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Oh, blue, I am so sorry!! It seems like the pregnancy fairy's been going crazy lately, so I was hoping you'd get in on the magic dust (and me, too!). hug.gif

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Thanks all!!!!!  I've got a new protocol and it is more like everyone elses actually!  It is a FET Long Stimulation protocol.  Interesting... it starts with 20 units of Lupron and then once AF comes and the baseline is okay I lower Lupron to 10 units and add Estrace 2 mg and stay on that and it increases by 2 mgs like ever 5 days up to 6 mgs and then back down to 4mgs until pregnacy.  Then there is 4 days of Antibiotic and Medrol starting before the ET.  I feel good about it and I also asked about Assisted Hatching and if a Blast transfer would be good too? Oh and threw in there about my positive ANA as well and if my immune system could be to blame for all of this.  I got all this info from the nurse who had talked to my RE so I'm hoping that I can get all those other questions answered too.  Maybe  he will call me this afternoon, we will see.

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Yay for a new protcol, Blue! And If AF comes for me soon, we will be doing it together!

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Blue looks like your RE is really on top of things, I'm glad he's willing to try different things. Now please please dear universe let this be the cycle where blue gets a BFP and a take home baby.

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Blue- im so sorry that your cycle was a bfn but I am very happy they gave you a new protocol!!! Did they say when u could start? Hopefuly they arent super busy and there isnt a waiting list!! Hopefully the RE will call and chat with you today!!
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Blue - I'm so sorry about the BFN. Your new protocol is almost identical to mine, the only difference is I'm on half as much Lupron. I suggest stocking up on Tylenol, but hopefully you'll be lucky and the Lupron won't give you headaches.


AFM - transfer is tentatively booked for next Friday, the 25th. This protocol has been LOOOOOOONG. I've been a little bit lax with the Estrace (estrogen), I hope I haven't screwed things up too badly. I've never had lining problems so hopefully it won't matter. I missed one dose and haven't been very good at taking the others at the exact right times...

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Blue, I'm so sorry about the negative beta but excited for the proactive plan going forward with transferring your three embryos. The protocol sounds great. I think someone mentioned it earlier, but I would definitely request an endometrial biopsy to be done in the cycle right before the transfer. My clinic does them routinely now, and there's a lot of evidence that it increases implantation rates. They aren't sure exactly why, but one theory is that roughing up the uterine lining before the embryo transfer helps it be used to the irritation and handle the transfer better. It needs to happen after ovulation in the cycle preceding your FET but before your period starts. It was painful, I won't lie. But it's worth a shot. Here's one study I found:






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Blue - I am just so so sorry about your BFN. bawling.gif  I was so hoping for you.  I'm glad to hear that your RE has a new plan and it certainly sounds like an interesting one.  Please keep us posted.  We're all rooting for you!

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Bungalowmama - thanks for the info.  I asked the nurse and she said that I guess they did those in the past and didn't really see that great of an improvement in their percent of BFP's I guess so it didn't sound like it was needed.  Thanks for sharing though.  I found it very interesting and didn't realize it was such a big procedure.  I just thought it was like a like scrap and then they send it away and that was it or something. 


Laggie - thanks for the tylenol suggestion.  I usually buy it in bulk anyways!!  Yeah for a possible transfer date!!  Keep us posted!!


Lyndi - thanks girl!!!  Hope you are doing well.  You still on the bedrest?


Keria - thanks!  Yes, the universe needs to do something for me here for sure!!! Hope you are feeling well.  I stalk you over on the graduate side!!


rcr - so when do you think your transfer will end up being??  Just a guess I know.


Monkey - Thanks.  I hope you get some of that dust for sure!!!!  Keep your head up.



AFM -  I talked to my RE's nurse again.  Looks like I probably won't get to talk to my RE which is okay b/c she answered all my questions.  I guess they always do assisted hatching with their FET's which I didn't even know and they really don't like to do Blast transfers b/c they really want to get them back in the natural environment asap which i can kinda understand.  Just waiting now for AF to show up now!!!!  Hope everyone else is well!!!

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Blue, I didnt know they always did AH with FETs and I had a FET to get my bfp..lol are they making you wait a full cycle before you can get started?
Afm- yep still on bedrest..... I have an appt. Tomorrow and we will see how things go!! Im 18w 3days so maybe a u/s tomorrow and we will find out what we are having!
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blue hug.gifgreensad.gif I'm so sorry!
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Lyndi, YAH!! let us know whether you find out the sex of your baby.


Blue, I'm so excited about your protocol! It sounds really promising and they sound like they are going to address you issues. It sounds like you have an amazing nurse and staff and I hope that puts your mind at ease. I'm so looking forward to following you through to this BFP! As for the blast transfer, it absolutely makes sense to get the embies back into you asap.


Laggie, I have lag times of around 2 hours when taking the estrace and progesterone! This is especially so with my mid day progesterone because sometimes i can't get out of meetings or my 6pm estrace because I can't get out of meetings (and work). It had no effect on me thus far (during the prep for the FET or during my pregnancy so far.) I hope that makes you feel better!!


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Blue:  I am so sorry about your BFN.  I know how much it hurts.  I can not believe that you had to wait all weekend to find out because they wrote down the wrong e-mail address.  Ugh!!!  But I am very happy to hear that you have a plan and a new protocol.  I have read up on that one before and it sounds really promising.  I am wishing you great success.  Until then.... big hug2.gif!  It really suprises me that you are not able to speak directly to the RE.  I guess I am spoiled that way.  As I mentioned before, I go to a very small office.  One RE, 1 nurse, and 1 medical assistant.  I see the RE on EVERY visit.  And he always answers my questions and concerns.  I guess that I am blessed to have that.  So...when does your protocol get started.  Did AF arrive yet?


Vegan:  Welcome to our very active board.  So glad that you found us!  This is a great group of women.  Wow...your sister has really been put through a lot.  So glad that her MD did the right tests so that she knew to move to the surrogate.  Glad you have different concerns, but it stinks that you have any at all.  I know what you mean, both of my grandmothers, my mom, and my sisters have no fertility issues.  Don't know how I got to be the "lucky" one.  But I have to play the hand that God gave me.  As for your FSH, my RE told me that your FSH is only as good as your worst number.  Not encouraging considering mine has been as high as 26.8!  But it was with that number that I was blessed with DS, so miracles do happen.


Deborah:  I asked my RE why some clinics only do 5 day transfers vs. 3 day.  He said (and this is his opinion) that they only do it to improve their statistics, and not for the benefit of the patient.  I think that is terrible, if it is true.  I guess it decreases the "failures" becuase they just cancel the cycle if no embryos make it to 5 days.  I found some studies on this as well.  If I find them again, I will post the links!


Belly:  That stinks that you lost your post.  Been there, done that!  What a pain!  How are you feeling?  Has it all become real yet?  Still smiling for you!


Silver:  I am sorry that you are feeling so sad.  We are all hurting, so we feel for you.  I know that it is hard but try to remember that all is not lost.  I pray you will be holding your little one soon.  I just know DH will be smiling down.  By the way. I love your dreams about him.  I dream of my grandmother, who I was very close to, sometimes.  It always makes me feel better!


RCR:  Any luck finding a clinic.  What a pain that you will have to do this while traveling.  Isn't that just the luck??  Wishing you safe travel.


Laggie:  So glad that you transfer is scheduled.  It must feel good to feel like you are moving forward.  You are brave about your meds.  I am like a crazy lady making sure that I do not miss doses and that I time them right.  lot of good it has done me, huh?  I am sure that  dose or 2 can't do too much damage.  Good luck.


Renavoo:  How are things with you?


AFM:  I was wondering if someone could repost the link to the graduate thread.  I am thinking of stalking a little!  Went to RE today.  Cyst still there.  So...not sure when AF will arrive.  If the cyst is gone by that time, it sounds as though we will move forward and start the lupron on day 2 and just skip the BCP.  Not sure what I want as bedrest around the holidays will 1) STINK and 2) be really hard to explain at work.  UGH! 

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Blue, I am glad they have such a great plan for your FET!!!  It sounds very promising.  My successful FET was a long 2 month protocol as well...and it seemed to finally work (with the worst of our embies to boot!).  Keep us posted if you get any updates on your protocol and when you'll be getting started!!


rcr, I am sorry AF hasn't showed yet :(  That would be cool if you and blue were cycle buddies though!!! 


Lyndi, yay for maybe finding out tomorrow!!!!!  Please come tell us right away :)


Laggie, my doctor said to take all drugs within an hour of the time you are supposed to...well, really that isn't always practical and I know I missed several doses by way more than that!!  My mid day endometrim right now seems to be the tricky one for me, you would think I would be used to taking drugs at a specific time after a year of treatments, but sometimes time really flies!


Praying, how are you doing?


AFM, going crazy waiting for my next beta on Wednesday.  I know it wont tell me a lot, but it will give me a hint on if everything is still looking good for the time being.  I have had a lot of cramping the past 2 days and it is making me worry more than normal :(


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blue!!! i'm so sorry it's not your cycle.  i really was hoping for you.  but i'm glad they finally shook things up and are putting you on a new protocol.  change is good, whatever they did before just wasn't the right combo for you.  i will think pregnant thoughts for you next cycle.


renavoo and belly, how are you ladies feeling???


praying, my clinic also has you see an RE at every visit (unless it's a blood draw only).  the practice has maybe seven doctors that rotate between their locations (maybe four offices?) so i never know who i will see, but they are all amazing and helpful.  they've always answered my questions and never made me feel rushed.  plus they all know me (since i've been cycling since June!) so i feel like a good friend when i come to the office.  i really appreciate them in that way.  i can't imagine going someplace where i wasn't treated so nicely.


laggie, the 25th is so soon!! i am very hopeful for you.  


afm,  i go in tomorrow morning for bw and us.  then they will let me know when to trigger.  i went to accupuncture tonight and will go again after trigger, and after insemination.  my wallet hates me, but i need all the blood flow and good relaxing energy i can get.  i feel great, maybe a little bloated.  i felt a few weird twinges today and got nervous that i ovulated already.  is that even possible?  maybe it was just ovary stretching.  dh is out of town until wednesday night... it seems all his business trips are so conveniently timed to happen right when i'm going through a cycle!

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Belly - Congrats! I hope you manage it keep yourself otherwise occupied as you wait for your next appointment. 


Laggie - I'm not sure about the mis-timed doses, I know I had a bunch of oh crap moments trying to keep on schedule for my FET. I think I was also told an hours + or - wouldn't matter.


Blue - I am sorry about the BFN. Your FET protocol sounds fimilar to me, but its been so long now...anyway I am glad you still have the option of a FET. It is so unfair you have had to endure so much. I am rooting for you.


Hi to everyone else. 

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Blue - if aft comes soon, I think my transfer would be just at the end of December. I think it is about a six week cycle.

Does anybody want a winter thread? I want to run it, unless somebody else wanted to, I have never ran it before.

Typing from my phone, so this is short.
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Julieven - good to see your name.  Thanks for your kind words.  How are you doing??


Aura - Hope all goes well tomorrow!  Isn't it funny how DH just happens to be out of town right now.  When we went to talk to one RE's ( not the one I went with nurse before we ever started the process she actually asked DH if he had some out of the country work he could do while I was cycling!!!  I thought that was a little over the top.


Belly - i remember having a lot of AF like cramping when  I was pregnant.  Hope you can try and relax some but I know it isn't easy.  I hope that your beta will help you feel better.  Keep us posted.  I don't think our transfer will end up being until like the first wk in Jan.


Praying - sure hope the cyst goes away and doesn't cause any issues.  Here is the link for the graduate site..... this is the last page as of now...http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1334294/ivf-graduates-thread/80#post_16747826     It is under the I'm pregnant area in case you were wondering.  Our transfer won't probably happen until like the first week of Jan.


Thanks everyone for all your kind words.  I think the fact that I kinda knew it was neg for a few days it has made it easier to take today when I found out it was official.

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rcr - we crossed posted!!!  I think you should jump right on it if no one else cares!!  I don't have any problem with it and am just glad someone volunteered!!  My clinics lab is closed the end of dec and then re-opens like the first week in Jan, but I think I'd be still transferring the first week of Jan.  Seems like such a long time away.  I guess if AF doesn't show up this week then I might not start Lupron until CD 21, but if she shows tomorrow or wed then I may start like this week on Lupron already.

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rcr, that would be great! thanks for volunteering, it is much appreciated!  


for a moment though i must confess i got a little sad that this will be my third season's board.....

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