab.  LOL  Right now she is the only babe I've got, so I love her just like she is my child and always will.



AUD (Abby update) -  Well the vet called me this afternoon and all went well, but I guess she also had a umbilical hernia that she also had to fix while she was in there and she also pulled a tooth that was a baby tooth that never fell out.  I guess the tooth was inflamed and would have just died or become infected.  She said she is worried about how active she is and how she has to lay low for 2-3 weeks.  She thinks we might have to give her something to calm her down some when she comes home, so she doesn't do more internal damage by being hyper.  She said she is worried about her jumping and it will for sure be a challenge she is an active dog to begin with.  I think I have my work cut out for me these next couple of weeks.  I pick her up tomorrow at noon!!!  Not sure how I'll get her in the car b/c she will be sore, but we will figure it out.  Thanks all for your warm thoughts and wishes!!


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Thanks Blue! I was highly amused when the doctor basically ordered me to get pregnant. LOL.

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belly, hooray!!!!! amazing news.  i am so happy for you!


and renavoo, seriously?!?  That is stupendous.  with beta numbers like yours i'm surprised there weren't more in there!! congrats, and good luck.  i can't wait to scout you out in the city with the double stroller!


blue, i've got my fingers crossed that you are next!  glad to hear abby's surgery went well, and good luck keeping her calm.  you'll just have to smother her with extra love.  


deborah- i think you need to follow your doctor's instructions!  


laggie, glad to hear the lupron headache is easing up!  i wish my skin would clear up.  whoever thought that i'd have more acne at 33 than i did at 15?  how is that even possible?


afm, i went for my baseline ultrasound today and all is well.  i start clomid tonight and will take it for five days.  next tuesday i'll go in for another ultrasound, and they will let me know when to trigger.  i am SO glad they are giving me ovidrel.  i was terrified of the home ovulation predictor kits... that i'd mess it up, that i'd notice the change too late, etc.  my clinic likes to cut out all the what ifs, which is why i love them.  now i just have to hope that the clomid doesn't mess up my lining, but i am hoping that staying with the accupuncture is going to help.  i am not really thinking the first cycle will work, but it's nice to be doing something.  

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Auraleigh- Me too!

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belly, YAH! for a great beta!! I can't wait until Wednesday too when your numbers double! Do you know if your RE will make you go take one or two US? I'm waiting anxiously for you to get those too!


Blue, awww I'm happy that Abby came through ok...that's the most important part. I think that Abby will have to wear the cone of shame (haha anyone watch the movie Up?) but yeah, considering how active she is, you will definitely have your hands full. i'm sad that there were additional things that happened to poor Abby when she was out but I'm really happy that things turned out ok. How are you feeling, by the way?


Laggie, I have to say that I am always impressed and humbled by foster parents of anything....the love you guys give and then to give them up? I could never do that either. It's a sign of a wonderful, loving person but I'm too selfish for that. haha DH always says that i would never be able to foster or to train seeing eye dogs because I would never give them up either.


Aura, YAH to starting!! I can't wait to hear how things go. I'm glad you're getting monitored and getting the ovidrel shot! the other great thing about the shot is that the hcg helps the eggs through that final stage of maturation so you're definitely sure that you have a nice egg to fertilize. I'm praying that this is your month!!


Deborah, I'm glad things went well! Stick, embies, stick!



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Hi all


Blue hope your dog recovers well and thinking of you


Belly congrats on your beta


Renvanoon Congrats on your twins


Deborha Hope thoes embies stick


rcr hope they get your blood work sorted


AFM: Thanks to all who commented on my dh dream.  My friend said she drempt of him too the other ninght so I guess he's doing the rounds! I get my blood tests back tommro if I can find time to ring while in work.  And I'm driving the secratry nuts with questions about my surgery.  And having some accupunture.  I guess thats all my news!

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Thanks everyone! Trying to envision them implanting (might sound silly, but it's something my MIL would have done and she had quite an influence on me).

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Oh blue poor baby I hope she recovers well. I LOVE that new pic she looks so innocent, like hi mommy I'm just here eating this stuffed animal.

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deborah - that doesn't sound silly at all. I have IVF meditation called circle and bloom on my ipod and it is basically a lady saying to visualize the embryo implanting, for the part that you are supposed to listen to after transfer.


Belly - yay for a great number!!


AFM - nothing here. I got a new computer (a mac) and I am trying to figure it out. I switched from a PC, so it is all new. I left a message for the RE this morning asking if they need to give me orders to take to the RE when I am out of town if AF shows up then.

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I'll have to look for that. Sounds interesting.

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A bit out of my price range, so I'll just stick with my own visualization. Apparently I was already on the right track.

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deborah - Not silly at all! I meditated during the TWW and imagined them implanting and and I still meditate now picturing whatever the current issue is and what I want to see happen.


blue - poor pup!  When we had my 2 girl cats spayed, they were very active and I was worried about them jumping and running too much too.  What we ended up doing was keeping them in crates near each other, but they couldn't really move a lot.  It ended up not being a big deal in our case cause one of the cats got sick on the anesthesia (it was actually an allergic reaction we found out later) and she was SO dizzy for a couple days her eyes looked like they were in constant REM.  So, they ended up sleeping a lot.  My poor kitty was so sick she didn't eat for a few days and we were so worried about her.  I have no idea why I'm sharing this. hahaha  I hope Abby ends up staying calm!


silver - That is just such a sweet story about your DH visiting you.  I totally believe that those we love visit us that way.  I can imagine how that would be bittersweet.  


aura - I'm so excited for you to get started!!!



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Well, looked like it must have worked for you Kewpie!

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Kewpie - wow, that sucks that your cat was allergic.  That had to have been a little scary.


rcr - you will love your Mac after you get used to it.  So funny b/c I'll be on DH work laptop and try to use two fingers to scroll or 4 fingers to look at the other pages are open I'm reminded that i'm not on my Mac and a PC doesn't work that way.  Hope you get your whole baseline details figured out.  When do you find out where you are going to go OH or MD?


Deborah - keep envisioning!!!  It can't hurt!!! 


Keria - She is never innocent!!!  LOL  One of these days I will have to put up the picture of her with the portable phone in her mouth and you can see it in her eyes that she is NOT innocent!!!!!  She is too cute and hard to get mad at when she does something bad.  I for sure laugh a lot more since she has come into our life.


Silver - Hope you got your blood work back and all is good.  Keep us posted.


Renavoo - Yes, i did see that movie.... very cute.  Thankfully she doesn't need the "cone of shame" yet.  The vet said she hasn't been licking the area at all so she should be okay and if she does start licking then I need to call and the "cone of shame" will be assigned!! 


Aura - good to hear your baseline went well yesterday and that they are going to trigger you.  When we were doing IUI's they would trigger me with ovidrel too.  Good luck.


AFM & AUD -  Not much going on here for me.  3 more sleeps until my beta (as Belly would say) :o)   Abby is home and sleeping (see profile pic).  When i picked her up she was acting like nothing happened at all, which bother me a bit b/c i was kinda hoping that she would be a little sore so she would maybe learn not to do certain things.  The vet gave me a pain pill for her that has a drowsy type side effect so when I got home I gave her one (the bottle says 1 1/2 pills) and now she is out cold, but it also may be that she didn't sleep much at all at the vet b/c of all the noise and other dogs that she probably was watching and wishing she could play with them.  The next dose i may just try a half a pill and see. I hate giving her drugs but don't want her doing any damage by being a puppy.  The vet is really worried about her jumping and it tearing her internal incision and then she would have to go back in for another surgery.  Fingers crossed it all goes well.  Thanks again for all your well wishes for her!!!

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Blue, when we had our puppy spayed a few months ago, they said no jumping/running/playing ect for several days...it was completely unavoidable :(  Luckily everything healed well and we didn't have any problems.  Hopefully you can keep Abby nice and calm!  Can't wait for your beta, do you POAS that day?  I can't remember.  I really hope this is your cycle!  BTW, almost no symptoms for me today...


Deborah, can't wait to hear your results!  Sounds very promising!


rcr, whenever I try to use my sister's Mac I can't figure anything out...even simple things like closing windows and getting on the internet.  My ipad is super easy so I am not sure why I have such problems on her computer.  I am sure you will get the hang of it quickly!


Aura, great news about monitoring and the trigger!  The best part is the cycle will probably on be one month instead of 2 (for IVF!), hopefully you have some fantastic BFP news for us soon!


Silver, keep us posted on the blood work!  I am sure everything is just fine and you will be on your way to surgery soon!


Kewpie, I am so jealous of your patience.  I would be going crazy on bedrest, but you seem so calm and in control.  Great job mama! 


AFM, EXHAUSTED!  DD didn't sleep well last night and I had to be up at 4:30 to get ready for work.  I can't wait for a good nights sleep tonight!  Also, excited for my second beta tomorrow.  Hoping it is right around 400.  I think we decided to not tell the families till after the u/s the week of Thanksgiving.  If everything continues the way it should we could announce at dinner with everyone there from both sides.  It makes me so happy just thinking about it...just 2 more hurdles to get there!

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Thanks all!

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Belly - thanks for letting me know that you are having no symptom days now and then.  About POAS... not sure if I will or not yet. If I had more symptoms then I'd be more tempted.  I do have some $ store tests in the house now, so we will see.  I'm glad to hear that your pup was kinda wild and everything turned out okay.  Abby is fully awake now and ready to go gung ho/.  She has already yelp twice bc she did something she wasn't suppose to and I think it hurt.  I was hoping she would learn for those pains, but it doesn't appear that way.  Oh my!!!! Other than keeping her in her crate I don't know what to do with her other than let her be and try try try to keep my eyes on her.  Hope you and DD sleep better tonight too!!



AFM - I forgot to mention earlier that since before the time change I kept waking up at like 4am every night and couldn't go back to sleep and now that the time has changed I wake up at like 3am.  Grrrrrr!  irked.gif  It is so annoying.  Last night I laid in bed and checked my email and several other accounts, MDC, look at houses for sale online (not that we are even ever thinking about moving, but our old house is for sale so i wanted to see if it was still on the market) and then started playing Angry Birds on my phone b/c after all that I still couldn't get back to sleep.  I did take a little nap on the couch with the little girlie this afternoon so hopefully it won't mess me up tonight.  If we survive these next 14 days with Abby and don't have to take her back in for more surgery to fix what she could damage it will be a total miracle.  You can't even tell that she just had major surgery yesterday. eyesroll.gif3 more sleeps until beta and 13 more days till the dog is off "bed-rest"..... I CAN do this!!!!!

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Blue- four fingers? What does that do? I haven't figured out all the tricks yet. Glad abby is home (no jumping!)
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Originally Posted by rcr View Post

Blue- four fingers? What does that do? I haven't figured out all the tricks yet. Glad abby is home (no jumping!)

You take your 4 finger tips and swipe them from like the top left corner towards the bottom right corner and it will open all the pages (internet, word documents, i-photos etc.) and then you can click on what-ever page you want to switch to.  Hope that helps!!

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Got my day 17 progestrone back and it's 29.9 nmol/l which apparently means I'm not ovulating. bawling.gif


So I guess I'm back here officaly and looking for IVF for my baby after all.


How much research did you guys put into finding your clinic? I know should choose carefully because of all the money and risks but I don't know if I can face traveling for treatment.  I supoose if it were London I could stay with my parents.  I don't know if I can face looking at all that data too.  It was hard enough looking at donors!

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