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marriage guidance

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Hi Jamie -

My question is about whether or not my dh has been unfaithful. There have been some signs and while we are starting to get back on track as a couple now, it sure would explain a lot and help me with my healing. Any insight you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

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This is a yes and no answer.

I do not think that he has been physically unfaithful, although possibly close at times. But I don't get the impression he ever did anything with another woman.


However, I do feel his heart has been unfaithful. BUT I'm not so sure it's actually been with one other person. Meaning, I feel like his heart strayed in general from your marriage awhile back. And it's more like the energy of it. Like in his thoughts and fantasies he strayed. I think he's considered it and maybe even played with fire a bit...yknow, gone to a bar, flirted. 


But I do not get the impression that he has actually cheated, unless it was more of a on line type of affair. But I'm not feeling a huge attachment to anyone in particular for that.


So what I want to say is, many ppl define cheating different ways. I feel at one point, yes, your husbands heart and mind wandered quite a bit. So energetically he strayed.

But in actual physical reality, I do not think he has.


I hope this has made sense.

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