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Which one would you pack? - Page 2

Poll Results: Which baby wearing device would you pack for the hospital?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 22% (4)
    Moby Wrap
  • 0% (0)
    Sleepy Wrap
  • 16% (3)
    Pouch Sling
  • 61% (11)
    Don't know/None/other, please leave comment
18 Total Votes  
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if you like babywearing why not pack what you want to bring? None of them take up much space. I too do not think I used any babywearing "devices" the first few days, I was just taking it easy. DS was in the hospital (with me) for 4 days. DD was born at home and I am planning a HB again this time. I don't think I'll put a wrap in my emergency hospital bag b/c I have plenty of family around and if we are hospitalized for emergency, I will have lots of family support, someone can bring it if I need it.


interesting question about carseats in the city! I also don't have a car (though we do own carseats) and that is quite normal in NYC. I imagine they don't have those rules about releasing babies in places which are not totally car-dependent?

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Oh, and i'd say bring what you know. For this age, sleepy wrap is supposed to be better than moby, but if you've never used it then just bring the moby! It's worked before, right?
Our hospitals wouldn't let anyone walk around with any form of baby carrier (they make you push them in the stupid little bassinette, for "insurance" reasons...or some other form of bs..) and also don't like you to sleep "with" the baby, again, they want you to use the little bassinette.
I'm having mine at home because of this kind of crap (and other kinds of crap.) BUT I think i'd be using a wrap during the first days, if anything.

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Forum crashing here....my hospital doesn't allow moms to walk the halls with babes in arms because of the risk that a mom who is unsteady on her feet due to meds or what-have-you might fall and injure her baby. Same reason they required us to ride out in a wheelchair when we left to go home.  

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Originally Posted by Veronika01 View Post

Check in with your hospital. Some hospitals won't release the baby without a car seat.

During our tour I specifically mentioned we would not have one as we have no car. They said that's fine. We'll just walk out though if they say otherwise on release. It's not like they can hold us prisoner for not driving smile.gif


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IME, most hospitals in urban areas don't require a car seat, though they may ask about your plans for any driving in the future, especially when there are programs in place to provide seats to low income families.


We took public transportation home with DS in a homemade pouch. No need for a carseat, though we did have one at home.


The hospital did have the rule about no walking the halls with babe in arms, though. As a pp said, it's a liability thing. They don't want woozy, sleep-deprived new moms passing out with newborns in arms.


KABB, I would bring whichever one you are most familiar with. It won't take up that much space, and then if you want it, you have it.

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