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Belly - thanks for the suggestions. I wrote some of them down and plan to start a question list of things to ask my RE when I talk to him.  I have always taken the medrol and the antibiotic for sure with all of my fresh transfers and I forget if I did on the FET or not.  I guess the testing at this point probably won't do too much for us other than it might tell us if that is our issue, but if it is, there really isn't anything that we can do so in some ways I don't know if it would help us much.  After this next FET we are DONE, as far as I know.  We just can't keep going with this stuff and we will have to make some decision on what is next or if nothing at all will be next.  I have never had that endometrial biopsy but now I kinda wish he would have done that when he was in there months ago taking out those polyps.  Hmmmm.... wonder if he did, I'll have to ask that as well.  Is that something that could be done like out-patient in the office by chance?  Yes, I think we would thaw all 3 and this next time transfer all 3 as well.  Oh and the double date was nice. Nope, I sent an email to my fav. nurse so I'm sure she will be on top of the beta on Monday and let me know at some point in time.  I'm sure she will think I'm crazy that I just didn't call myself. LOL.


Renavoo - I'd have to ask about a blast transfer, but i'm not sure since they were frozen after 2 days.  I think his fear may be that they might not make it all the way to blast, but that is another good question to add to my list. His theory has always been that they do better back in their normal environment.  What is up with assisted hatching?  Did you have that done with your FET??  When do they do that?  Wonder if that would be of help to us.  I really don't know anything about it, so I'm totally clueless!!! Thanks!!!

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Blue: I am so sorry about the BFN! How devastating! You didn't say if you and your partner have had genetic testing done? My sister did IVF close to 10 times!!! She sometimes got pregnant but always had a miscarriage when she did. It wasn't until she used a surrogate to carry her own (my sister's) egg that they learned the hard way that she has a balanced translocation of her genes. It doesn't impact my sister at all but every time she would conceive, the baby would have trisomy and that is why she miscarried. Being carried in a surrogate's body over rode nature and the baby was actually born - but only lived a day. That is when they did genetic testing. It's rather unbelievable that none of the 3 REs my sister saw for IVF ever tested her!!! I recently got my results back. I was on pins and needles those 2 weeks!


Thanks for the welcome guys!



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I am so sorry blue I wish there was something I could do. this is so unfair.

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Blue, my clinic does the assisted hatching during all FETs. I think that the walls may be more difficult to get through after being frozen. I'm only assuming this though since they told me that it's procedure to AH during FETs. I hope that you get some answers during the call!! I actually hear that you have the same chances of pregnancy regardless of a 3 day or 5 day transfer but my clinic preferred the 5 day transfer just because you can see which ones made it to that time point. However, like i said, I think the data shows that both have an equally good shot at resulting in a pregnancy. I'm really sad that you guys have to discuss what to do if the next FET fails. I mean, I get it because DH and i did the same thing but i am still just really sad that you guys have to go through it. I still have a lot of faith though that somehow you guys will be holding your bundle of joy soon, regardless of how you get there. It will happen.


Vegan Princess, what a story!! I can't believe what your sister went through. I hope that your results showed that you won't have the same issue? Regardless, it's so good to have some answers so that you can move on from there. And it sounds like your sister finally did get her baby so this is such an amazing and hopeful story!!


Belly, by the way, please let me know when you want me to move you to the BFP stage :o) I want to do so but I wasn't sure if you were like me and really wanted to wait for a little while as it sunk in.  :o)


Big hugs ladies!! I can't believe it's Monday again. Where does the time go?!


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Renavoo - thanks for sharing that info.  I have added that question to my list for my RE when I talk to him.  How are you feeling???  Are you going to tell your boss?


Vegan - DH and I did have chromosome testing done is that what you are talking about?  I always kinda wonder about those kind of things b/c I have a +ANA and it makes me wonder if maybe I am having implantation and them maybe my body is attacking the embryo or something.  So sorry to hear about your sister's situation.  That is so sad!!!!  So do they have any children now?  I'm assuming you don't have the same issue, right?


Keria - Thanks  hug.gif  !!!!!!!

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Renavo: I do NOT have what my sister has. Thank goodness! I always assumed I didn't bc I have a daughter but the geneticist at my clinic told me you can have what my sister has and have a 1/16 chance of having a healthy baby - so I had to get tested. I just have my own completely different set of infertility crap. Odd since our mom was such a fertility queen. 


3 vs 5 day transfer - at my IVF orientation last week, we were told that the odds of success are the same and the only reason for 5 day is if you have a lot to choose from to see which ones are growing the strongest/best. But if you have 2 embryos only, your chances are better for 3 day bc they do better being back inside you. 


I'm getting my day 3 bloodwork done tomorrow. I'm so nervous to see what my FSH is these days. It was 13.6 the first time I had it tested, last October (while breastfeeding). I weaned right after and tested in December last yr and it was 6.5. Haven't tested since. I have no idea. I have a low antral follicle count but I respond really well to femara (5 our of my 6 follicles grew) - so not sure if that means my FSH is high now or not. 



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Blue, my RE also has me doing baby aspirin. I believe that is also supposed to help with implantation.

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Also, my clinic only does 5 day transfers. Not sure why.

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Originally Posted by deborahbgkelly View Post

Blue, my RE also has me doing baby aspirin. I believe that is also supposed to help with implantation.

On it and been for maybe a year now. Thanks though.

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Darn!!!  I just lost a HUGE post :(  I guess I'll start again!


Blue, My clinic does AH with all FET's too.  I would definitely ask if they can do that for you.  I know they do it at 3 and 5 days, so it's worth asking if your RE can do it at 2 days.  My embryologist said my zona was thicker than usual and that the freezing makes it harder so I really needed it.  The lining biopsies I read about are done during a mock cycle so your uterus is exactly how it would be at transfer, then they would do a D&C if it wasn't receptive so that the whole lining would be fresh.  It's an interesting theory to think about.  I sure hope your RE is able to give you some good answers and maybe even some ideas we don't know about...since he is the doctor :P


Vegan, wow that's interesting that you and your sister have different IF issues.  I am glad she found the cause and was able to use a surogate successfully!  Keep us posted on your levels.  I know a lot of ladies here have info on FSH and drugs to help lower it.


rcr, how are you doing?  Do you have your travel/clinic and everything sorted out?


Laggie, it has to be getting close for you?!  When is your transfer?  Send good vibes for this cycle your way!!!


Renavoo, thanks for thinking of me :)  I think I'll stay in limbo until we hopefully hear the heartbeat(s) next week....I still think it's just one!  Just praying that whatever is in there is still growing strong!



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Oh Blue!  brokenheart.gif  I've been thinking of you tons and still am.  I'm so sorry you're still going through this.

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Blue: hug2.gifbawling.gif Why is life so hard? Always thinking of you.  Do u plan on looking into adoption or surogusy if this doesn't work?


Vegan princesse: welcome! I'm vegan too!


I'll maybe write more when I'm feeling better.  I'm having a sad and trying to sit at home and cry while builders do my windows gloomy.gif

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Blue - brokenheart.gif I'm so sorry! 

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Blue: Big hugs!!! I'm so sorry!!!  I am really praying hard for your next steps!!! Please know that i would give up ANY BFP that might come my way for you to get yours!!! 

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Okay ladies it is official!! neg.gif  Sorry to have drawn this out so long and dragged you all with me.  grouphug.gif I guess they emailed me on Friday that it was negative (1.0 hcg), but the girl had put a 1 instead of an l (as in L) in the address so it came back to her and she probably didn't get it until this morning.   So I'm out.  Hoping to talk to my RE maybe today and see what is next.  I guess if we are going to use our 3 frosties we would like to get it done before the end of the year but I just need to talk to my RE and see if we can get a new plan b/c something isn't working here. Then after that we are DONE.  Thanks ladies for your support!! I don't know what I'd do without all of you!!!

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Blue - I am so sorry. I wish that there was something that I could do. I often feel left behind, and I especially did when I was active on the BSL thread, when everybody else got pregnant and I didn't. Not that I am not happy that people get pregnant, especially those with IF, it just sucks to be left behind and still not be pregnant.  I don't know how I find it in me to keep pressing forward and keep hope alive. I don't have any advice for you, other than to say that you are not alone. I feel a lot better after taking a break last summer. I hope you are shocked by a BFP today.


Vegan - welcome. We are also vegan, kinda. We eat eggs because we have 8 chickens, so we are not technically vegan, but other than eating the eggs from our girls we are vegan.What a story about your sister. I can't imagine going through that many IVFs. good luck with your FSH today. I have had FSH close to 20, and as low as 3.5! the 3.5 was on my last canceled IVF cycle (last month), so it really sucked to cancel it on such a low FSH month.


AFM - just waiting for AF. I was hoping she would arrive before I leave on Thursday, but it doesn't look like it. Grrr. I am going to print out the RE info for Dayton and Baltimore today, so that I have it ready to go, and also call them to make sure that they do work for people from out of town. I have been waiting to do it because the IT gues had not hooked up my own printer to my new computer, and I don't want to print RE info to the main printer because it is the one that the students use and there are always several students waiting for their print jobs there.





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We cross posted, Blue - I am so sorry. I was hoping for a big surprise this morning. I hope they can find out some answers for you. I wish I could give you a big hug and cry with you IRL, but a virtual one will have to do.hug2.gif

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Blue- Sorry to hear how difficult it is for you. I hope things get better and they get a positive plan for you to go forward with.

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Blue: Hugs! I still have hope for you!!! And if for some reason you don't end up with your own bio child, I can say from watching my sister, that once your baby is here, however he or she gets here will make NO difference to you!


RCR: Why did your cycle get cancelled? Poor response? What protocol was it? 


I'm not really vegan anymore. Oops. LOL. I was until I got pregnant with my DD. I've always stayed Veg. I recently gave up diary again. But we too have chickens. We have 4. Only 1 is laying so far - the others seem to be taking their sweet time! I do still eat eggs but oddly, having my own chickens has kinda turned me off of them. I better get over that though before the others start. I'm fine with them baked or cooked into things. 



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vegan - my cycle was canceled because my retrieval would have been on Thanksgiving, and the lab closes once a year for cleaning, and they happened to be closing on Thanksgiving. ugh. They didn't tell me until I already had my baseline and u/s, and had taken 4 days of BCP, so when I stopped BCP I got my period, which I think is setting me back from when my period would have otherwise started (without the BCP). I forgot the name of the protocol, but we are doing luperon before stims, and then staying on lupron when I stim. So, I will be doing the shots every 12 hours. I have done 1 IVF, and 5 injectible IUIS, and each time I used menipur and follistim in the evening, and added gannirelix closer to O, with an HCG shot, so this protocol is new, and I am really hoping it works. Once our chickens started laying, they just went crazy with it. Some days we get 9 eggs and we only have 8 chickens! We eat tons and tons of eggs now.

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