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Hi ladies!


Rcr, thanks for volunteering! I think on the other board i'm on, we always joke that whomever runs it will get pregnant so I'm hopeful that that is the case for you!! let me know when you want to start it and I'll be happy to turn the reins over to you :o) Yah for transferring at the end of december! hopefully, you get a nice holiday gift :o)


Aura hug.gif It is so difficult when you think of it that way but hopefully, this next cycle will be the one for you! And then you'll be on the board just watching and waiting for the other ladies to achieve their BFPs like I am. I just can't wait until we see more BFPs. It's going to be such a celebration for me! You know, when I was doing IVF, my biggest concern was that i was going to ovulate (all those eggs eek!) before the trigger or before the retrieval!! I think that at most time, they catch it just perfectly but i always had those twinges. I even had those twinges during my FET! my nurse said that they will watch it because sometimes, if you do something right after the stim cycle, the ovaries are still really sensitive leading to the twinges. Who knows. i'm glad you're being monitored! As for dh being out of town, oh boy!! You know, you should complain to his work. haha jk.


Praying, UGH to the cyst still being there!! Can they do anything about it? Or is it just a wait and see?


Silver, how are you feeling now? hug2.gif i just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking about you. I hope you're feeling more cheery but if not, please feel free to vent and know that we are all here for you!!


Belly, i know i said it in the other thread but i definitely had cramping during the earlier stages too. I'm not going to tell you not to worry because really, how would that even be possible? But I just hope you feel better knowing that other people have experienced cramping and are (so far) fine :o)


Blue, you are so amazingly strong. Did you get your af yet? have you started your protocol? I'm so excited for you this time around! I hope you and rcr are cycle buddies and you guys get some nice holiday gifts at the end of the year!


Julie, how are you doing? What is next for DH and you?


AFM, I'm doing well :o) still fighting the exhaustion and nausea and this is going to be a doozy of a work week but that's what has to be done. i will try to get rest as I can. Otherwise, I'm constantly starving (and I equate nausea with starving because when I get nausea and eat a little, I always feel better). hey, when else do we get to eat whenever we want? :o)


Hope everyone else is doing well!!! Thinking of all of you and just wishing that you all get your BFPs soon. joy.gif




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Prayinghard- I sure hope that's not the reason at my clinic. Please do post the links.

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Praying - my clinic won't do 3 day transfers either! I didn't realize it was because of stats. I thought that they were trying to reduce multiples. they told me that when they did 3-day transfers they didn't know if it was going to make it to blast stage, so they ended up transferring more to assure a BFP, and when they switched they got fewer multiples.


Aura - sorry this is your third season, it is a bummer. It is like my fourth or fifth, but there were others have been here even longer. having to be here at all just sucks.


Blue / Rena - I am not sure if it will be the end of Dec, but I hope so. If AF would cooperate I would know more!


Belly - sorry about the cramping. I am sure the beta will make you fell better.


Laggie - yay! I can't wait!


All - I am leaving thursday, but I won't be at work after this afternoon, so I am going to go ahead and start a new thread. Back when I was on the BSL thread I did get pregnant when I was threadkeeper, and there was a think known as threadkeepers luck. Although I was threadkeeper plenty of times and didn't get pregnant, and I was threadkeeper when I had a m/c, I think, and that is certainly not lucky! In any case, I'll post the new link when I get it up.

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OK, so I posted a new thread: click here I hope I didn't step on anybody's toes by posting it so fast, but I am leaving for out of town and I wanted to get it done before I get back. I changed a few things on the front page, so let me know if I got something wrong of or if you want me to change something.

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Just the threat of taking over a thread in a few days got me pregnant last time. LOL. I had a miscarriage too though.


I got my day 3 labs back already and they are all normal! FSH is 5.9. I know you're only as good as your worst reading, but I am really happy that my FSH is not high right now! I plan to keep downing tons of wheatgrass between now and my IVF to insure it stays this way. Estradiol was "under 50" - still trying to get the exact number. PHEW!!!



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