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Oh Blue!!  I am so glad Keira was here reading closely about when you triggered!  I didn't catch that the first time I read through...yes indeed you are just 11 DPO, it's SO early!  So your beta is just 13 DPO, you better put down the pee sticks :)  Here is hoping 11-11-11 brings you some fabulous news!  I am still thinking about you very often and praying this is your cycle!


Keira, great catch!!


Silver, I had never heard that too much progesterone meant anovulation.  I knew that too low usually indicates annovulation.  Maybe you are ovulating more than 1 egg?  When I was on clomid my progesterone was like 25 or 30 (7 days past ovulation).  Hmmm...I would definitely follow up on that.  I thought I heard before menopause more eggs are released...not sure if it's true or not. 


April, nice to see you stop by!!


AFM, I wish they would call already!!!!!!  Geez, don't they know I am on pins and needles.  I have a bad feeling since 1) it is taking them longer than normal to call and 2) today at my DD's gymnastics class I felt FINE.  Last week was tender/heavy, this week I felt like I could jog 5 miles and throw her around no problem. 


Oh and as I was cleaning up this morning I noticed the HPT I tucked away in the back of a shelf had been moved.  My DH looked at it last week, but doesn't remember if he put it back "exactly" where I had it?!?  I am 100% sure my MIL found it yesterday when she was looking for my DD's nasal aspirator.  She didn't say anything to me when I got home, but I really think I would have noticed earlier if it had been moved by my DH.  UGH, I hate when I don't have control over my personal information (probably why we don't tell anyone about IVF).  It isn't even a "for sure" pregnancy yet...I could kick myself for not just throwing it out. 



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Belly hug.gif Waiting is so hard! And I'd be so frustrated too if I couldn't have control over when to tell people. Hopefully if she really did see it she'll have the sense not to tell anyone else. hug2.gif Waiting on pins and needles with you!

Blue, goodvibes.gif HPTs SUCK...wait for the beta. hug.gif I'm so so so hoping for you!!!
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Blue - yes that is exaclty what was happening, it never showed it posted.  So, I coppied it to paste it back in and when I came back it was there X4... ooops oh well I hope it sends you good luck!!  We are meeting with the agiency on Monday to get the paperwork started.  We have met with both our familes and told them and they are both excited and nervous.  I am excited to move forward and see what the next steps are. Thanks for asking!!

Silver - all computer - next time I won't assume ;)



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Renvanoon - hope they call soon, doesn't receessrily mean a prob though.  Mabye it's such a huge number there having trouble writting all the digits! Maybe it's triplets, or quads! ;)


Blue - yes was my GP I'm getting as much free on NHS as I can to keep costs down.  I think it was done on the right day as it's the day my RE suggested d17 which is about 7 DPO for me whith my mega short cycles.  So yes I'm hoping my GP doesn't know what she's talking about and my RE will say it's fine.

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Seriously!!!  Where is the foot tapping emoticon?  nut.gif   I feel like all the nurses want to call with good news so they go through all those first and then they fight over who has to call the "bad" news people.   Totally irrational, but what can I say...this is such an emotional process.


Haha Silver, you made me laugh..."Mabye it's such a huge number there having trouble writting all the digits!"  I sure hope that's the case!! :)


Tear, I hope you are right and she didn't go tell everyone, but I am sure if she saw it she would tell my SIL (her daughter) and her husband, and maybe even a few of her friends!  She isn't someone I would call a "great" secret keeper, even when it's requested!

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Belly you are killing me can you call?

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Belly - your nurses are killing me here! Praying it has just been a busy day or maybe they forgot or didn't get the results I'm hoping.
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glad I made you laugh Belly.  Wouldn't it be cool if it were quads! Someone at LWC had quads from two embroys last year!

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JUST GOT THE CALL!!!!  I told the nurse my theory and she laughed, she said that they should have told me this morning when I was in that they were having the equipment serviced today and the results would be later than normal.  That would have been nice to know!!!!  I might have been able to take a nap today if I hadn't been so worried!  Beta 2 was 453.7 so it doubled nicely :)  Oh thank heavens!  Now they will have me come in next Wednesday for a final beta (they said they do it will all FETs - I wonder what makes them different/more risky?) and then I have my u/s scheduled for the following wednesday!  Please let the next 2 weeks pass quickly!  Now I just have to worry about my MIL being super nosy irked.gif


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Does that mean it's not quads :(


Seriously v glad all is good!

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Belly- yeah! If I wasn't on my phone I'd put the jumping smilie face. So not right that no one told you that the call would be late! Grrrr! So glad you got good new!
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That's great news, Belly!  YAY for doubling betas!smile.gif

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broc1.gifcarrot.gif   YAY BELLY!

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belly, this is great!  a nice healthy beta!!  i lol'd about what said about the phone calls.  i SWEAR they do the good calls first and the bad calls last.  both BFNs the clinic waiting to call until about 3pm.  it's unfair to have to wait that long.  and you know they are dreading having to hear me cry on the phone again.  


april, so good to see you! how are you?


blue, it's early! i am still holding onto hope for you!!


afm, today was day 3 of clomid and i felt fine.  i really have only been getting headaches at night when i take it, but the day time is okay.  i can't tell if i'm any more irritable than usual (heheh) so i'm hoping that the clomid is actually doing what it needs to do.  i'll go to acupuncture on monday and then go in on tuesday to see if i am ready to trigger.  i still haven't bought more sperm so i guess i'll do that tomorrow on my lunch break.  so now i just twiddle my thumbs.  and wait.

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Renavoo- Don't think I said congrats on the twins, wonderful news.


Belly- Thank goodness, so happy for you.


Blue- praying.gif

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So doc from clinic thinks I prob did ovulate but maybe tested on wrong day even though I tested on day 17 as they suggested.  Tis all so confusing!

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Silver, I don't get it....if you tested on day 17, your progesterone level should be higher...why would anyone say that you didn't ovulate? I'm so confused too!!

Belly, YAAAAAH!! I'm so excited for you. darn clinic...don't they know we LIVE our lives from these tests? It is silly that they didn't put a huge sign up at the clinic warning all women about the timing. argh! now back to the waiting game duh.gif As for the symptoms, my symptoms change every day (well, except for the fatigue and nausea- the nausea sometimes is worse though so I'm just hoping it doesn't get even worse and graduate towards vomiting. sigh) But I'm still like you...I still worry so much when my symptoms are lighter. will the worrying ever end?! haha i know...NO!


Blue, how are you feeling? How is Abby?


April, YAAAAAAAH!! I'm so excited for you! I hope it goes really smoothly and quickly and soon, you'll be able to share the news of a new addition to your family! It is so wonderful!


MomtoAlexis, thanks! I'm still in shock and thinking that when i go in for my next US, it'll be a singleton again. haha


Everyone else, hope all is well!






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Yay Belly!! That is a great number!


Blue - hang in there, only one more day. I have a bottle of wine at home that I am going to open and drink a few glasses to celebrate if it is a BFP.


April - are you doing domestic or international adoption? We have thought about adoption a lot. I wish it was cheaper.


Hi to everybody else


So, this is kinda pathetic, but I have gained so much weight in the last year and a half  - from being pregnant but m/cing, and from all the fertility treatments, I only have 4 winter shirts that fit me. Seriously, only 4! I was down to my normal size after DS was born about a year in a half after he was born (size 8), but then after I got pregnant again and gained weight right away, and the IF treatments, I am up to a size 10, so I need to go buy more clothes. I am leaving work early and going shopping, which I hate to do (shopping that is, not leaving work early). I really hate all the weight gain because of this. Hopefully it will be worth it next month and I will be able to go shopping for maternity clothes (that would be fun!)



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Silver, haha!  I don't think it's quads! :)  Now that I know you are in England, I think I will start reading your posts with a cool accent! :)  I hope they get your blood work tests sorted out.  When I did the 7dpo progesterone tests, I had to do OPK's to time the test with my ovulation.


Aura, although she laughed at my "theory" I still think it's true!!!  I know I wouldn't be excited to call someone with news that would break their heart :(


Blue, 1 more sleep!!!!!!!!  I really really really really really really hope this is it for you!!!!!!!!


AFM, thanks for all the continued kind words!  I am axiously awaiting my next beta and especially the u/s.  I am pretty sure it's a singleton in there, but my numbers are right in between the single and twin betas on betabase.  However, for my DD 9dp5dt it was 167 and this time 10dp5dt was 208...so it seems like a single based on my previous results, but the clinic said there was no way to tell until the u/s because it's a frozen cycle and things "act" a little different....hmmm...

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Sorry to disapoint you Belly but I'm not in England, I don't mind you giving me a cool acent thought.  Any of you ladies from the deep south? I looove Southern acents How you doing yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllll?


Blue getting very excited for you.


Rcr that sucks about the weight.  Her's to hoping for maternity clothes.  I don't think I'll be at all restrained about materntiy clothes, baby clothes etc I'll be soooo pleased to needed them!


I really don't know what to make of these tests! AF is here today so that means the test day was right exaclty 7 days before my period.  I've got a slip to get another test day 21 this cycle but I really don't know if it's worth it as I doubt I'll ovulate or it will be at a totally mad time as am having surgery on my ovary a couple of days before O.  On the otherhand I may get it done anyway as it is also to check my iron which I want checked.  I was kinda hoping to be being treated by the next cycle after that but I guess I could still get a progestrone test then, the RE doc said it really needed two tests to confirm the rise.  I think I will chart BBT and use some cheep OPK's this month though so if I do get the test I will know if it agrees with me.  I wouldn't have been bothered by a anovlutary result if my temps had indciated that, but if my temps don't idicate ovualtion that blows fives years of assumptions I've been making!

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